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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 3 2019


 In a Nutshell

This campaign is to create 15 more fantasy-themed content Add-Ons for MapForge. Two of the Add-Ons allow for commercial use.

MapForge is map-making software that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2017. The program was released last year, and now boasts an incredible 89 (!!!) content Add-Ons available for it from leading mapping-content providers.

For those new to MapForge, please visit the above links for more information about the software (it's simply too much information to repeat here). The FAQ for the original campaign is also a useful source of information.

The TL/DR version

  • MapForge is easy-to-use software for Windows and Mac OS that makes high-quality maps for printing or for use in virtual tabletop software (e.g., Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.).
  • Can be used for free (no license required for low resolution output).
  • Comes with 12 free content Add-Ons (~1.6 GB), and many more free Add-Ons are on the way, thanks to this Patreon campaign.
  • You can download and try the software out for yourself, to evaluate it and see if the program is what you want/expect it to be.

A large majority of the content Add-Ons available for MapForge are for the fantasy genre, but with fantasy being the most popular RPG genre by far, making even more Fantasy content available would be a good thing.

A survey of MapForge users showed that over 50% of them are "Extremely Interested" in more fantasy content (and only 5% had no interest whatsoever in such content).

So this campaign seeks to broaden MapForge's current fantasy-genre offerings by producing 15 more fantasy-themed mapping content Add-Ons, to better support tactical-scale battlemap creation for RPG systems such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, GURPS, Mage: The Ascension, Rolemaster, etc.

With this much great fantasy mapping content available, MapForge will offer more ready-to-use battlemap-scale mapping content to GMs of fantasy RPGs than any other map-making app, by far.

New Partners

This campaign continues the tradition of teaming up with some of the best content creators in the field of mapmaking for RPGs to bring you top-notch art assets. This time around, there are three new content providers coming on board to offer their wares in MapForge's convenient Add-On format:

David Hemenway


Nathaly Aupin

Returning Partners

Studio Wyldfurr

PWork Wargames

Raymond Gaustadnes

Gabriel Pickard

Map Alchemists (aka Steve Guadreau) 

In addition to your Pledge Rewards, during this campaign you may pledge for the following items. Simply increase the amount of your pledge by the cost of the Add-On/s you desire. A post-campaign survey will be sent to collect additional information and clarify exactly what items you pledged for.

Except in the case of the two Add-Ons offered by Battlegrounds Games, the bulk of the proceeds from Add-On sales will go to the artists, and the rest will go to Battlegrounds Games to cover the cost of developing/porting the Add-Ons. If we can collectively show the content developers that the added convenience of the MapForge Add-On format will earn them more sales, it will validate one of the program's principal reasons for existing.

IMPORTANT! All but two of the content Add-Ons offered in this campaign are for "Personal Use Only". Please take note of which two specifically allow for commercial use or publishing.

All MapForge Add-Ons are in a closed/proprietary format, and the content cannot be accessed outside of the MapForge software. If you want the content in stand-alone PNGs/JPGs in order to use it in other image editing apps such as Photoshop or Gimp, you should instead buy the product in question directly from the content provider. MapForge v1.1 or higher (due for release in late May) will be required to use the Add-Ons produced by this Kickstarter campaign.

Add-Ons from Battlegrounds Games:

Add-Ons from David Hemenway:

All three sets are 140 dpi resolution; best for use in VTTs; not recommended for printing.

Add-Ons from Studio Wyldfurr:

Add-Ons from Raymond Gaustadnes:

Add-Ons from PWork Wargames:

Both sets are 200 DPI resolution, and the Woodhouse set contains printable doors that can be placed on the gaming table for a 2.5D effect.

Add-Ons from LoreSmyth:

Add-Ons from Gabriel Pickard:

  •  Carts & Wagons $5.00 (100 assets, 140 dpi; best for use in VTTs; not recommended for printing)

Add-Ons from Map Alchemists:

Add-Ons from Nathaly Aupin:

If by chance you have already purchased some of the above content in the original PDF, JPG or PNG format, you should be able to use it in MapForge, albeit without the added convenience provided by the Add-On format. Some of the content providers might be willing to allow free registration of the respective Add-Ons to customers who've already purchased their content in its original format and can show proof of purchase. Please contact them directly about this.

In addition to using content from pre-packaged Add-Ons, MapForge also allows you to use your own artwork (either created by you, or downloaded from elsewhere, such as the Dundjinni user forums or rpgmapshare.com), via drag-and-drop.

Please pledge only for Add-Ons listed in this campaign. If you want Add-Ons offered in a prior Kickstarter, you can order them from the MapForge web store, and receive them right away (no need to wait for this campaign to end).

If this campaign is successful, I will be working nearly full-time on fulfilling the Rewards as soon as possible. If there is significant overfunding, I will use it to develop MapForge further, in order to add additional capabilities and features that have been requested.

Whether or not you choose to make a pledge to this campaign, I would greatly appreciate it if you could mention this project to friends or family members who might be interested. I've made it easy to do so; just click on one of the buttons below. Help spread the word far and wide.

Last but not least, I'd love it if you would follow Battlegrounds Games on any or all of these social media sites, so you can stay apprised of all the latest news and developments. And consider signing up to the MapForge mailing list.

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Thank you for checking out this campaign!

Risks and challenges

All rewards for this project are digital downloads, so shipping is neither a factor nor an added expense. Battlegrounds Games has over a decade of experience distributing software and content packs. A fast new SSD-equipped server is already in place with no bandwidth limitations, to easily handle the expected load.

All of the third-party content being ported to MapForge's Add-On format already exists, so there won't be any delay in getting that content from each provider.

If there WERE to be a delay in completion of any Add-Ons funded by this campaign, whichever Add-Ons have been completed by the estimated completion date will be made available for immediate download, and any remaining Add-Ons can be delivered piecemeal as they are completed, without holding up delivery on the entire order.

Full disclosure: One of my prior Kickstarter campaign was delivered late (many months past the estimated delivery date), but that was for reasons pertaining to unexpected technical issues associated with cross-platform software development. This campaign doesn't require ANY software development; it is strictly for porting existing art assets/content to MapForge's Add-On format. All of my subsequent Kickstarter campaigns have delivered on time or earlier than expected.

Now that I've already produced over 80 MapForge Add-Ons, I have a solid grasp of how long porting content to MapForge format takes, and have further streamlined the process for faster turnaround. The expected delivery date that I've set for this campaign provides a comfortable safety buffer, but in all likelihood, the Rewards from this campaign will be delivered AHEAD of schedule, this time around. My best guess for a delivery date is the first half of July.

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