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Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
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    1. John Tuck Davison on

      Bug Report:
      1) Program doesn't redraw the screen properly when resizing it from Window to full screen. (I have a large 4K screen)
      2) Tiles disappear when resizing the screen. Have to switch the add on and come back for them to reappear
      3) Lag only shows itself depending on the map size. On a 50 x 50 the lag is horrendous about 10 sec in between and I have 32 GB of ram and a Geforce GTX 960 card. Almost no lag on a smaller size map.
      4) Worst of all - I had to disable several add-ons because the program couldn't even start with all of them. Now that I have reenabled some of them it says that the add-ons are not registered and
      re-registering it with my email won't work as well. THIS HONESTLY IS RIDICULUS because at this stage of buggyness there shouldn't even be copyright protection. See comment below for my input on the
      5) Following error occurs when I exit the program after exporting a map
      Object expected Void Script Error. Continue?
      6) This bug only showed up when I put the ad-ons back and it said they were not registered
      List expected for handler
      Script Error. Continue?
      7) Some add-ons say they have no tiles, but I know they do and have to again and again be reselected in the list for them to show up
      1) Go back and call this a beta version. It is not a big deal, but people really deserve to know this
      2) If DRM is an issue I would like to suggest that you take the program to Steam and sell the add-ons as packages. That way you get the DRM and we won’t have to deal with it constantly malfunctioning it.
      3) I advise you(us) that we limit ourselves to a few tilesets and that you provide a check list for all the features so that we can test it through and go step by step. That way we can address serious issues first and make the program stable.
      4) This is more a question: Did the Donjon integration feature already make it to MapForge or is it coming later.
      5) Yes, a tutorial video would be nice for everyone.
      On a positive note I would like to add that after the patch I was able to create some nice maps which I will soon use for my game. I am not unhappy that I crowdfunded this project and I want to tell you and everyone else that good things take time and as long as you are working on it and it gets better with every iteration I am willing to wait and have the patience to see this program come to its conclusion. As long as there is improvement on a regular basis I say this will be an amazing program when it is finished.

    2. Víctor Lorente Leal on

      Thank you for your work! I am following your tutorials for starting up mapforge and have my challenge code, but I don´t know where I should send the e-mail to :S?

    3. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 8-time creator on

      @David, thanks for posting that info. You'll be glad to know that v1.0.2 adds support for multi-part Add-Ons.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      I like the pan and zoom changes, they are very convenient now. I don't know if you worked on this for v1.0.1, but my multi-part addon still doesn't load the rest of them.

      Regarding performance, I've commented before that I don't feel the program is very snappy, and there is definitely lag when performing many actions. However people reporting things like it taking 30+ seconds, or even a few seconds to do something are not at all what I have experienced. What I am talking about are a few hundred ms of delay generally. I'll post my system specs once again if it will help for comparison purposes.

      Windows 10 x64 Pro
      Ryzen 7 1700X (@3.9 GHz)
      16GB RAM
      Nvidia GTX 960 2GB
      Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD (running MapForge and OS off this drive).

      I don't recall ever having set anything special in Windows to improve the performance, including any changes to text rendering.

    5. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 8-time creator on

      @dragonwolf, both of those things are fixed for v1.0.2. Thanks for reporting those issues.

    6. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 8-time creator on

      @Kevin, the in-app Help screen would have told you how to rotate a tile, as would the ReadMe file that accompanies MapForge. There are at least 3 ways to do it. You can't have more Add-Ons installed now that the 4GB launcher is part of v1.0? I thought that problem was largely licked, or at the very least improved on. See also my reply to Weresheep regarding the slowness. v1.0.2 (presumably tomorrow) will fix the transparency issue. There's a way for it to work in v1.0.1, but it's not worth going into.

    7. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 8-time creator on

      @Weresheep, I don't know why it's sluggish for some people, yet runs fine for others. Hardly anyone posts details about their system. Could it be on-board graphics vs. a dedicated graphics card that makes the difference? Some setting in Windows? I seem to recall someone saying that they changed some setting about how Windows renders text and it made a huge improvement. Unfortunately, now I can't find the post to dig for details.

    8. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 8-time creator on

      @Gillian, that's great. But it would be nice to know why it runs for you and not for others. When you upgraded, did you opt to stay with the classic HFS+ format for your hard drive, or did you let it upgrade it to the new APFS format?

    9. Missing avatar

      Gillian Wiseman on

      After upgrading from Yosemite to High Sierra, and installing the patch, I have been able to get Mapforge to run. Nice! I'll be playing with it this weekend.

    10. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Using this program as it is, it will take me a lot longer to make a map than with other programs I have ... it's too slow, unresponsive and even complicated to use. I had high hopes (otherwise I would not have backed) and had tried to stay positive until now (I don't think you will find a lot of negative posts by me in this Kickstarter).
      But publishing this as 1.0 (that would mean release version to me) sort of disillusioned me.

    11. Kevin Doswell on

      I really want to like this project, but it seems to get worse and worse, it took me a lot of searching to work out how to rotate a tile!

      Now when I try and rotate a tile half-the time the software does not detect I am holding down the 'r' key so just zooms in an out, which means the whole product freezes for 30-45 seconds!

      The Mac version 1,0 will not even open/run.

      My windows PC is an i7 4.33GHz with 32 GB of Ram and this product runs like I am using a 386.

      I spend more time saving the map and copying another add-on from the Disabled Add-Ons folder in the hope it has a tile or graphic I want, as they is no way to have previews of all graphics, and I cannot have all the add-ons loaded at once, so I spent more time fiddling with copying/moving add-ons than I do making maps, which is painful and slow to begin with.

      Yet still I cannot place the Mapper River Items with out a black border around them after applying the patch!

      I really want to like this software, but right now it is unusable, I spend to much time waiting for the screen to actually display anything, each time the map moves or I zoom in or out it is a 30+ second wait, this is before I have even added a single map tile.

    12. Missing avatar

      PA on

      Transparency worked...until I loaded an old map, then it was permanently broken, no amount of restarting MapForge brought it back; however, copying the patch files over again restored transparency. Very weird, frustrating that I can't load old maps, though it was a map from Beta 4 so I suppose it could be incompatible now?

      Also, when I select Items in the first (but not subsequent!) Add-On in my list of loaded add-ons, I get an Index Out of Range Script Error.

      Also prompted that there's a newer version available.

      The right click to pan the canvas is a great addition, as is the zoom scroll.

      Attempting to save a map gave me "Property not found #useAlpha Script Error". I am not currently capable of saving a map. Attempting to export a map gave me "Four parameters expected Script Error". So I can't export a map either.

    13. Missing avatar

      kevin primm on

      Entire campaign has been an embarrassment from start to finish

    14. Missing avatar

      Troy Ellis

      First issue - Prompted about newer version 1.0 when launched.
      Second - still no transparency. Only Greytale tavern add-on in use.