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An original story of friendship and monsters, spanning sixteen time zones from Idaho to Japan, staged with puppets, shadows and song. Read more

Boise, ID Theater
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This project was successfully funded on January 19, 2013.

An original story of friendship and monsters, spanning sixteen time zones from Idaho to Japan, staged with puppets, shadows and song.

Boise, ID Theater
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The Story:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Aki, who lived, although she didn’t want to, in a village called Akaigawa. It was a quiet place and she was a quiet girl who missed the noise and anonymity of the city. Here in the farmland of Hokkaido there was space between the people, allowing each of them to be seen and Aki would rather not . . . Aki would rather not.

Once upon the very same time there was a boy named Verne, who lived in an even smaller village, or “town” as we call them around here. Verne’s hometown was called Arco and it had a story of its own. It was the first nuclear powered city in the world. For all of eleven minutes. It’s been lit up mostly by hydropower since then, but it was the very first to split atoms into . . . hot chocolate, and warm light, and distant songs on the radio.

Now, just last year, the 22nd of September, everything was in balance. The day was balanced perfectly against the night. The earth tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, but right alongside it. In Arco and Akaigawa, it was autumn . . .

The Story of the Story:

The two of us began work more than a year ago, making a play different than anything we had done before but with one particular goal. It had to be something we could take our sons to see. Jack Blackaller is eight years old and Rafferty Clark will be turning seven two days after the play opens. This began as a play for them, really.

But then it grew. We worked for a very long time on the core story to make sure it continued to excite us, and we assembled a team of phenomenally talented collaborators to bring it all to life. Carie Kawa & Justin Ness will join Dwayne in the cast. Michael Baltzell is designing the world on stage and bringing the monsters--based on artwork from Bill Carman--to life as magnificent puppets. Star Moxley is designing costumes, which range from our two eleven year-old protagonists to two great men in modern armor battling the elements. Sound is profoundly important to a play about things that go bump in the night and with Peter John Still we're in good hands. Raquel Davis designs lighting that begins with a sunrise and spans seasons and vistas more than half a world apart. 

This group has a lot of big ideas and often the primary limit we face is our production budget. Simply put, if this kickstarter campaign is funded it will allow us to make A NIGHTTIME SURVIVAL GUIDE bigger and better. A lot of decisions about what we can afford to do get made in the final stretch.
Become a backer today and help make this play about friendship and monsters something none of us will ever forget.

It began as a way for two dads to tell a new story to their kids. In the end it will be a story for you and your neighbors and the kid down the street.

-Dwayne & Matt

Risks and challenges

We have completed more than fifty productions over the past seventeen years. This campaign is about making the next one a whole lot better.

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