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The Beehive Collective's 10th Anniversary Poster Print Run's video poster

Send all thirteen of our fantastically intricate and inspiring, hand-drawn black and white, illustrated posters to the printhouse! Read more

Machias, ME Illustration
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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2011.

Send all thirteen of our fantastically intricate and inspiring, hand-drawn black and white, illustrated posters to the printhouse!

Machias, ME Illustration
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Over the past decade, the wildly-motivated, all-volunteer Beehive Design Collective has created over a dozen immensely popular, awe-inspiring, collaborative, and meticulously-crafted oversize posters about biotechnology, water privatization, globalization, free trade, monoculture, the war on drugs, resource extraction, climate change... the urgent issues of our times… all with engaging, incredibly intricate and educational, black & white cartoons of plants and animals!

This Winter, we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary by printing our entire body of graphic works... many that have been out of print for years... as well as brand new, never-before-seen images!

Please visit our Webstore at to see our posters, and visit to learn more about the Beehive.

We've super been unable to keep up with demand for our posters, and many favorite graphics have been out of print for years! We presently have the opportunity to print a batch run on giant sheets, dramatically reducing the overall price of the printrun. And by increasing our run size, we are also able to special order a more environmentally responsible paper, direct from the mill. This awesome new paper is thicker, with a beautiful matte finish perfect for coloring!

This will be the FIRST TIME EVER that we've been able to offer our complete collection! We're celebrating by sharing THE ENTIRE SET OF POSTERS, complete with their accompanying storybook narratives as well as a special LIMITED RUN COLOR POSTER (exclusively for our Kickstarter backers), for pledges of $100, including shipping! Check it out... there's all sorts of great packages offered for different pledge amounts!

We've set our goal at a conservative $5,000, but every bit-o-honey helps us cover the total $12,000 cost of the project. This will be our largest, and most diverse print run to date. Many of these posters will be gifted to organizations and communities on the front lines of the environmental and social justice struggles they depict.

Despite our impressive "pollination" efforts that have worked to scatter many tens of thousands of posters internationally, we're actually just a very small, enthusiastic, do-it-ourselves outfit with less than 5% annual grant funding. We pull off our unlikely feats of cooperation and D.I.Y. production ONLY because of the grassroots donations we receive from folks like yourself! Every poster we print functions as a powerful seed, both as a fundraising AND an organizing tool that keeps our unique "organism" afloat, and constantly evolving.

We make pictures that are refreshingly sincere, truthful, and accessible to everyone (regardless of language, education, or literacy). We choose quirky, hilarious, and often heartbreaking metaphors drawn from the natural world and the landscape of corporate globalization to illustrate "bad news" topics. We also document under-recognized "good news" stories of communities fighting to defend their lands- and their lives- from colonizing forces. We work in deep collaboration with affected communities, and regularly visit hundreds of audiences per year with engaging picture-lectures and storysharing workshops.

Though we tackle heavy, complicated issues, people constantly say that our heartfelt and compelling imagery helps make "bad news" more digestible, and inspires community dialogue, critical reflection, and strategic action... and well, they're also just damn crazy cool-lookin' posters!

Thanks so much for your support, y'all! We're SO delighted to share this work with you!

Learn more about the Bees at
Visit our Webstore at to see our posters!

To view the "For the Long Haul" special anniversary patch and poster design:


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    Pledge $10 or more

    27 backers

    We've printed up an adorable, full color, satin PATCH of our 10th Anniversary image "For the Long Haul," just to thank you for your support! (You can see the image by clicking the link at the bottom of the project description to the left)

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    Pledge $20 or more

    15 backers

    We've created a LIMITED EDITION thank you gift exclusively for our Kickstarter Backers! "For the Long Haul" is a beautiful, 17"x26" COLOR poster of the above image, printed on high-quality matte paper, just for you... We'll also send you the matching satin patch!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    47 backers

    Hot off the Press! Your support will enable us to go to print with "The Blockade" (20"x28"), a sneak preview scene from our long awaited "Mesoamerica Resiste" graphic, and our most epic illustration to date- 7 years in the making! We can't wait to send you this special first-run poster, as well as the limited edition anniversary poster and satin patch above!

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    Pledge $30 or more

    58 backers

    Let us also send you the new GIANT, dizzyingly-detailed "True Cost of Coal" (30"x60") poster, along with it's storybook narrative, and the two other posters and patch above!

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    Pledge $50 or more

    28 backers

    Gushes of thanks will arrive on your doorstep in the form of our three most popular GIANT posters and their storybook narratives... Along with the "True Cost of Coal", we'll send a "Plan Colombia" (19"x76"!!) and a "Free Trade Area of the Americas" (25"x50").... that's all five posters and the patch above!

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    Pledge $75 or more

    7 backers

    Out of Print since 2000, this print run will bring back into circulation the first two posters our collective produced... With gratitude for your generous help in this goal, we'll send you the "Biodevastation/Butterfly" (19"x43") and "Monoculture/Puppeteer" (24"x32") posters... that's all seven posters and the patch above!

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    Pledge $100 or more

    92 backers

    Here it is! Made available for the FIRST TIME EVER because of your Kickstartin' support, the COMPLETE collection of Beehive posters! In addition to all the ones listed above, you'll also receive three more 17"x26" COLOR and three more BIG black and white posters! It's an amazing set... with 13 posters in all, 3 storybook narratives, including the special edition poster, and satin patch above!

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    Pledge $200 or more

    9 backers

    If you're able to kick in at this level, we'll do a bee backflip by sending you THREE of the COMPLETE sets listed above, and one of our ever popular FABRIC POSTERS... a six foot high miniature banner of our "Plan Colombia" poster!

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    Pledge $400 or more

    1 backer

    Become a fellow pollinator, by grabbing a chunk of this print run for your own fundraising and organizing! We'll send you a big ol' stack of 50 of each of your choice of any two of our poster designs for you to distribute, that's 100 POSTERS TOTAL, plus the complete collection like above!

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    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer

    We'd love to send you your own BIG beautiful Beehive FABRIC MURAL of any of our poster designs... choose any poster, b&w or color and any size up to ten feet and we'll have it custom printed, sewn with grommets and shipped to you... plus the complete collection like above!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    0 backers

    We'll be headed your way to swarm you with thanks in person! Bring the Bees to your town for any one of our popular live PICTURE-LECTURES... and we'll help you do an extra awesome job of advertising for the event by custom printing a BIG FABRIC MURAL of your choice for you to keep, OR sending you a bulk chunk of 100 posters for you to sell/distribute before and after the event! And of course, we'll make sure you also have the complete collection of our posters as above!

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