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The unemployed dung beetle usually just moved crap around. But one day he went a little mad. A novel about our times.

Hello, I’m Gabriel. Over the past two years I’ve been recording what I could about the places I’ve seen and people I’ve met. Listening to differing points of view and ideologies. Then I wrote a novel.

A satire about the greed and herd mentality one so often sees today. 

Told as a modern fable exploring behavior, influence, and nature. It's a bit experimental. Sometimes silly. Sometimes sad. About here. About there. About me. And you.

Beetle Days has been featured on a number of literary blogs. It can be found on The Next Best Book's Books and Booze and Indie Spotlight. On The Open End I've contributed an interview with a Beetle named Tim, and on To Read Or Not To Read I've discussed why I decided to go with Kickstarter. 

Go here to see the video with captions


John just wants to work hard at the farm. With the talking and mute sheep. And the cats. And the restaurant. And the occasional coffee. All he really wants is a good coffee. But he is bothered by beetles. As is everyone. 

Beetles are unbearable. They don’t stand in queues. They insist on free air travel. And they’re enthusiastic but horrible conversationalists. They steal things and mouth off while doing it. They want. And want. And want. 

When the nearby townspeople become irate with the state of things the ‘Great Beetle War’ begins… which experts deem as not particularly great. But as the byproducts of this conflict begin to affect more and more of life, John has to decide how he can help those around him and, ultimately, himself.  

You can read an unedited first few pages here.

The Plan

After receiving positive responses from beta readers I need your help. I'd like to hire a professional editor, and I need help creating the actual product. If I can reach my target it will cover the cost of editing, printing, and delivery, as well as making the book available digitally. 

Backing would go towards:

  • Hiring people to: Content Edit, Copy Edit, and Proofread
  • ISBN purchase
  • LCCN# purchase
  • Volume printing (to reduce cost per book and bookmarks)
  • Shipping and materials (and associated costs)
  • Review and replacement copies

After calculating distribution across the rewards (by considering the standard distribution across backing levels of a few completed projects) there'll be an estimated $2,000 in production related costs, and $500 in shipping and other costs. 

Eventual distribution (after I've mailed backers their copies) will be worldwide through Amazon and any local bookshops I can convince.

You can see the math here.

What Beta Readers Thought

"Beetle Days is a powerful parable of post-crisis greed and desperation, and yet the story is told in a way that is unexpectedly charming and amusing. A riveting tale."

"An interesting, thought provoking, and engaging read... reminiscent of Orwell's Animal Farm both in terms of the seamless personification of animals and social commentary on the 21st century global environment."

"Super imaginative, very well written, and clever throughout. Böhmer's writing never leaves me bored or empty. The science fiction/comedy mixture brings me back to my early readings of Kurt Vonnegut and his ability to tell the story through his character's perspective, which makes for a great read!"

Stretch Goals - A Multimedia Opportunity

If I can print a few books I'll be very grateful, but I'd love to make more promotional animations and list you as a Producer! 

I believe more images, music, and animation would help make this a success in the long run. And if targets are beaten it's only fair you get something more. If what's below sounds good, please consider pledging $30 or more.

$7,500 - Beetle Praise - Producer Credit in Upcoming Films

As a promotional tool I will create three more video excerpts (but with more care and time), and make them available online. Rewards:

  • $1 and above: download of music I record for it
  • $30 to $99: Executive Producer credit and a DVD copy
  • $100 and above: Producer credit and a second signed DVD

$10,000 - Beetle Admiration - Drawings for the Novel

I'll also create a series of illustrations for the book. Rewards:

  • $1 and above: download of the images
  • $10 and above: it'll be in your digital version
  • $20 and above: it'll be in your paperback version(s)

$15,000 - Beetle Madness - The Film Festival Route

Instead of three vignettes, I create a promotional short film with the material and submit it to film festivals around the world. Rewards:

  • $1 and above: download of music I record for it
  • $30 to $99: Executive Producer credit and a DVD copy
  • $100 and above: Producer credit and a second signed DVD

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Having already written the book, and edited it once through, the project is low risk. This is about finishing and distributing it, and doing so successfully.

Editing, printing, reviewing, and mailing can take time. So staying on schedule will be the biggest challenge, particularly if demand exceeds expectation. The book itself would still be completed on schedule and, at the very least, available digitally at the listed time. However, I believe that I've allocated a sufficient number of days to get everything finished, polished and into people's hands.

Whatever ends up being the case (on time, some delay, etc.), this will get finished properly and I will keep you updated on progress throughout with backer-only updates. Thank you.


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    Thanks on the Beetle Days blog and youtube page, and a download of both songs I recorded for the video.

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    The above + A digital copy of the novel (PDF or e-book). DRM free so you can read across your devices.

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    The above + Your name acknowledged in the book for your contribution. A second copy (both signed). And three Kickstarter-only Beetle Days bookmarks that can be turned into the puppets from the excerpt. This would be great!

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    THE BEETLE FAN PACKAGE: The above + A limited edition cover, signed and numbered (that's 6 paperbacks in total). And I'll handwrite an entire short story on nice paper and number and sign it for you.

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    THE BEETLE COLLECTOR PACKAGE: The above + Three more signed limited edition copies (that's 9 paperbacks in total). And I'll paint you an entirely original beetle. And you get to choose the background color and species. And it'll include a personalized thanks and my signature.

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    THE BEETLE CONNOISSEUR PACKAGE: The above + I include a numbered and signed hardback (think coffee table size) which will include sketches, photographs of places that inspired me, and handwritten pages explaining the origin of ideas, characters, and plot points.

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