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We're illustrating computer science principles -- bringing abstract ideas to life and releasing them under a Creative Commons license.

New approaches to computer science education are under active development. The College Board plans to introduce a new AP course and exam (CS Principles) in the next few years. Google recently launched a portal for Exploring Computational Thinking resources. Many people — and businesses — recognize the importance of computer science education.

But none of these people have cartoons.

We're here to fill that lonely void with professional, CC-licensed illustrations. Did you watch the video? Seriously, you have to see Tim draw. Not only is it amazing to watch the process, but you can see that he really understands how to communicate visually. He did the first illustration on nights and weekends, and will now complete the series of ten.

I wish I already had these cartoons to use in my own classroom. I was even thinking about commissioning them completely out of my own pocket. As I searched for the right illustrator, a mutual friend introducted me to Tim. Together, we had an even better idea: Let's make these cartoons available to everyone, so that students and teachers everywhere can benefit. (And now that we've reached 100% of our funding goal, we have a new goal to do comic strips using the same characters if we can reach 150%!)

The illustrations will all be in a vector format so they can scale cleanly to any size. That means you'll be able to make classroom posters, include them on web pages, or print them in documents. And, most importantly, they will be licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA) so they will be free for everyone to use forever.

"Computational thinking is a fundamental skill for everyone, not just for computer scientists. To reading, writing, and arithmetic, we should add computational thinking to every child’s analytical ability."        

– Jeannette Marie Wing, Head of the Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

You can read more about the background and genesis of this project on my blog, And Yet It Moves


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