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TEARS OF GOD is an atmospheric feature-length fable about possession, death, and mourning in a rural community.

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TEARS OF GOD is the first feature film by writer/director Robert Hillyer Barnett, co-written by Diamando Proimos.

After her father's death, a young woman, Ida, confronts the source of the demonic scourge plaguing those around her. Longing for reunion with the dead and seduced by the chaotic allure of possession, Ida struggles to find meaning in a barren, apocalyptic landscape, while those around her succumb to despair and madness. 

To be filmed in Asheville, N.C., we want to tell a story about people who exist in a world barely understood, and the throes of drama, control, and cathartic belief within. Shot in the vein of 80s European horror films, like Argento and Zulawski, the film will meander through the various lives of the village in horrific vignettes with restrained then chaotic performances between floating, meditative long takes.

(poster and tshirt design by Vincent Riquier - some of the rewards!)


Kate Lyn Sheil

I'm extremely excited that the film will star Kate Lyn Sheil, an incredibly talented and compelling actor, as well as a veteran in indie film, giving an entrancing and volatile lead performance in Amy Seimetz' SUN DON'T SHINE (2013), a film nominated in the 2012 Gotham Independent Film Awards for "Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You." In addition, she gives a funny and haunting appearance in Rick Alverson's THE COMEDY (2012), as well as a hallucinatory, jealous tour-de-force in Sophia Takal's GREEN (2011) and Joe Swanberg's SILVER BULLETS (2011). Kate's ability has recently landed her a spot on the upcoming Season 2 of HOUSE OF CARDS as a now-hushed character. Kate boasts an extensive horror background, appearing in the upcoming Ti West horror film THE SACRAMENT (2014), and the instant cult-classics, YOU'RE NEXT (2013) and V/H/S (2012).

Samuel Herring

The idea to cast Samuel Herring came to me during one of the many emotional Future Islands shows I've attended in the past year. Samuel brings onto the stage the ability to vividly manifest images and recall memories from his music, reacting to these dredged up emotions as if new in a physical display of tragedy and dance. In his debut film role as the ravenous psychedelic-ingesting priest, Samuel brings to the project artistic truth and fury. Watch Samuel perform with Future Islands HERE, courtesy of Amoeba Music.

Frank Mosley

Frank plays two roles on the film: actor and co-producer. Frank is an actor, appearing in such films as Shane Carruth's Sundance/Berlinale hit and Gotham Award nominee UPSTREAM COLOR, David Lowery's IFC-released AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS, Eric Steele's award-winning short CORK'S CATTLEBARON opposite indie stalwart Robert Longstreet, and in legendary filmmaker Jon Jost's experimental DEAD END.  He's set to appear in upcoming films like Brandon Colvin's SABBATICAL, Matt Latham's YOU ARE YOUR BODY/YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY and opposite Lindsay Burdge and Heather Kafka in Cameron Nelson's SOME BEASTS, an Austin Film Society grant recipient and one of six selected Narratives-In-Progress at the 2013 American Film Fest in Wroclaw, Poland. When not acting or producing, Frank has directed art house feature films like the 2010 IFP Narrative Labs Finalist HOLD, declared "one of the best films of 2010" by CINEMALOGUE and released through Fifth Column Features; and the yet to be released multi-platform and interactive project HER WILDERNESS.

Barlow Jacobs 

We are extremely fortunate to round out our principal cast with the addition of Barlow Jacobs.  While he first turned heads with appearances in Craig Zobel's GREAT WORLD OF SOUND and Jeff Nichols' SHOTGUN STORIES (alongside Michael Shannon), it was his work as co-writer and star of Zach Godshall's 2007 Sundance selection LOW AND BEHOLD that made him an indie favorite.  Barlow was praised by Eye for Film as giving a "cracking central performance" and Film Threat declared it was "the kind of film that simply must be seen by anyone and everyone."  He's since made memorable and versatile performances in such films as Joe Swanberg's ALEXANDER THE LAST (listed as one of the best films of 2009 by The New Yorker), David Lowery's ST. NICK, Calvin Lee Reeder's THE OREGONIAN, and alongside veteran Hal Holbrook in Scott Teems' 2009 SXSW Jury Winner and Independent Spirit Award nominee THAT EVENING SUN.  He's most recently starred in the neo-western DEAD MAN'S BURDEN, which premiered at the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival. 

The film also stars:


Kira Pearson (THE MUD, THE GREGGS)




Marcus Koch Special Effects: SWEATSHOP, SINNERS AND SAINTS

Michael Ormiston Director of Photography: CHARLES BUKOWSKI'S NIRVANA, STILL WATERS

Lanie Faith Marie Overton Production Designer/Wardrobe: A TEACHER, SUN DON'T SHINE

For profiles on our cast & crew follow our blog on our website!


This film marks the second collaboration between myself and writer Diamando Proimos, native North Carolinian filmmakers, for our company Bending House. Our first film, HOLY GOD HOLY MIGHTY HOLY IMMORTAL HAVE MERCY UPON US (2013), is a short film set in the same universe as TEARS OF GOD, premiering on actor/director Kentucker Audley's curated indie film site NoBudge, as well as playing at Made in Roath 2013 through Simple Machine and Indie Grits Film Festival 2013. The film recently won "Best Editing" for the 2013 NoBudge Awards. Watch our short film below:


We have a lot of the budget secured, but in order to make the film that we want, we need your help. We've brought together a unique and talented cast and crew based on the screenplay and our short film, however, to make a film of this scale we need monetary support beyond our immediate means.

Your donation would aid in all of the following:

  • Travel and lodging for the cast

  • Securing locations

  • Camera equipment rental

  • Props, wardrobe & art direction

  • Special [PRACTICAL] effects!

  • Publicity materials & advertising

  • Festival submission fees & festival travel

  • Legal support & accounting advice


On the right is a chart describing the rewards you will receive, each unique to the size of the donation. The more you give, the more you get! Also, you will be eternally bonded to the film and our hearts, and you can brag forever how you allowed this film to be!

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Our cast and crew has donated their time and skills for this project to stretch a lot from a little, but without your help to reach our funding goal, we cannot make the film. We appreciate even the smallest donation or passing on the word about TEARS OF GOD, every little bit counts. Thank you!!


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