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Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
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MapForge v1.0.4 now available

Posted by Battlegrounds Games, LLC (Creator)

MapForge v1.0.4

Once again, this is a pretty major release, despite the slight increase in version number.

MapForge v1.0.4 is available as a Full Install, which you can download from the MapForge Downloads page.

Significant portions of the app have been rewritten to increase speed and stability, and new functionality has been added. But because I tweaked or completely re-wrote so many sections of code, I am labeling v1.0.4 a beta release, at least until the userbase confirms that everything is working as it should and that it has no show-stopping issues. But please don't equate "beta" with "buggy". If anything, this release should fix most of the issues people have been reporting, and quite a few that no one has mentioned, too.

Other notable features in v1.0.4 include:

Significantly reduced launch time with many Add-Ons enabled. MapForge now locally caches the dynamically-generated Item thumbnails, so after the first launch with v1.0.4, you will begin to enjoy much faster launch times (2x to 4x faster, depending on how many Items are contained in your active Add-Ons). Try using a stopwatch to time the app's launch the first time, with a bunch of Add-Ons enabled. Then launch it again and compare the results.

The addition of hexgrid overlays. I also added options for variable-sized center dots (or even little crosshairs, if you prefer ).

Square grids have also been re-worked, and now you can add filter effects to the grid and get proper output (there was an issue with the grid's alpha channel, before). There's also a new option for a "crosshair grid", for those who prefer a more minimalist approach to gridding their maps.

The map canvas is now available in 4 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Huge), ranging from 5000 to 11000 pixels in each dimension. You should see a noticeable increase in rendering speed and lower RAM usage when working on smaller maps. The program automatically selects the optimal canvas size depending on your chosen resolution and grid cell dimensions.

It was apparently too ambitious to try for 12000 x 12000 pixel maps, so I've dialed it down a bit to 11000 x 11000 max (which is still 10% higher than initially promised during the campaign). Hopefully the memory savings from the smaller map canvas will allow you to run MapForge with more Add-Ons enabled at once, and afford faster performance overall.

Miscellaneous Issues

Windows users take note: I no longer recommend installing MapForge in your Programs folder. It's been suggested that doing so might be what was causing issues for some of you.

Multi-monitor users: Those of you with multiple monitors that have set them to "spanning mode" were having an issue with some MapForge panels opening half on each display. There is now a way to avoid that in v1.0.4. But since the Preferences screen is still not available, configuring this for now it requires a manual tweak: Create a new file in the "Support Files" folder, and name it "Spanning.txt". The file doesn't need any content, it just needs to exist. If MapForge finds the file during launch, it will adjust the position of panels so that they'll open centered on your first display.

Multi-part Add-Ons: Those of you who have purchased multi-part Add-Ons and have been unable to register all the parts should contact me for assistance, as I can now send you registration codes for the unregistered parts. However, please first try using the "Claim from server" button, since v1.0.4 now communicates with the new MapForge server (prior MapForge releases always communicated with the old server, which won't be available much longer).

Cave Map Tiles: Some of you who purchased Studio Wyldfurr's "Cave Map Tiles" Add-On might have received an erroneous registration code, beginning with "WF2-". Please try entering the registration code with a "SW2-" prefix, instead.

More free content you can download

I came across this free content, which some of you might want to download in order to use it in MapForge. Use the sidebar on the left to view the content by themed set.

The artist, Madcowchef, is better known as David Hemenway, whose content some of you might have seen on the Roll20 Marketplace. I'm hoping that he'll someday offer some of his more popular packs in MapForge's Add-On format.

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    1. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      @David, Confirmed that the map canvas isn't always resizing to the user's specifications, under Windows. Will fix for v1.0.5.

    2. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      @David, It should automatically be increasing the canvas size. I'll look into it, especially under Windows.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      Sorry for the slow reply, I wanted to try something.

      To answer your question, no, the errors have all been on newly created maps. After reading your reply I tried loading some old maps and they wouldn't even open. What I was trying is as follows: Although I didn't notice this at first, MapForge defaulted to the 8k canvas for me, so when I started making a new map I changed the map dimensions to 42x42, and hit apply. It turns out that this didn't actually change anything, the map was still 40x40, but I didn't notice that until I exported it. I thought perhaps because I put in a value above the canvas size that might have been causing some error. On trying a new map at the 10k size I still have the same error, so that is not it. BTW, I think if you try to put in a map size above what your canvas supports it should either tell you that is too large, and to increase the canvas, or else just automatically step up to the next larger size.

      Good to know the refresh thing isn't a bug. If it is a choice between having to manually refresh and the app overall being faster, I'll choose faster.

    4. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Did the errors you experienced all happen with a map that you started creating in an earlier version of MapForge? I ask because I completely forgot to mention (my bad!) that there has been a change to the save file format, and it's possible that old-format files will open but experience errors during use due to some missing variables.

      One of the optimizations I made to get better performance has resulted in the need to use the "manual refresh" function more often, but at least the redraw delay now happens when YOU want it to and not in the midst of your editing operations.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      I'm testing it out on a map now, and while it does seem faster I am getting a bunch of errors.

      First, the map does not seem to update well as I am putting tiles down; sometimes they are disappearing, or not changing stacking order (visually). This goes away if I use the refresh, but will quickly reappear as I add more tiles.

      Second I am getting "Saving the map failed." errors all the time now. I'm glad you've implemented a backup system, but I fear if I (and everyone else) have to email you files all the time you will be overwhelmed. Is there going to be some way the end user can make use of the backups? I used to get map save errors (in 1.0.3) often enough, but usually after I had started placing items, especially from Jade Halls, or importing my own. Now I am getting this error just stamping down tiles (from Dungeon Blanks IV) and nothing else. Despite the error message it does in fact appear to be saving the map though, since I can load it back up.

      Third, after exporting a map I am consistently getting a MapForge is out of memory error, forcing me to restart.

      I am definitely getting the item rotation error as well.

      Overall some good stuff, some bad stuff. I'll keep messing around with it to see if I can figure anything more out.

    6. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Drat! Looks like a quick patch will be needed to address a few things. The most serious new bug I've discovered distorts rotated Items that aren't square.

    7. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      David Hemenway's page on DeviantArt:

    8. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Doh! You're right.

      ::blushes furiously::

      Sorry, Gabriel and David!

    9. Kevin Doswell on

      Fairly certain GABRIEL PICKARD is Madcowchef on Roll20, at least I have been buying stuff from him as it matches the previews Madcowchef shows on DeviantArt

    10. Mark-Ders on

      Indeed sounds more like a major release.
      Didn't think of a cross hair grid before, but that is a great addition.