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The goal: To enable the creation of gorgeous "hex crawl" or West March style maps by bringing hex-tile content to MapForge.
The goal: To enable the creation of gorgeous "hex crawl" or West March style maps by bringing hex-tile content to MapForge.
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First Stretch Goal met, second Stretch Goal announced

Posted by Battlegrounds Games, LLC (Creator)

Although the campaign has somewhat stalled out lately, the first Stretch Goal has recently been met, so rivers will definitely be added to David Baumgart's Add-Ons.

I've finished making the 62 river graphics. Now I need to insert them into the relevant Add-On, generate the necessary data so that MapForge knows how to use the new assets, and then I'll need to test everything (I suspect that sometimes the connecting points of the rivers will need retouching to make the joins look as seamless as possible).

Which leads us to...

Stretch Goal #2

Some of you have been asking for nicer tokens to represent things like towns, cities, castles, keeps, etc. on your area and regional maps.

So lately I've been scouring the internet, and believe it or not, there really isn't a whole lot of good-looking content out there for this particular use. But then I hit paydirt when I chanced upon these great map icons.

Mark over at Blue Sword Games has been putting out lots of useful mapping content via this Patreon campaign, and (incredibly) making it available for free. Anyone, even non-patrons, can download most of what he produces, and there's even a generous "small commercial use" allowance for his art. Most of the content is fantasy-themed, but there's also some sci-fi content. And it's not just mapping assets; there are also stand-alone maps, and even tokens for use in virtual tabletop software.

So I contacted Mark and he has graciously agreed to let me release his map icon collection in MapForge's Add-On format, and has given me permission to colorize the tokens and make variants (e.g. combining pieces). This will be a free Add-On, and it will be available first to backers of this Kickstarter campaign.

I've yet to test out how they'll look together (since I don't have any colorized samples made, yet), but my hope is that the art will work well to decorate maps made with the Hex March Add-Ons.

I hope some of you reading this will consider supporting the Blue Sword Games Patreon campaign, as I just did. Every dollar pledged will help Mark continue to produce great content, such as these nifty map compasses or this great Forts & Castles set. You might also want to check out his website, which has a great Gallery section, or his offerings on DriveThruRPG.

Since colorizing the above-mentioned art is going to be fairly time-intensive, I'm setting the funding level for Stretch Goal #2 at $4000 (as of now, we just need ~$1370 more to meet that goal). Then everyone gets a 12th free Add-On for MapForge.

PS: If this Stretch Goal is met, expect the resulting free Add-On reward to be available in May (after the regular KS rewards have gone out in April). Available in June or July for non-backers.


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    1. Marty S on

      These are very useful, especially as they could also function as a rules element if needed- these symbols identifying the type of location rules-wise on a map that could have a different image map-wise. Also useful if you design visuals for major locations to act as secondary 'side quest' markers, so plenty of options.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      I've upped my pledge to be for both sets of the Hex March, I hope we can get to #2, those icons are nice!

    3. Mark-Ders on

      Love those icons ... good choice.