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Join us (vicariously) as we circle the planet, and then transform 104 daily posts into a full-color treasure book.
Join us (vicariously) as we circle the planet, and then transform 104 daily posts into a full-color treasure book.
153 backers pledged $10,504 to help bring this project to life.

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      William G. Beale on

      Carolyn, Thank you for supporting this project! As you know Michelle experienced some unexpected setbacks shortly after returning from the voyage. I've been in regular contact with them recently and Edward has been feverishly working on the book, has accomplished a lot and it's coming along amazingly well! Watch the various WBS links for more updates soon, I think you'll like what you see!

    2. Carolyn Wolfram on

      Anyone know what's happening with the book?

    3. John Pruitt on

      This is a great project with a truly amazing concept - to live the life that we are given!!
      Fair winds and following seas!

      I think from you I have learned that sometimes you just have to stop making excuses and do it!

      Live life to the lees my friends!


    4. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone. New blog post at Upside Down in Sydney!

    5. Missing avatar

      Linda Palmer on

      Just stopping by to say I can't wait to start reading about your adventure. Also, Nice job Andrew, I enjoyed reading your first post.

    6. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Michelle and Ed have been apart all week, each working on separate prep items. Tomorrow we'll join forces for the last day, then fly out Monday to pre-position to meet this ship.

    7. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Thanks Norman. It's been great reconnecting with "old" friends, and making new ones.

    8. Norman Picard on

      I decided to back this adventure, because I wanted to feel like I was part of the travels. I have known Ed for what seems like a life time and did not want to miss out on this opportunity. I am very happy to back Ed & Michelle. Excited for the adventure to begin!

    9. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Undaunted by the 10ºC weather we continue packing out the house. Some friends (who are also backers!) will be here to help us today. Then it's just a week to go before we fly to Australia to meet the ship, and only two weeks before we set sail.

    10. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      New WBS luggage has arrived. The postcards are on order. Received object from another backer. Surveys are next. Only 12 days until we depart to meet the ship!

    11. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      This one is set to music and therefore better:

    12. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Storage PODS delivery today:

    13. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Update today at about the Travel and Transformation writing workshop. Great venue, great presenters, great time was had by all!

    14. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Check out update #12 if you haven't already. We're in the final weeks and plans are coming together. Michelle's checkup in Boston yesterday was great: the tumor is stable with no new growth. Amazing news! We're both taking a "down day" but updates are going to accelerate as we get closer to setting sail.

    15. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Building shore excursion itinerary and collecting up objects. Longer update this weekend.

    16. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone. Michelle is getting her spring MRI today to prep for a final checkup before the trip. We have been getting our house ready to be mothballed for the summer and our stuff ready for storage. The luggage got pulled out and will be replaced. We got both passports back with approved India visas inside. Ed built a book mockup using Levenger's circa notebook system. All the tech gear has arrived and has been placed in service. The Drobo mini is really a great piece of gear. We had another productive meeting with Rick the navigational archaeologist about coding the final spot for the 'treasure'. We're in touch with an artist about a custom set of travel-themed playing cards. Check for more regular updates!

    17. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Monday update - Luggage!

    18. Jessica Corey on

      I backed your project because I not only thought it was inspiring, but I'm from a small town and will never be able to travel the world. Plus my dad enjoyed sailing when he was younger and I kinda backed the project for him because I know he will enjoy your story as well! Congrats on the success and good luck on the trip :)

    19. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Great job backers! Over $10k raised from over 150 backers in under 45 days. For the West By Sea book and website, you are the wind in our sails. We plan to shift to one update each week. Hope to see several people tonight to "encourage the heart" and celebrate a successful round of funding. Also, our interview is now available to listen at . Enjoy!

    20. Dj Grandpa on

      i am very happy to back this project.. because it is a beatiful story that should be told.... dj grandpa approved...

    21. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      (Today *it* was...) :)

    22. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      The New London "Patch" editor features a YouTube video on Thursday. Today is was West By Sea! Check us out.

    23. Missing avatar

      Patricia Charles on

      Hi Ed and Michele, I'm really looking forward to hearing about your travels and all the wonderful experiences you'll enjoy. Through your updates, I will be able to live "vicariously" through you and therefore willing to back you in this venture. Life is so precious which you know well and I applaud you guys for taking this step to see the world and... provide us with experiences, through your eyes. Safe travels to you and have a blessed trip of a lifetime!

    24. Missing avatar

      Connie K. Plessman on

      Ed and Michele, hope your transition from being "grounded in CT" to "at sea" is going well! We appreciate the fact that you could have simply enjoyed this journey on your own, yet you have extended yourselves in offering opportunities for us to join you along the way! As president of Connecticut ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) chapter, I personally thank you for all you have done for our chapter. I have decided to personally send an object for you to photograph along the way; the ASTD inspirational cube...small enough to carry, yet significant! Thanks for all you have done for us. We look forward to joining you on this journey!

    25. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      So if you were going to 'bury' a treasure somewhere on planet earth, then reveal the location in a multi-layered code, how would you do it? Well this morning I'm meeting with one of the only "navigational anthropologists" on the planet to discuss planetary coordinate systems, spherical geometry and uncertainty modeling over some greasy food and burnt coffee. I'll let you know how it goes.

    26. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Nice progress today. Got an order of business cards in. I'll be dropping them around town tomorrow, linking back to the kickstarter project page. Two full weekends left. Tomorrow's update is about Objects. If you could pick only one thing to bring with you on a quest, what would it be?

    27. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Had a great podcast interview with Steven from this afternoon. Pushed twitter followers to 243. Had expected to write up the Tuesday update this morning but shoveled snow instead. Planning this for tomorrow as a 'backer only' update about how your pledges will be turned into a finished product.

      Any seasoned KS backers with suggestions about what else we need to be doing for the last 11 days? Getting down to the end!

    28. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      A quiet, green day today. Two weeks to go.

    29. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Sorry we haven't been on FB & Twitter as much the last couple days. Absolutely burnt out from prepping the open house. Several visitors, hope it sells soon! Cool milestone: 5280 feet in a mile or $ pledged to launch the coolest postcard, website and book project in history. THANKS to all our backers! Two weeks left.

    30. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Full day. Submitted guest blog draft to Got word Bedrock ( will post our audio interview on March 25th. Twitter at 150 backer but several more cool interactions and retweets today. Two new backers this morning. Seems morning is when people are checking in. Yes, we're paying attention. VERY cool development on the book front. The book is shaping up to be, how should I say this, more //integrated//?

    31. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      (Oh, and the coffee grinder/video thing got put on hold to see the realtor today, and painting a bathroom. Have you ever tried that, the bathroom painting thing? Let me give you some advice: don't. Lucky us, today was just the primer, so we get to do it again tomorrow. It had to be done - who has a blue bathroom? Really?!? The grinder video needs a better script anyway.)

    32. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      A fun coincidence: there are 144 followers on both and How cool? Very cool. The West By Sea initial funding campaign is going to be about numbers. You've told us the story is compelling and we as *totally* stoked by your energy for this project. Check out Update #5 and give us feedback about the prototypes. One of the best things about KS is the backers help craft the final product. What do YOU want to see?

    33. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Up to 86 twitter followers today. Also emailed Wendy at Jet Set Times ( about writing a guest blog about planning a world cruise. We also got stickied in the forums of Slacker's Haven (…). A cool bunch of folks. Hope you get a chance to check them out. Watch for a video update tomorrow, if we can get the coffee grinder working...

    34. Missing avatar

      Nancy and Ty Thill on

      We are one of the backers that have chosen to have an item of significance to us accompany Ed and Michelle on their around the world adventure. We have decided to send a photograph of our son Tom and his wife, Shelley and their two boys, Parker and Preston and our daughter and her husband Brian with their two children Cooper and Lily. We wanted to do something special for our children and grandchildren and we decided that nothing would be as special as a "trip around the world"!

    35. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      We're really getting an education about Twitter today! Went from 26 to 36 followers over lunch. Not sure the best way to spread the word? Let us know in the comments.

      (And of course we had to ask how the Pied Piper did it:
      West By Sea on Twitter:

    36. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Thanks Patrick, for your kind words. Ed's brother posted to an online forum and thinks that's where you saw the story. It is a small world. Keep in touch and we will plan to meet as many international backers as possible. Cheers!

    37. Patrick Morf on

      This Project is an inspiration and admire you for your courage and determination to leave everything behind and live your life to the fullest. Ever since I sailed in the mediterranean in 2006, it is a dream of me to sail the seven seas. You give me the chance to live my dream through your voyage.I'd love to share a drink with you guys in one of the european ports !!! Good sailing !!!

    38. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Snow and voyage planning over at Update #4 lists some juicy new stretch goals, several new rewards and our first expeditionary gear sponsor:

    39. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      The time-lapse didn't come out as good as I'd hoped but I learned something about masking 16:9 video to 4:3 using Quicktime Pro and a masking graphic. The movers took all our stuff and we're officially in the mode of "camping in our house." This will let us focus on trip prep and maximizing this campaign. We are in talks with a couple hardware sponsors and will have good news to report in the Saturday update. And I'm putting the finishing touches on five stretch goals which you're gonna love, which you get to see on Saturday. Keep those comments coming in and THANKS for sharing this project with your friends!

    40. Missing avatar

      Mary Sheahan on

      I'm looking forward to this.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nancy and Ty Thill on

      Ed - please call me 860-460-1004 or e-mail me at ... the friend that was looking into making your trip part of the New London high school curriculum wants to speak with you directly! This is exciting! Also do you have an e-mail or link that I can scan a pic of our item and send to you? I assume we will be told later where to send the actual item. Thanks!

    42. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Hi folks. Head over to for today's short update about the movers. I'm planning to do a time lapse of the garage as the pack out happens and put it in the report. Also today (3/6) reading about Kickstarter funding curves (here: and considering holding off pursuing gear and clothing sponsorships until after the campaign. Write back and tell me what you think.

    43. Justin P. Moore on

      Hi Edward! Very cool project and a great concept with the travels, book, and postcards. I'm excited to participate and look forward to the updates. Congrats on the press and reaching your *first* funding goal so quickly! :)

    44. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      New update - let us know what you think in the comments. We spent much of the weekend prepping the house for the packers and movers this week. Once the house is empty we'll send updates on a more regular schedule. We don't want to flood you with trivia but having backed many other projects it's great to know things are moving.

      Podcast interview today (3/4/13) so next update will be later in the week, probably talk a little about what we've researched to produce the rewards.

    45. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Quiet here today after a busy week. We will probably take tomorrow (Sunday) off to regroup. We're getting the house prepped for packout and movers this coming week. Lots to do!

      Comments or suggestions and feedback are all welcome. Just leave a note here.

    46. Edward Beale 2-time creator on

      Linda, don't be too sure about that! You never know what might happen if you get fired up about something!

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