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Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
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Some very good news! (assuming you like free stuff)


I had earlier discussed hopes of possibly converting the CSUAC to MapForge's Add-On format. However, I recently re-read the CSUAC’s EULA (End User License Agreement), and I found this:

3. Restrictions

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, you are not permitted under any circumstances:

(d) to use the CSUAC Art Collection or the images within the art pack to create a database or as material for a mapping program or application except for your own private use.

So my grand plan would apparently be a big no-no.

::sad trombone::

But before giving up all hope, I decided to contact Cecil Solomon about it (he's the creator of the CSUAC, which for those who don't know stands for "Cecil Solomon's Unified Art Collection"), and managed to secure special permission from him to do exactly that. This is huge, folks!

When the Crucible utility is released (around October?), volunteers will be able to each take a thematically-logical piece of the CSUAC and port it to an Add-On, which would be shared with the entire MapForge community and userbase. This means potentially dozens of free Add-Ons for everyone! All legal, square, and legit!

As an added side-benefit of all this, it seems that MapForge has reawakened Cecil's desire to produce new mapping art, so we should expect to see something from him sometime later this year.

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    1. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Well, the CSUAC may already have provided a great organizational structure, and the MapForge Add-On format can provide tags and keyword searching, item scaling information, proper behavior according to asset type, etc.

    2. Kevin Hogan on

      That is fantastic news. I have the collection myself, but the trouble with collections is finding what you need when you need it. You almost need a a great search tool or fantastic organizational structure, or both. Maybe you can comment on this and any plans to leverage MapForge for this. I have a really cool "train" that I downloaded from DriveThru RPG, now where did I put that.....

    3. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Wow ... just wow ... great news.

    4. Pat Bellavance

      Great news! This is certainly huge!

    5. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Thanks, everyone. And thanks, Cecil!

      The CSUAC has been made available to users of Dundjinni, Fractal Mapper, Campaign Cartographer, and now MapForge.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bil White on

      Woohoo! This is the single, biggest announcement you could make. Puts you at the top of the pack. It quadruples the value of MapForge.


    7. Anders Bersten on

      Good job! Another step securing that MapForge position itself as The Tool, becoming the HeroLab of mapmaking, with a steady supply of content, and with it, a growing number of happy users!

    8. Vincent DiCello

      Thank you Cecil Solomon!!! And thank you Hernan for asking the question!

    9. Thomas Shey

      Very cool. The CSUAC is huge.

    10. Echelon Game Design

      Oh wow, that's awesome news.

      And this, children, is why we ask for things. If you ask, you might get, you might not get. If you don't ask, you don't get.

    11. Jared Smith on

      Holy cow! That's amazing!!!