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A science fiction novel that explores humanity's intergalactic future through the eyes of the everyman.
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Back To Work

Posted by Becky Chambers (Creator)

Hey folks,

Wow, I had an inkling that two weeks away would be good for this project, but I had no idea just how much. Jumping on a plane the day after finishing the first draft was the perfect coda. So many of my original ideas for this book were first scribbled down in airports while I watched weary travelers and thought about the places I'd visited. It was surprisingly satisfying to step back into the roots of the story, even though I was at an airport I'd never been to before (in a way, that was all the more appropriate).

I came home with a well-rested brain brimming with input, which led to me kicking off the editing process by...drafting an entirely new scene. I don't think that's how editing is supposed to work, but it's a scene that I'm pretty happy with, so I'd say that's a win.

As for the actual editing, that's going well so far, though the change in mindset is taking some getting used to. Drafting takes a long time, but there's something frenetic about needing to get all those words down. Editing has a much slower pace. I'm really taking my time with each scene, doing my best to make sure that it says everything I want it to. In that sense, those two weeks were especially beneficial, because I've had my head out of the story for long enough to forget a lot of the specifics. Today I found a giant flaw in the first chapter that had completely escaped my notice as I was barreling through and worrying about word count. It took a lot of time and pacing to fix it (not literary pacing; the physical act of walking back and forth in my office like a crazy person), but I'm happy to say that all is now well in that scene. For now. Until I change my mind about it.

As per usual, feel free to shoot questions or comments my way. I always enjoy hearing from you guys!

Peace, love, and serial commas,



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    1. Thomas Giles on

      Good to hear you're back and getting on well with the editing. Looking forward to a new video~! ;P