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Questions! Questions That Need Answering!

Posted by Becky Chambers (Creator)

There has been a lot of this sort of thing going on lately.

I am finding that the most useful things in my editing toolbox are questions. Before I start editing a chapter, I ask myself what purpose the chapter serves. Then I read the chapter, without making any corrections (or at least valiantly attempting not to). At the end of the chapter, I determine whether or not the intended points have been made. On one occasion, I found that after reading the chapter, my impression of what the point should be was flat-out wrong. While the chapter did indeed answer every question on my list, that chapter wasn't what the book needed. I ended up transplanting a few chunks of still-usable text, adding some new stuff, and gutting the rest. It was frustrating as hell, and I had to kill off a few things I rather liked, but the chapter fits much better because of it. In the end, it was oddly satisfying.

I'll be going through a similar process next week, because all this question asking has led me to the conclusion that Chapter Four needs a massive overhaul. I am hoping that I can find ways to recycle most of it, but we'll see. I'm foreseeing a lot of rewrites next week, to the point that I've laid down some pretty strict "office hours" for all my other work so that I can stay as focused on this as possible. I should probably stock up on snacks, too.

Honestly, it's a little daunting right now. I know I'll get there, but at the moment, it doesn't feel like it will ever end. However, going back and looking at all your notes and emails always gives me a boost. I don't know how I'd be doing this without you guys.

Live long and prosper,



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      Cian on

      Don't be daunted, were here for you! If there's any way for us to help, maybe if you have more questions like the recent tweet, or if we can help by asking questions, say so!
      And all that other stuff can go in a future book/short story where it'd fit ^^