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A married woman in a coffee shop contemplates her relationship. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 11, 2012.

A married woman in a coffee shop contemplates her relationship.

Orlando, FL Shorts
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Last winter, on a cold, dreary day, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman (@jeannevb) sat in a coffeeshop and witnessed a lovers’ quarrel. In fact, she tweeted the entire event, like a reporter for a voyeurism news channel. While she couldn’t hear a single word of the argument, the couple’s body language told a heartbreaking tale. 

She instantly knew this was the short film idea she and director Michael Bekemeyer (@Bekemeyer) had been waiting for.

Now, the original tweets are available to read! Click HERE. Reading them will immediately convey the tone and intent of the film. 


Since IMPASSE was conceived on Twitter, we've decided to birth her using the talented artists in our Twitterverse, literally bringing together people from all four corners of the USA: 


IMPASSE is a day in the life of Alice, a married woman, frustrated with her existence, watching an anonymous young couple fight a heartbreaking battle, deciding their fate. Neither wanting to lose. Neither wanting to compromise. Both deeply in love.

An impasse. 

Despite the intense argument, there's no denying the love this couple feels for each other. It's palpable. It's haunting. It consumes Alice, as she flashes back to her own cold war of love. 

Will these strangers have any impact on Alice's life? Or will she leave that coffeeshop and continue to live in fear of change and choice?

The moment of impasse, leading to the necessity of choice. Come explore it through Alice's eyes. 

*Follow IMPASSE's journey on Facebook as well as in Jeanne's "Balls of Steel" column on


Informally known as the "Twitter Pimp Angel," Jeanne Veillette Bowerman is the Editor and Online Community Manager for with a regular column entitled Balls of Steel. She co-founded and moderates the weekly Twitter screenwriters’ chat, Scriptchat. Her feature-length spec scripts include the adaption of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name, with its author, Douglas A. Blackmon, former senior national correspondent of The Wall Street Journal. Stalk her website to learn more: ramblings of a recovered insecureaholic.

Now for why she wrote IMPASSE:

The moment I saw the couple arguing at the coffeeshop, I knew I had hit a moment of truth in life. Though I couldn't hear what this couple was arguing about, they clearly loved each other deeply, yet for reasons I will never know, couldn't get past this moment and find a place of peace. 

Every person, at some point in their lives, reaches this same moment in a relationship. An impasse. I simply wanted to explore the call to choose. Should we stay or should we go? 

The point isn't what we choose,  it's simply that we choose something. Anything. 

Living in limbo is akin to being paralyzed. Alice is just that. Maybe you were too at one point in your life... or you are right now. My hope is, by watching Alice's day in the coffeehouse, you'll be moved to choose, or at least reflect on the moment you didn't. 

Life begins when we have the courage to step outside of our comfort zone. 


We've talked about making IMPASSE for quite some time. Over a year went by while Jeanne and I would get on the subject of working together. Phone calls and emails came in and went back and forth, but it was just one of those things creative people do. "Wouldn't it be cool if..." and then days, months and weeks would go by. Nothing. Jeanne was busy re-writing and working her magic elsewhere. I went off and made another short film I'd been wanting to make for years. Then one day, I got an email from Jeanne. In the subject line three perfect words, "IMPASSE first draft."

I still can't wipe the grin off my face.

IMPASSE is one of those projects that is not just a clever idea for a movie, or something you might chuckle and say to yourself, "Haha, that's cute." IMPASSE is about something that every one of us has had to or will have to face in our lifetime. It's a part of being human. It is universal and inalienable. And even though IMPASSE centers on the pitfalls of relationships; what makes them work and what makes them fall apart. It is also about something else. Something so simple that it is huge and epic. It is about the moment of clarity in your life when you realize you have to be brave enough to make a decision one way or the other. Take that step towards becoming the self you were meant to be. Jeanne's script elegantly walks the fine line between purpose, message and organic truth. It does that so well that when I read it the first time, I not only wanted to make this movie, I had to make this movie. I HAD to.  Because it is the exact kind of story I want to bring into the world for other people to see.


Every week, we'll post a video update for all to see.

Surprise perks will be randomly tweeted (and posted on facebook) during the campaign for those who help, either through donations and/or for spreading the word, or for the backers who get us over the next hurdle.

Jeanne will cover the entire journey of IMPASSE, from Kickstarter to film festivals, in both her "Balls of Steel" column as well as her editor's blog, "Unscripted."

AT THE COMPLETION OF OUR GOAL: Bowerman will shave Bekemeyer's head... bald! 

Oh yeah, we're going there... 


We are excited to dive into the production of IMPASSE with not only an incredible group of talent, but also with all of your support. IMPASSE truly would never be happening if not for Jeanne and  Mike's social media family. 

Our sincerest thanks for your support and encouragement! 

Mike and Jeanne


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