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What happens when the Mayan Calendar ends Dec. 21, 2012? Your support will preserve your mark in history with a time capsule in Belize.


Will December 21, 2012 be the end, as we know it? With so many theories on the subject as to what will happen, we are going to make sure that our legacies are preserved for what or whomever inhabits the earth years from now.


Be part of the project and get your lasting message sealed in a time capsule. The capsule will be in the form of a crystal skull and hidden near Mayan ruins in Central America.

Once all the information is gathered and preserved, the time capsule will travel with Believe It Tour to Belize. The journey will cover stops at several Mayan ruins as well as a visit to a modern Mayan village to talk with them about their calendar and traditions.

One possible location to entomb the capsule is near the site of Lubaantun. The very spot that the most famous crystal skull was said to be found. The “Mitchell Hedges Skull” or “The Skull of Doom” represents the legends of mystical powers thought to occur with these Mesoamerican artifacts. It was also the inspiration for the Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

As with Believe It Tour’s other expeditions, this adventure will be documented with many beautiful photos taken by team photographers in addition to numerous updates through their blog and social media accounts. This is your chance to be part of this exciting journey and leave behind your mark in time.

REWARDS: What’s in it for you

At any level you will be taking part in a unique opportunity that only takes place once every 5,125 years. Then with the idea that Crystal Skulls are known for emitting positive energy, we are going to harness this opportunity and share that energy with our backers.

The focus of the project is the time capsule itself. Therefore, we have created many levels that allow you to select the best way for you to get your message preserved.

Bonus levels give you extra gifts in addition to being included in the time capsule. Here are a some of those options in detail.

Limited Edition Designer Buttons: Our friends at Busy Beaver Button Co. have provided the canvas for the art of Michael Esordi commemorating the Time Capsule Project. This limited edition designer set has an assortment of Crystal Skull and Mesoamerican inspired art on collectible pins.

Original Art: As a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, Michael Esordi is creating several paintings applying his unique style to icons of the 2012 Prophecies. Backers will be able to select their favorite piece in order of date of their contribution, so earliest contributors select first.

Authentic Crystal Skulls Energized at the Mayan Sites: High quality, activated crystal skulls will be obtained from our friends that have been involved in the intuitive arts for over 20 years. We will take these skulls with us to the Mayan Ruins where they will be open to receive the energy surrounding the temples. Upon our return each skull will be packed carefully and sent to their new guardians along with a photos of their new Crystal Skull within the Mayan ruins. Each skull is hand-carved out of genuine quartz crystal. These premium Crystal Skulls are approximately 1oz and are not life size, but they are the perfect size to take anywhere with you.

2012 Mayan Photo Book: With a team full of artistically talented people, Believe It Tour is known for their wonderful documentary style. Each trip is well covered photographically resulting in beautiful photo books. This hardcover, coffee table book will be full of the historic sites of the Mayan culture.

2012 V.I.P. Package: Special Crystal Skull, Photo Book, Framed Print, and a special gift selected just for you from Belize. Plus top honors on our acknowledgement page and in the time capsule. We will even do a special feature about you in our blog - if you would like that.

FUNDS: Where the money is going

Funds received will be used to fund the Time Capsule portion of our trip to Belize. Believe It Tour is funding the rest of the trip.

  • Creation, production and casting of the capsule, a clear resin skull that will encapsulate the digital files.
  • Crystal skulls with protective containers for safe travel.
  • Guide services to reach Mayan ruins as well as introductions in the villages.
  • Entrance and other fees associated with entering historic sites.
  • Packaging and shipping of rewards.
  • Kickstarter and Amazon Payments fees.


Creation of a time capsule in the form of an artistically sculpted Crystal Skull. Encapsulated within the clear resin form will be digital media containing all the digital messages collected from the backers. Believe It Tour always applies a certain artistic style; the time capsule shouldn’t be the exception. Here are some of the samples being sculpted with an example of the clear version.


Believe It Tour is dedicated to inspiring people to live life like they did as a child. With open eyes and minds the world is a much more fascinating adventure. Covering the areas of paranormal, cryptozoology, extraterrestrial, monsters, and folklore this adventurous group travels the globe in search of mysterious legends. All this research is then transformed into interesting articles, photos, and video. It's also used to create educational experiences for children and adults. Believe It Tour is a place to share stories with others not afraid to ask “what if...?”


Please share this experience with your friends. If the project is not fully funded it will not happen.


  • Absolutely not! Here at Believe It Tour we take what we do very seriously and we have the utmost respect for the countries and cultures we have visited over the years. We would never undertake a project that would in any way disturb any archaeological sites or ancient ruins. Preserving our natural resources is extraordinarily important to all of us at Believe It Tour. This is why we are utilizing experienced guides throughout our trip, so that we are ensured the ruins and lands we're visiting are being viewed in the most ecologically sensitive way that we can. While we will be researching and visiting a number of Maya ruins and interviewing many native Belizians about the folklore and legends of the country, we will not be involved in any archaeological digs or taking a full film production crew into any of the sites, which would require a permit from the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH).

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  • No, it's not. As you can tell from our video, Michael, has sculpted a special skull in his unique style to use for the time capsule.

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  • Our tours are definitely NOT vacations in any way as this is our business and we will be working during the entire trip. When we visit sites we are conducting extensive interviews with site staff or other people connected to the project. We're also shooting video and still photographs while on site. Once we get back on the road we're updating our blog, editing and posting photographs, and usually editing some video (many times in the car while we drive between sites). We're always on an aggressive schedule with no down time. Also our tours are not open to the public, but occasionally we do have other researchers or production crews join us. If you are interested in visiting some of the places we've been to we encourage you to visit our website,, for more information to plan your own adventure or feel free to send us an email. We love to talk to people about the places we've been to and what local legends abound.

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  • As always we'll post extensive information on our site. We also take our tours and convert them into dynamic educational programs. We present these programs at different events to share the wonderful stories and folklore from the various places we've visited. We also have educational programs specifically geared toward kids that allow them to experience the fantastic places we visit and learn about the rich legends of different countries and the US. One of the main goals of Believe It Tour is to connect people on a global level with each other through shared stories and unique folklore that helps to break down barriers.

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    With your pledge you will get a healthy dose of positive energy from our Crystal Skulls along with a heart felt thank you.

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    Mark the date! You will be acknowledged on our website and receive a free subscription to TwelveTwentyOne eNewsletter, full of exclusive messages and offers until 12/21/2012.

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    Get inside the time capsule! Backers at this level will be able to write a page of text containing whatever you would like. From autobiographies to family memories it's up to you to decide. You will also have the opportunity to submit a photograph of your choice to enrich your text. This will be included inside the time capsule. Plus receive the limited edition designer button set with your web acknowledgement, TwelveTwentyOne, and positive energy.

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    Add video to the time capsule! For backers that feel the written message with photo just isn’t enough to capture the essence of what you want to leave for future cultures, this level allows you to add a video clip to your message. You will also get to select an original painting featuring 2012 Prophecy art. As well as the web acknowledgement, TwelveTwentyOne and positive energy.

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    Feel the power of the crystal skulls! You will receive your very own authentic 1oz quartz crystal skull that will travel to the Mayan ruins. Upon return, your skull will be shipped along with a photograph of the skull amongst the ruins absorbing the energy of the Maya. Don’t worry we will also include any text, photo or video you like in the time capsule plus your web acknowledgement, TwelveTwentyOne and an extra dose of positive energy.

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    Go big! Receive the same reward as the $100 level, but you will receive a larger quartz crystal skull and double the photos and video you can include in the time capsule.

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    Worth 1,000 Words! In addition to receiving your own authentic crystal skull from the trip, you will be getting a copy of the project photo book. This book will be full of images from the trip to the land of the Maya and signed by the members of Believe It Tour team. Plus inclusion of text, photo or video in the time capsule plus your web acknowledgement, TwelveTwentyOne, and an extra dose of positive energy.

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    Go big in 2012! Receive a larger Crystal Skull, signed photo book, a framed original 2012 inspired poster sized print, and a special gift selected specifically for you from Belize. You will also get top honors on the acknowledgement page as well as a feature in our blog, if desired, TwelveTwentyOne, and an extra dose of positive energy.

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