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Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
1,828 backers pledged $82,005 to help bring this project to life.

Go big or go home

Posted by Battlegrounds Games, LLC (Creator)

Incentives for a Strong Finish

Some of you have been requesting an additional Stretch Goal. Others would like to see more content built into MapForge. So how about I kill two birds with one stone?

The highest-grossing mapping-related Kickstarter to date that I could find is Worldspinner ($67,112).

The second-highest grossing is our friends who made Dungeon Builder, the isometric map maker ($62,900).

Incredibly, in both of those cases, it was that creator's first KS campaign!

With MapForge's current funding, we're already in 3rd place, since Worldographer made $46,166 and has thus fallen to 4th place.

So I am going to add not one but two more Stretch Goals; one for each place up the ladder we climb.

  • Stretch Goal #5 would be reached at $63,000. This will unlock new content to be included with every MapForge installation. A selection of doors and windows in a variety of genres, essential textures (grass, stone, earth, sand, metal, marble, concrete, asphalt, flooring tiles, etc.) to allow you to make some maps without having to go looking for textures yourself. Also some symbol overlays for marking things like locked/concealed/trapped/secret doors. I will try to provide for basic mapping needs for most common genres.
  • Stretch Goal #6 would be reached at $68,000. If unlocked, I will create and release a new Add-On based on Corey Macourek's work (you know, the professional cartographer who works on Paizo's GameMastery line of battlemats?). This Add-On will be free to every backer that gets a MapForge license and at least 1 paid Add-On during this Kickstarter. This Add-On will later be offered for sale on the upcoming MapForge web store for everyone else.

Both of these new Stretch Goals may seem impossibly out of reach, but I say they're not. 

Here's why: An awful lot of you backers (~75-80%?) are still backing at the $25/$27 level. You've either opted for "just the software", or you have yet to update your pledge to account for the Add-Ons you want. If most (75%?) of those backers decided to get just a couple of Add-Ons (say, pledging another $15-$18 each), I think we could reach one of those Stretch Goals practically overnight, as this would add around $12K - $14K to the current $51K.

And if we get a decent number of new backers (100?) in these last few days remaining, it would put as right over the top, and we would have set a new record for highest-grossing mapping-related Kickstarter.

Those of you who can't afford to spend more on this campaign can still help get these funding goals met, simply by posting about the impending end of this campaign on RPG sites and forums, or simply sharing my social media posts to your friends and colleagues. This costs you nothing, and could get you some nice rewards. Convince one person to join the campaign and you'll have done more than your part.

I think we can pull this off. What say you?

A preview of things to come

I'm aware that certain game genres are under-represented in the current lineup of Add-Ons being offered, and I am on the lookout for more content and content providers for long after this Kickstarter campaign has ended.

I wanted to share with you one such addition that will be coming to MapForge, perhaps in September. I think you sci-fi fans are going to love it, because it's very impressive in quality and detail.

Archie Whitehead has produced this modular sci-fi "dungeon" in a recent Kickstarter (of which I was a backer), and it's perfect for a dark & gritty RPG. Admittedly, this may kill some ink cartridges if you print this stuff at home.

I'll also try to secure something lighter and more "Star Wars-y", if I can.

Running MapForge on a second computer

After much internal debate, I've decided that I am going to allow users the option of running MapForge on a second computer, if they need to. For an additional $5 one-time set-up fee, you'll be able to submit the Challenge Code of a second computer and I will set things up on the MapForge server so that you can use not only your license, but will also get automatic registration of all your paid Add-Ons on that other computer. It won't be a problem supporting different operating systems, either, for those of you who have a Mac and a Windows PC.

While I realize that in offering this, it opens the door to abuse and potential loss of income for Battlegrounds Games, I also believe that most people are going to be honest, responsible, and law-abiding. And if I DO detect abuse, I will be able to shut down the license and Add-On registrations for that particular user/s.

Note that you will NOT be able to get this capability for additional (e.g., 3rd and 4th) computers. In any case, be aware that keeping a multi-gigabyte library of mapping assets synched between just 2 computers will be difficult enough for most mortals.

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    1. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      @Kevin, Eventually, yes. Will have to see how that's going to be done now that they are doing away with their Greenlight program.

    2. Kevin Hogan on

      Any thoughts/plans on making this available via Steam? I know that the Steam account lets me install one multiple computers, and I think they have way to keep things legal.

    3. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Maybe it was wrong of me to use a paid Add-On in the Demo video and prototype. I didn't have any free Add-Ons made at the time. I also didn't think people would assume that content was going to be included in the base software.

    4. spyrl on

      75-80% pledging for the base software only is over 1,000 people. I would bet that at least 50% of those people pledged early on and looked at the first video and assumed that's what the base software will have and do, which considering the video uses a paid add on, means the potential for many very disappointed users.

      Perhaps a "Just a reminder" update that leads with "Did you like what you saw in our videos and demo version? Here's what you will need to get that look" and list the add on price (which I think was the $10 one from the add on list) for the tiles and any other add ons used in the videos/demo (if any), you might get some of them to upgrade their pledge. If around 300 of the base only upgraded to the $10 add on, we'd hit the #5 goal.

    5. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Updated Stretch Goal graphic now posted. I changed the terms of the last Goal slightly (from what is mentioned in this Update). The reward now applies to ALL licensed backers, not just backers who have purchased at least one Add-On. Anyone wanting this pack after the KS campaign ends will have to purchase it like any other paid Add-On.

    6. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      Thanks, Ed! (Thought yes, you MAY indeed be crazy, but in a good way)

    7. Ed Stevens on

      I must be crazy but I have more than doubled my pledge and gone with the Commercial level plus the other addons I was planning to get. Lets get to that new stretch goal!

    8. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      If I'd had an extra month of prep time, and confirmation of all the content provider's participation in the campaign a month prior to launch, I would have made video showreels highlighting each provider's offerings. Alas, it didn't go down that way, so folks need to click on the provided links to see the preview pics.

      Then again, perhaps that time would have been better spent enabling more features in the prototype, to get it to the point where users could zoom in and out, pan/scroll around, place decorative items atop the tiles to customize the map even further, etc.

    9. Ben Turner

      I'll be honest, I know I'm pledging for the base software. I think I get some extra add-on stuff as stretch goals. Beyond that, the front page had a lot of info, and I'm a lazy backer who hasn't found the time to figure out what other items of value I might want on there.

      Taking the assumption there are many more lazy people like me on board, I wonder if an update providing a reasonable summary of what's on offer would move a few people to up there pledge? I'm guessing there is some amazing stuff I'll probably upgrade to on the front page, but haven't find the time to really get my head around it all so far.

    10. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      At some point in our lives, it's very likely that someone may break into our home, or our car. Doesn't mean we shouldn't use the locks on the door.

    11. Battlegrounds Games, LLC 6-time creator on

      @Tone Berg, When a customer needs to re-license MapForge on a new computer, they just request a new code, free of charge. Tends to happen about once every couple of years. Some users more often, some less often. I typically respond within hours to such requests.

      You completely failed to mention what you think is terrible about the licensing structure. The Challenge/Response system?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tone Berg on

      Wow. You took a terrible licensing structure and somehow made it worse. I'd have to pay extra to use my own license on my laptop? Not impressed. And what about when a customer's computer blows up in a fiery ball of death, and they have to install the software on their new computer? I hope you have a damned solid plan ready for that, because it will happen. Many, many times.

      Look, your software WILL get stolen. It WILL get cracked. And the people using those cracked copies? They wouldn't have paid for it in the first place. The only income lost is all the time spent on trying to "prevent abuse" and the time spent in hassle for the paying customers.


      I like that Sci-Fi add on!!!