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A postcard to remind us to keep the balance of important issues daily.
A postcard to remind us to keep the balance of important issues daily.
A postcard to remind us to keep the balance of important issues daily.
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My name is Beezhan, and I love to create things. This time, I am creating a postcard.

It is important to focus on our daily tasks to be happy and successful. But keeping the balance in life leads to a more successful life.

Balance is an even distribution of all areas.

A balanced life is critical to your success. Being engaged with your daily tasks means we are living our purpose. But there are other areas we should not neglect. Areas which, if not balanced, will negatively influence our ability to be satisfied in life.

This postcard helps you keep that balance, focusing on life, not work.

The post card reminds you to focus on not only your daily tasks but other areas such as: 

. Emotional Health

. Gratitude - Being grateful of good things around you.

. 3-Year Plan - Having a long term plan

. Forgiveness - Keep getting rid of negative charges that you feel.

. Skills - Improving your skills daily

. Physical Health - Proper nutrition, sleep and exercise

. Love Relationship - Quality time with loved ones 

. Family relationship - Quality time with family Skills 


Special thanks to Anna Maria Panici. Anna is certified Hypnotherapist who specializes in Past-Life Regression Therapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. She is a published author, intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Technique and manifestation coach on a mission to teach people about the innate healing abilities that we all have and how to access our super-human powers. She does this by teaching workshops at festivals, online and at events all over the world.

Special thanks to Sacred Garden.

Special Thanks to Haleakua Garden Farm.

Risks and challenges

Kickstarter has one of the most amazing platforms that I am aware of. It is the best place to build communities and finish great projects with their help. I have personally backed 325 projects on Kickstarter. I have had eight successful Kickstarter campaigns and delivered all rewards on time.

Unexpected things can always happen in life; and knowing that, I spend a lot of time making solid plans and only commit to those projects in which I feel totally clear and confident. Given my track record and personal experience, I am committed to completing this campaign by May 2017.

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