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I'm in the last leg of getting work and prints together for my first NY show - please help ensure I can reach my goal(s)!
I'm in the last leg of getting work and prints together for my first NY show - please help ensure I can reach my goal(s)!
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Still working - failure not an option.

 Work for the show seems to be an unending duty. There have been a lot of frustrating obstacles that, at  times, have left me devastated. The largest obstacle being: the venue and people in charge in NY did not promote my all. I pushed and pushed and emailed and called and texted and emailed some more trying to get the show promoted but it just wasn't a top priority for the NY team so we had a LOUSY turnout opening night. However, since I got back (and stopped laying on my futon crying) some friends and I have been working to promote the show ourselves. Now I know, I should've taken control to begin with but NY PROMISED repeatedly over the last 4-5 months that they would put together a heavy promotion campaign but no one followed thru. It's been incredibly hard to deal with.

So, now, not only am I making a list of people, places and sites to promo this show but also the 2nd solo NY show I was offered. AND I'm taking other measures to ensure I sell my work not only right now to help recoup the thousands of dollars I've lost but in the future and thru online sites as well. This has been a heavy hit especially since this is the second expensive show I've invested my money, work and time into and watched it go unpromoted. 

This experience has been really, REALLY draining but now I feel better equipped - with some friend's help I am taking control over the situation and making sure ALL the t's are crossed and every single i is dotted long before the next show opens. Please be patient with any delayin delivery of your rewards but I'm trying to ensure that your investments in me and my show as well as the thousands I've spent on this aren't completely watsed.

Here's a few things we're doing to help promo the show and get my work sold - this week we've:

  • Set up an Etsy store. Right now, I have signed color prints of the work posted (I've got a lot of material to add to it) and over the next week I'll be able to photograph and post pics of my silk screen prints as well as other items for the show.
  • Set up a Tumblr account which is cross linked with my Etsy store
  • Started posting pics of the work on my Pinterest account which is cross linked with my Etsy store 
  • Set up a new events page on Facebook where I'm doing a daily profile of the work and sent out invites to the page to approx. 450 FB "friends" around the world.. With 3 dozen pieces hanging on the walls including 7 collaborative there's a lot to cover and promote:
  • And my friends are doing what they can to help promote the show on their own. A great example is the post card Fall River artist, musician, graphic designer and zine artist Jim Charette put together using art dealer Lauryn Rego's photos from opening night. Jim's card is posted below.
  • And lastly, about 2 weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a print show here in Providence so I'm packaging up a few so there's another cross link to help promote the show. Will post link as soon as a the show goes online.

So there's a list of a few ways we're trying to sell work in the show but also a few ways you can follow the progress of my tiny social media team. In just a few days time we've managed to attract lot of traffic from our links, pages and Etsy store - so psyched people respond well to my work but, I have to say, if it weren't for people like my friends Carey C. at Gypsy Thread in Rehobeth MA and Jim Charette I'd be sunk. I'd still be laying on my futon crying and with NO idea how to move forward. They've helped to salvage my show and I'm grateful.

Thanks again to all and for your patience,

P.S. Friend Jim on his FB page: Jim Charette Sound Project and thru his site:

and Gypsy Thread on Etsy: (I have a scarf and 2 pillow cases from GT. Love them!)





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