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Blood drives a desperate homeless couple to break into a summer home on the water, and blood forces them to flee.
Blood drives a desperate homeless couple to break into a summer home on the water, and blood forces them to flee.
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A song for Gavin, and festivals for the rest of us! ;)

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Tacoma Film Fest is almost here! Kicking off this week, this dynamite little festival has top notch programming, and we are proud to be part of it. The Summer Home screens Monday, October 8, at 6:15pm. Please join us!

Next weekend, Kris and Lindy and I are headed to Okanagan Film Festival - where the Summer Home screens again! It's our first international screening and we are road-tripping to Canada to attend and celebrate.

The weekend after that, the Summer Home plays at the St John's International Women's Festival! We are blessed to have so many amazing screenings in October!

If these screenings are anywhere near you, I hope you can make it (and meet us there!) so we can give you BIG HUGS for all your incredible support!

And original lullabye written for our wonderful supporter, Gavin ap' Morrygan.

I'll have you know that this tripod was accomplished with a kleenex box atop a vase. Ingenuity! Lyrics below. And Gavin, you'll get a disc of this as soon as I can burn you one. :) Thank you again, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Birds tuck their heads under their wing

Sunset bedtime, baby, don't you see

You and me, curled round an round

You and me, curled round and round

Go to sleep now, and sleep sound

Sleep sound

Girls and boys turn in at end of day

Take my hand I'll chase bad dreams away

You and me, curled round an round

You and me, curled round and round

Go to sleep now, and sleep sound

Sleep sound


If you read this far, here is something ELSE for you. <3

The REVELATION trailer

Until next time my lovelies!



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Festival goodness, and a sneak peek of something new...

Autumn can't stop the Summer Home!

Yes, I write my own material. ;)

I'm delighted to share that The Summer Home is an official selection of the Tacoma Film Fest, and the 23rd Annual St John's International Women's Film Festival, where it will have its international premiere!

Tickets are available now to the Tacoma Film Fest screening, by clicking here. We play the North Sound Shorts block, alongside some very impressive films like Brightwood and In the Pines.

We love Tacoma Film Fest, it's run by true film aficionados. I will be there along with directors Kris & Lindy, and we look forward to sharing this film with a new audience. :)

We have even more festival news coming soon that we can't talk about quite yet, so instead, I want to share the teaser to my new project, REVELATION.

Revelation will be online, for free, in October. Read more about the project. Dare you not to fall in love.

I am incredibly grateful for your continued love and support! Thank you for bringing the Summer Home to life!


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The Summer Home ONLINE! and a plethora of other goodies

In the spirit of spreading art and beauty, in the spirit of "fuck yeah indie!" in the spirit of arts and crafts of the film world, in the spirit of loving our Kickstarter backers, in the spirit of sharing, infinite distribution, the excitement of an online premiere and the rad maiden voyage of releasing something precious into its rightful home in the wild....


Click for The Summer Home on Vimeo

Crack a beer and cue ode to joy! Actually no need - Eric Goetz's score is so incredible, it's all you'll need.

You, dearest, best beloved Kickstarter backers, are the first to get the link. We waited to share it with you before putting it anywhere else online. But YOU are MORE THAN WELCOME to share it with whomsoever you want, wherever you like. This is YOUR FILM.

But wait! There's more! This party is just getting going!

Directors Kris and Lindy also premiered their newest short film, SENIOR SHOWCASE online today for all, following its debut at the Seattle International Film Festival. This is a charming tale of true love and calculus:

A few extra things I want to tell you:

- Gavin, your song is in the works.
It's a love song lullaby. It's beautiful. It's coming soon. Thank you for bearing with me. :)

- I'm working on a new project of seven microshorts, Revelation Film Project.
The footage is incredible. These will be online for all, free, in a few months. No Kickstarter, no festivals, just awesomeness injected into the world. Follow our progress:

- Want to know what's been going on with me personally?

With great affection and gratitude,


Bonus Stuff: Summer Home Press

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Award Winners!

Your short film won Best Drama at FirstGlance Film Fest, Hollywood! WOW! Thank you to everyone at the festival who invited us to take part, and to those who came out in support. It was a highlight to see your faces!

While we were there, this fantastic review from Film Threat hit:

"As you can imagine, then, the soul of the film resides less in what we know and more about how the performances make us feel, and how that translates to inform us about events. To that end, actors Paul Vitulli and Wonder Russell are truly tasked with a challenge, however both prove to be up to it. It would be easy to go the over-the-top, grieving couple histrionic route, but the two play it more as a couple that is extremely damaged from their tragedy, but still functioning. In their time at the house, they’re even able to let their fantasy of what life would’ve been play out, allowing for a certain amount of emotional closure.

The Summer Home is a film about healing. As anyone who has gone through the tragedy of a miscarriage can attest to, the emotional wounds it can leave are not always the most overt, but they also don’t just disappear. Kris and Lindy Boustedt’s short film manages to respect the gravity of that trauma, while also allowing the audience a chance to relate and heal."

Where is the Summer Home going next? We are part of the SOLD-OUT opening night line-up at Seattle True Independent Film Fest, and also just accepted into the Park City Film Music Festival. Whee! Summer is officially here!

And it's because of YOU.



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The Summer Home in LA, and a chance to win a free ticket!

One week from today we'll be screening The Summer Home in Hollywood, CA, and YOU can win a free ticket!

Post the correct answer to a few trivia questions on our Facebook page. The first answer wins! You must be able to attend the First Glance Film Fest screening. :) Starting today, we will have several opportunities to win, and all the questions will be posted on our Facebook page, so Like us to watch for your chance!

Don't want to risk it? You can still get tickets by clicking here, and selecting "Sunday Matinee #4." Ticket are $8. Here's more info:

Date: Sunday, April 22
Time: Doors at 2:45pm, Screening begins at 3pm
Location: Raleigh Studios in Hollywood

5300 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
Click here for the map

See you soon L.A.!


PS - Feel free to share this contest with your LA area film-loving friends!

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