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On Dec. 11th, the Beagle Brothers finished recording their 3rd record. We need your help to finish mixing, mastering, and releasing it!
On Dec. 11th, the Beagle Brothers finished recording their 3rd record. We need your help to finish mixing, mastering, and releasing it!
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Overdubs - DONE!

Hey all - we recently finished doing some overdubs for both the Beagle Brothers CD and for the Cobra Fang EP. Dino set up in Ezra's basement (Ezra is our younger brother / tin whistler and vocalist for the O'Beagle Band / brand new keyboardist for ODCF) at the beginning of March to lay down the tracks. 

Noah did some vocal backups, and Ezra laid down the keyboard parts for two Cobra Fang songs. For some reason, I didn't manage to snap any photos of Ezra, so here's what I took of Noah and Dino.

In additional news, we're actively working with the kind folks at Commonwealth Press on album art. So far, things are looking pretty cool, and I'm sure that by the time they get things wrapped up, it's going to be a classic country album cover. They’re also going to be pressing some more T-shirts for us so please make sure to get us your size(s) if you qualified for this particular incentive through Kickstarter.

Oh, and if you find yourself in Bloomfield on Friday evening, Oh Dang, Cobra Fang! will be playing the inaugural show at Caliente Pizza Bar. We’ll be playing with The Gotobeds and Crazy Scorpion Group – it should be a good time.

Thanks again for all of your support! You are the best!


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We’ve done it! Our Kickstarter campaign to release the new Beagle Brothers CD Architects of the Bloomfield Sound / Dancers of the Drunken Two-Step ended last night, and thanks to our friends, family, and many generous supporters, we’ve successfully raised the money to release the record. Because we actually exceeded our initial goals, we will also have enough money to press the vinyl debut of our rock and roll band, Oh Dang, Cobra Fang! Everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter will receive a free copy of the ODCF record. Very exciting, eh?!

You are all awesome. We cannot thank you enough for your support with these projects. We’ll be actively working on putting the finishing touches on the record(s) and will be in touch soon with updates regarding your incentive packages. Thanks again!

- Beagle Brothers / Oh Dang, Cobra Fang!

One Thousand Smackeroos in Twelve Days?!?!

Here's a quick glimpse into the recording of Oh Dang, Cobra Fang's first record at Red Caiman Studio - December 9 through 11, 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanks so much for helping us make this happen!

Rock and roll.


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One Take Kline

There's a short spoken part in the middle of "Waimea Bay" that was a lot of fun to watch unfold. Here are some highlights.

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Some of Dino's Photos

Here are a handful of photos taken by master photographer, Grammy Award winner, ex-chef and near member of Rusted Root, Mr. Dino DiStefano.

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