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One of several Content Drives to help fund the creation of professional third-party content for use in Battlegrounds virtual tabletop.
32 backers pledged $3,391 to help bring this project to life.


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Final Update:

Thanks to all the backers that made this campaign a success! If you missed out but would like to be informed of future Content Drive campaigns, please visit the Battlegrounds Games website and sign up on the mailing list. From the BG Store you will be able to purchase all the content funded by this campaign, starting around late August, 2016.


This is a re-launch of our prior Kickstarter campaign, which was apparently over-ambitious in its scope and funding goal. This time, the plan is to port half as many token packs (27 rather than 54), and I am foregoing the idea of licensing the artwork from the artist for a 5-year period (unless that Stretch Goal is reached). The Pledge Levels have been reduced to just 6 (down from 11), for simplicity. The hope is to leverage the support garnered in the prior campaign, plus that of any newcomers, to help ensure that this one will fund.

One big change is in regard to the "Token Support" pledge level, which is now $5 rather than $2, but now also grants early access to BRPG v1.9 and BGE v1.8 (ostensibly the final releases in the v1.x series of products). All backers at all Pledge Levels will get this reward, and hopefully it will provide an incentive for more Battlegrounds users to participate in this campaign.

The other big change is to the Stretch Goals, and the fact that this campaign will have an extremely short funding period (just 8 days).

What is Battlegrounds?

Battlegrounds is system-agnostic virtual tabletop (VT) software that allows up to 15 players and a GM to play practically any roleplaying game online, or to play at a face-to-face game session using a projector or an HDTV as a digital battle mat. A fuller explanation of the software can be found here:

A brief 1-minute video introduction to BRPG (for those new to the software):


This project is for funding the creation of new content, in the form of artpacks, for Battlegrounds: RPG Edition (aka BRPG) virtual tabletop (VT, or VTT) software. Originally released in 2006, Battlegrounds has incrementally been honed and improved over the course of a decade to become one of the most well-respected VT programs around.

Battlegrounds is far from the only virtual tabletop program available. There are a plethora of free and commercial VTs out there, and more seem to pop up every year, making for a very competitive market. But we realize that when it comes to choosing a virtual tabletop program, offering great features, quality, customer service and technical support are only half the battle. The other half is the availability of plenty of quality content, made by professionals, and making that content affordable to the users.

Let's face it. Creating a campaign, or even a single adventure, can be a lot of work for a GM. Wouldn't you rather have a vast library of ready-to-go professional content at your fingertips, rather than having to scour the internet for just the right map or token? We sure would! Having top-notch content will make your games look great, and will save you loads of time when it comes to prepping your RPG sessions.

What's the Content Drive all about?

This is the first of several planned Battlegrounds Content Drives, each of which will last three weeks or so. Each Content Drive will focus on a particular artist. The content to be developed will vary from campaign to campaign. Sometimes it might be ready-to-use battle maps, sometimes map tiles for creating your own custom maps, or (as in this case) top-down tokens. We've sought out the top artists in their respective fields, and partnered with them, because we want only the best possible content, and we want to make it available at an affordable price.

And for those of you who are new to Battlegrounds, this is your chance to save some money on a license/s. BRPG licenses are a one-time purchase (monthly subscriptions are also available, for those who prefer).

Users of other virtual tabletop programs should be aware that the end product of all the Battlegrounds Content Drive campaigns will ONLY function in Battlegrounds virtual tabletop software (BRPG and BGE). However, Devin Night's tokens ARE available in other popular VTT's online stores, so be sure to get them there (typically for $5/pack, or $135 for all the packs covered by this campaign, though that won't include any color mods).

Successful funding of this campaign will also allow me to run a separate Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the development of the next generation (i.e., v2) of the Battlegrounds software, which, by the way, will ALSO be able to utilize all the artpacks created by the Content Drive campaigns.

The featured artist for this campaign is Devin Night. Some of you may know him by his real name, James Hazelett.

Devin Night has been making virtual tabletop tokens for 11 years, and in that time has produced a truly impressive body of work. Literally thousands of tokens, covering a variety of genres, from fantasy and sci-fi to western and modern day. He creates detailed overhead tokens (basically topdown illustrations). These are hand drawn and digitally colored. They have a transparent background and soft drop shadows, which help the tokens stand out from the maps they are placed on. They have a level of detail and shading designed to look good at various zoom levels. Most are easily recognizable even when completely zoomed out. Best of all, they are all drawn in the same style, so your gaming tokens can have a consistent look.

Below are some samples of Devin's work. Also, feel free to download this Token Preview Kit, which contains some of the images that went into the project video, as well as other images, for a closer look at the tokens in use.

Samples of Devin Night's tokens in use
Samples of Devin Night's tokens in use

Devin Night’s tokens can serve a variety of purposes: to depict your players’ characters, to depict the NPCs that populate your game world, and to depict the monsters and creatures that they will surely be fighting while on their world-saving quests and adventures.

The Goal: To offer every token pack shown here (27 packs), in Battlegrounds's artpack format
The Goal: To offer every token pack shown here (27 packs), in Battlegrounds's artpack format


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For easy reference, here is a numerically-ordered list of all the token packs that will be ported to Battlegrounds' artpack format if this campaign is successful.

  • TP21 Brigands (22 tokens)
  • TP22 Amazons (26 tokens)
  • TP23 Goblinoids (23 tokens)
  • TP24 The Frozen North (27 tokens)
  • TP25 Dragon Kin (49 tokens)
  • TP26 Undead 1 (21 tokens)
  • TP27 Forged Kin (24 tokens)
  • TP28 Giants (20 tokens)
  • TP29 Townsfolk 2 (22 tokens)
  • TP30 Pig-Faced Orcs (20 tokens)
  • TP31 Modern Tokens 1 (21 tokens)
  • TP32 Modern Tokens 2 (22 tokens)
  • TP33 Vikings (24 tokens)
  • TP34 Animals (53 tokens)
  • TP35 Demons and Devils (28 tokens)
  • TP36 Humanoid Monsters (42 tokens)
  • TP37 Summoned Helpers (29 tokens)
  • TP38 Undead 2 (24 tokens)
  • TP39 Winged Fiends (45 tokens)
  • TP40 No-Legged Fiends (48 tokens)
  • TP41 Two-Legged Fiends (49 tokens)
  • TP42 Four-Legged Fiends (31 tokens)
  • TP43 Many-Legged Fiends (30 tokens)
  • TP44 Space Characters (150 tokens, set of 50 in 3 colors)
  • TP45 Heroic Characters 1 (28 tokens)
  • TP46 Heroic Characters 2 (28 tokens)
  • TP47 Heroic Characters 3 (28 tokens)

Artist's Links:

Devin Night's Token Site

Devin Night's Store

His blog, and additional samples/previews

Devin Night's Facebook page

Devin Night's Twitter account

In addition to your Pledge Rewards, during this campaign you may pledge for the following items.

Floating License for BRPG: $15 (normally $19) - Add this to your BRPG GM Client to allow someone to join your game sessions using just the free BRPG Demo. In effect, you are paying on behalf of the player. How many Floating Licenses you need to get depends on how many non-paying players you wish to support.

Battlegrounds Gaming Engine (Gamer-8 Client License): $12 (normally $20). This virtual tabletop software shares many similarities with BRPG, but is streamlined and optimized for playing boardgames. The license being offered here comes with 7 free Player Slots, allowing for 8 participants in a game session with only the host needing a license. The BGE software is currently free for anyone to use without a license for the duration of this Kickstarter campaign, so download the free Demo and take the software for a spin, fully unlocked.

Simply increase the amount of your pledge by the cost of the Add-On/s you desire. A post-campaign survey will be sent to collect additional information and clarify exactly what items you want included.

You may purchase Add-Ons multiple times, if you wish to also give a copy to someone else as a gift.

Funded in 5 days: If this campaign reaches minimum funding within 5 days of launch, all backers will get early access to a new free game conversion for BRPG and BGE. This game conversion (ie, boardgame module) will not be available for other Battlegrounds users for at least one month from the end date of this campaign.

Social Media Goal: Any backer Sharing or re-Tweeting my campaign launch announcements and/or my Updates to this Kickstarter campaign on Facebook or Twitter will get early access to another free game conversion for BRPG and BGE. This game conversion (ie, boardgame module) will not be available for other Battlegrounds users for at least one month from the end date of this campaign.

(Should both of the above goals be met, backers will of course receive early access to both game conversions.)

$4000: If this goal is reached, everyone pledging at least $10 more than the minimum for their Pledge Level (regardless of which Pledge Level they've selected) will receive Devin Night's Token Collection, which contains 14 artpacks and a total of 850 tokens. Sometimes referred to as "Gen 1" tokens, these are from Devin Night's first few years making tokens, when he was still mastering his craft. This artpack collection normally sells for $16, and despite being one of the best-selling third-party products on the BG Store, most GMs have not yet purchased it. This is a steal at 71.4 cents per artpack (less than 1.18 cents per token). Note that funds allocated for Add-Ons do not count towards meeting this condition.

$5,000: Battlegrounds Games will license Devin Night's token artwork. All artpacks produced by this campaign will be freely available to all users of v2 of the Battlegrounds software when it is released (if development of v2 gets funded, in a separate Kickstarter campaign). Yes, this means that if a few dozen current BRPG users each add a bit to the total pledged (enough to reach this goal), they will get all this content ($59 worth, or $135 worth in post-KS prices) for FREE if they upgrade to BRPG v2. A hundred and twenty-five BRPG users pledging $20 each would get us there. Keep in mind that the Stretch Goals are cumulative, so you would also be getting the Gen 1 token collection for your modest pledge.

I may reveal further Stretch Goal tiers as the campaign progresses and the possibility of achieving them approaches. In the meantime, I would love to hear your suggestions in the Comments section.

Why Kickstarter?

Virtual tabletop software caters to a very niche market in a very crowded field. The user base of Battlegrounds (a system-agnostic VTT) plays a diverse variety of game systems, which in turn are set in a wide variety of genres (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, steampunk, etc.). Given this much diversity, it can be quite hard to predict if a given artpack will sell sufficient copies to be worth the effort of creating it in the first place.

If this Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded, we will know that there is a strong enough demand to warrant production. If the campaign does not fund, then it becomes clear that the release would have been a commercial failure, and we can instead continue on with any of a number of great projects we've got waiting in the wings.

The money raised by this campaign shall be devoted entirely to the development and testing of the artpacks, and if the funding goal is surpassed, the excess will help fund further development of BRPG. If the $5500 Stretch Goal is reached, a portion of the funds raised by this campaign will go to purchasing the distribution rights for this artwork from the artist.

What's Involved

The original artwork submitted by the artist will need to be processed in Photoshop (resized for optimal BRPG resolution, rotated, adjusted in color balance, saturation, sharpness, etc.). This is a very manual process. Other than remapping color palettes, no batch-processing will be performed, as each piece of art merits individual attention. The artwork will in most cases need to be renamed and in some cases will be organized by category to make finding a specific asset easier and quicker from within a given artpack.

Click to view at full size
Click to view at full size

 The number of color mods that will be provided should be fairly substantial. I expect that the token counts listed for each artpack will typically increase by around 40-50%, and some artpacks will even have as many color mods as original tokens!

Each artpack will also include a Visual Reference Guide that shows every token in the artpack. The guides should make finding a particular token quicker and easier (particularly if you've got lots of artpacks). You can print out each Visual Reference Guide, or simply browse through it on your computer.


A few artpacks have already been ported to Battlegrounds' format, as a test to see how long it takes to convert the content, and while I believe the process will get somewhat faster due to process optimization and sheer repetition, it will still take about a day, on average, to create each of the 27 artpacks.

I am therefore budgeting for 1 month of work to complete all the artpacks covered by this campaign. If things are going well, I will probably also convert additional artpacks during the course of this campaign, to lessen the post-campaign workload even further and ensure timely delivery for all backers. Backers should be able to download the completed artpacks in late August 2016.

 If you support this Content Drive, know that you are supporting both the artist (in this case, Devin Night) and (in the case of over-funding) further development of the Battlegrounds software.

Whether or not you choose to make a pledge to this campaign, I would greatly appreciate it if you could mention this project to friends or family members who might be interested. We've made it easy to do so; just click on one of the buttons below. Help us spread the word far and wide.



Last but not least, we'd love it if you would follow Battlegrounds Games on any or all of these social media sites, so you can stay apprised of all the latest news and developments.

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Thank you for checking out this campaign! Just to ensure that no one goes away empty-handed, here are links to Devin Night's free artpacks (in standalone PNG format):

Pathfinder Compatible Tokens

Pathfinder II

Sci-Fi Token Pack 002

Note: The above packs are not specifically optimized for Battlegrounds, as they are in a VTT-neutral format.

Map Credits:


Heroic Maps



Lord Zsezse Works


Scrying Eye Games


Risks and challenges

This is a very low risk project, because the content to be ported to Battlegrounds format already exists.

Delays are always a possibility but I've been extra generous in my delivery time estimates, just in case.

Shipping won't be a factor with this campaign, since all rewards will be digital downloads, so that's a non-issue.

This project will be a full-time endeavor for me, not some tangential side project, so backers can rest assured that I will be devoting my full attention to ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality content in Battlegrounds' copy-protected artpack format.

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    Note: The above also applies to all subsequent pledge levels.

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