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Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
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MapForge v1.0.7 now available

Posted by Battlegrounds Games, LLC (Creator)

MapForge v1.0.7 is available as a Full Install, which you can download from the MapForge Downloads page.

To accompany this release, I've created a video that walks you through many of the new features. It turned out rather longer than I'd expected it to, but I hope you'll watch it all the way through. There was a lot to cover!

This is the largest MapForge update so far, and after watching the video it should become clear why it's taken about 3 months to develop.

The addition of Donjon support in v1.0.7 fulfills Stretch Goal #2 from this Kickstarter campaign. I suggest you initially test out the Donjon support with smaller maps (say, 30x30 grid squares at 100 dpi), and when you use Donjon to generate a TSV file, try a "Small" or "Tiny" dungeon size, at first. There's an issue with filter effects not working with large maps, which I'll need to sort out in a future release.

Here's a sample Donjon TSV file for anyone who wants to test the Donjon support in v1.0.7 and doesn't want to bother making their own random dungeon.

This is also the first time that Textures from Add-Ons are accessible in MapForge, so be sure to review each of your Add-Ons to see what extra content was in there all along that you hadn't seen yet (not all Add-Ons have Textures, but a fair number of them do). A couple of Add-Ons had to be updated due to issues discovered with their textures. One is "SG's Rock Temple" Add-On (simply download it again and overwrite the old version), and the other is "GreyTale's Tavern" Add-On (an updated version is included in v1.0.7). If anyone discovers any problems with Textures in other Add-Ons, be sure to let me know.

As is standard procedure, I am labeling v1.0.7 a beta release, at least until the userbase confirms that everything is working as it should and that it has no show-stopping issues. Be sure to post your feedback in this Update's Comments.

The file format for saved maps has changed, so you will not be able to open maps created in earlier versions of MapForge. You should finish any current projects in v1.0.6.

One thing you should be aware of is that while making of the above video, I experienced a problem with the "Save" (or maybe the "Save As...") command, so definitely be sure to test that out before committing too much time and effort on a particular map. Expect a quick patch if it turns out that this is indeed broken.

Heroic Maps Add-Ons now have preview images

It was brought to my attention that a couple of the Heroic Maps Add-Ons didn't have any preview images posted on their respective product pages in the MapForge Store. Now they do. Here are the links, in case you want to check them out:

King's Road Country Highway

Forest of Oakwood

The Forest set works great with the "Randomize Tiles" feature. The Highway set does not allow randomization (since you'd end up with a jumbled mess, and road segments leading nowhere).

New Add-Ons coming from Dungeon Arts

Dungeon Elements VI and Dungeon Elements VII are being ported to MapForge Add-On format, and should be released before the end of October. This should be good news for those who asked for more Fantasy-genre content in the recent survey.

These two Elements sets didn't exist when the original MapForge Kickstarter campaign took place. They'll be "Personal Use Only", like all other Dungeon Arts content.


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    1. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      Has anyone else had trouble (re)loading maps that they saved out from v1.0.7?

    2. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      In any case, when using the Build tool, there's little reason not to make your maps at a zippy 50 pixels per grid square, and just export at high res when you're done.

    3. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      Found an issue with the Build tool. If working on a high-resolution map, the Dig function becomes very slow/sluggish. You have to click and hold down for several seconds until the Dig takes place. The workaround for now is to disable filter effects (even if no filters are present yet). I'll fix this for the next release.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      Yes, I'd really like to know if it is just my system having problems, or a general Windows (10) thing.

    5. heruca Collaborator on

      So, it's been a couple of days, and so far all I know is that David is having a problem with v1.0.7. I'd really love to know if v1.0.7 is running OK for anyone. Any feedback at all?

    6. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      I can use Discord, but probably not tonight. I'll try and find a time we can look at this tomorrow.

    7. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      But in case these instructions help anyone else:
      1. Use the left & right arrow buttons to select the mask you want.
      2. Use the rotation buttons to rotate the mask (if applicable).
      3. Check the checkbox if you want to Invert/Reverse the mask.
      4. Click on the "Add Mask" button.
      5. Repeat until all the masks you want have been applied (you can use more than one mask)
      6. Double check the preview thumbnail to ensure you're going to get what you expected.
      7. Stamp down on the canvas wherever you want.
      If you make a mistake in configuring the Build stamp, you can Clear all masks and start over. Hold down the Shift key when clicking on "Clear Mask" to clear the masks on the Solid, Floor, and Wall layer all at once.

    8. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      @David, masks are already working for the Build tool. At least for people for whom MapForge itself is working. Do you use Discord? I might be able to help you better in the Tech Support channel of the Discord server (, since it's more of a live chat, and you'd be able to upload screenshots there.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      Ah, I see that it says masks won't be available until v1.2.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      That only sort of worked.

      I deleted all the files in the directory, relaunched MapForge, and got exactly the same error. I deleted them again, and started trying to run with only some add-ons, instead of all the ones I normally load. So far I have not gotten it to run with anything other than SG's Rock Temple or Mapping Basics enabled. Every other add-on causes the 160L error.

      Even when I do get it open with either (or both) or those add-ons, if I try to apply a texture in build mode I get the following (this was trying to apply to the floor obviously):

      Failed to create scaled texture image. Aborting.
      Creation of floor layer image failed. Aborting.
      Unable to read floor layer image. Might be out of memory.

      Also, as an aside, how do you apply shape masks to the build stamp? Is that in the new readme?


    11. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      BTW, Error 160L is triggered when generating the vertical thumbnail strip for Tiles.

    12. heruca Collaborator on

      @David, try emptying your "Support Files/Cached Thumbnails " folder. They will be regenerated.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      OK, just tried launching MapForge, and after it finished generating thumbs for the add-ons I had enabled I get the following error:

      There was a problem accessing an image. Error 160L

      Clicking OK then says: Four parameters expected. Script error.

      It then loops from there until I hit no on continue, whereupon it crashes.

    14. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      I didn't go into it in the video due to time constraints, but there are already shape masks that you can use to configure the dynamic Build stamp. So you can make diagonal walls, diagonal door frames, pillars, rounded wall corners, etc.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      I just watched the video, and wow, the new Donjon/Build stuff looks fantastic. With the filter effects you have available you can really make some great stuff, I'm eager to see what textures my addons have available for use.

      Are you planning on adding the ability to make shapes (circles, 45 degree lines, etc) at some point in build mode? That would be really useful for making nice non-square dungeon rooms. Again, thanks for getting this out, MapForge is looking really good now :)

    16. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 7-time creator on

      Oops! When I said "They'll be Personal Use Only, like all other Dungeon Arts content", I completely forgot that the "Greytale's Tavern" Add-On allows for commercial use.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      Very exciting news! I'll check out the video, then dig into the new version when I get some time.