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A post-apocalyptic table top role playing game of adventure and discovery in the jungles and plains of a world grown wild and strange.
A post-apocalyptic table top role playing game of adventure and discovery in the jungles and plains of a world grown wild and strange.
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    1. Chris Halliday Collaborator
      on April 12

      @James Keller: That's actually the premise of one of the alternate campaigns we're including in the book!

    2. James Keller on April 12

      We did it! I'm hoping to play a campaign that combines "Lost" with "Land of the Lost." Now it is possible. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Roger L Harvell Jr on April 12


    4. Mantiev on April 12

      @Creator: The hard part is done, am I right? ;-)

      Congratulations on getting funded. I hope you can keep us appraised of progress over the coming months. And if you need any testers later, I'm happy to volunteer.

    5. James Keller on April 10

      I don't know. $220 in 45 hours, it's possible.

    6. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on April 9

      @Kai Green: I agree, but maybe we can do an anthology in the future

    7. Kai Green on April 9

      Sad we won't see any of the stretch goals but at least you were funded :)

    8. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on April 7

      @Mantiev: I am also a huge fan of Primeval. If its dinosaur related, its almost certain that I own it somewhere at my house. I see no reason why you cant use TDP for that type of game. As I keep saying to people, Savage Worlds, more than most games currently on the market, lends itself well to playing pretty much anything you want. I am excited that people want to cross our stuff over with other companies material too (which I see happening quite a bit out in the wild).

    9. Chris Halliday Collaborator
      on April 6

      @Michael Wallace: Your wish is my command :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Wallace on April 5

      I backed this as soon as I saw it and my very first thought was, "Dang! I hope they have stats for an early 50s Eldorado in the rulebook!

    11. Chris Halliday Collaborator
      on April 5

      @Steve Fisher; Thanks for reminding me that we need to add that link to the Updates!

    12. Mantiev on April 5

      @Steve Fisher Thanks for that link. Interesting read. It seems a perfect fit -- and I'm surprised it hadn't occurred to me till now -- that it's a perfect match for playing in the Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 computer game) universe. I got many tens of hours out of that game world last year....

    13. Steve Fisher on April 4

      To backers and potential backers: Jonathan M. Thompson and Chris Halliday did a brief interview with Egg Embry over at Open Gaming Network and gave a good description of what makes The Dinosaur Protocol unique. You should go check it out:

    14. Mantiev on April 4

      @Chris Fear not, I didn’t expect anomaly rules per se. I tend to hand-wave such technoloy away, much as the TV series did. I’m here for precisely what you are offering. I’m also a fan of Conan Doyle’s and Edgar Rice Burroughs tales and there seems much to borrow from their inspiration too.

      And to echo Cameron Lyle: well done on being funded.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on April 4

      @Chris Halliday - I like the idea of of presenting the dinosaurs (and plant life) as simply animals and features of the world now, albeit dangerous ones. It allows for the human survivors to grapple with ethical questions. Bears are dangerous too, but some people frown on killing them except perhaps in self-defense. Do the survivors have the right to mount that well-preserved .50 Cal. machine gun onto a transport and start mowing down allosaurs in order to carve out a new place for themselves?

      Also... Congratulations on funding! :-)

    16. Chris Halliday Collaborator
      on April 4

      @Mantiev: I'm a big fan of Primeval, and while we have no plans to include temporal anomalies in THE DINOSAUR PROTOCOL, you could indeed very easily use it to emulate the show (especially the very creepy "Future Earth" time period seen in later episodes). One of the things I'm very keen to do is present the dinosaurs and other archeaofauna as more than just "monsters" - though you could easily choose to run them as such if that's what you want - but as a fundamental part of the game world, so we're including material to help GMs run saurian behaviour in a realistic manner.

    17. Mantiev on April 3

      @Creator: With just over a week to go. Are there any sneak peeks you can share? Any further tidbits that might encourage existing backers to add dead tree to their pledge and bring us closer to funding. :-) Or entice new backers to climb onboard?

      My thoughts for the game is to use Dinosaur Protocol to emulate the British version of the Primeval TV series. Certainly an obvious move, but no less exciting for that. For those who followed the UK TV series, it all came to an end with much promise IMO. Perhaps not as abruptly as the North American version though.

      There are also four novels, which slot into different points of the UK TV series timeline that are more expansive and globe-trotting in scope, which I think are worth reading and mining for ideas.

    18. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 28

      @Timothy Davis: Thank you. I think we had someone from staff post there as well, but it really cant hurt for more people to do so. We are very close. We have two weeks left and are at about 77% of our goal. I am hoping we make it, this is going to be a fun setting.

    19. Timothy Davis on March 27

      You've been posted in the Official Savage Worlds Facebook page as well. So close to backing.

    20. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 27

      @Steve Fisher: Its been posted to reddit,, and I have a couple of interviews/chats coming up this week. I had not thought about rpggeek, and will set up notice on that as well.

    21. Steve Fisher on March 26

      @Battlefield Press: At the very least, I would get The Dinosaur Protocol into the forums at and; that would be a free and easy way to get gamers' eyes on the Kickstarter. Other than that, while it might be too late at this point, you could try reaching out to some of the small- to mid-sized RPG-themed YouTube channels. Tabletop Weekly, for example, is still relatively new but already has 49K followers. If even a fraction of those followers backed, you'd reach the end of your Stretch Goals list easily.

    22. Mantiev on March 24

      Hehehe. Quite understandable. Have a good weekend.

    23. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 24

      Alrighty -- I am out of town until Monday. We shall post it next week as promised. :D

    24. Mantiev on March 24

      We’re at 75% funded. Update 7 and dino bestiary sample time! Hint-hint. ;-)

    25. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 21

      @ Steve Fisher: I have been promoting everywhere I can think of, but I dont know everywhere. Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated. (also, I missed the original comment and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner)

    26. Mantiev on March 20

      I thought it would be, but always best to check. :-) Pledge updated.

    27. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 20

      @Mantiev: Absolutely, just let me know that is what you did when I send out the survey.

    28. Mantiev on March 20

      @Battlefield Press: Is it OK to pledge for a hardcover and softcover? I.e. pledging $35?

    29. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 20

      @Cameron: Thats great to hear. Im a fan of TORG myself. Hope you get lots of enjoyment from this book in both our sandbox and that in your TORG universe.

    30. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on March 19

      Hey, all! I've cbeen watching the project since it launched, and backed as soon as I was certain I could afford another Kickstarter this month.

      @Battlefield Press: I'm excited for the book! I'm actually going to get twice the utility out of it. I'm absolutely going to play in your sadbox, and I'm also going to use the book to emulate the Living Land in my Savage Worlds "Torg Eternity" conversion. So you're doing me *two* solids with one book - thanks! And on a serious note, the setting looks great. Keep up the hard work - I know Kickstarters can be nerve-racking!

    31. Steve Fisher on March 18

      @Battlefield Press: I'm very excited to see this project succeed, as I'm really looking forward to running a dinosaur-vs.-humanity campaign in Savage Worlds! However, after doing a Google search for Dinosaur Protocol, I'm not seeing many results. Can you list what forums, podcasts, etc. you are using to advertise this project, so that I (and other excited backers) can jump in and voice our support for you? Thank you in advance for what will doubtlessly be a fun supplement to an outstanding RPG system!

    32. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 17

      @Gerard: We are going to have some of that in there too, there will be some megafauna, but mostly the bestiary is about anything that can eat your PC. Anything that you want that is just pretty flowers, but are extinct, can be present and up to you as the GM. We know that dinosaurs were not the only thing that could be dangerous to man. As Ian Malcolm said, "Life finds a way."

    33. Missing avatar

      Gerard Valliere on March 16

      Does it feature just dinosaurs, or are there also other extinct animals like Pleistocene megafauna?

    34. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 16

      @ Steve: You can check it out via our RPGnow page.…=

    35. Missing avatar

      Steve Howes on March 16

      Proud to be a backer! Where can we find more info on the other DTRPG titles included in the ‘All In’ pledge level? Thanks!

    36. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 14

      @Jeffrey Kreider: We are thinking round 150 pages or so, approximate the same size as the Fantasy Companion.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Kreider
      on March 14

      What is the approximate page count?

    38. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 14

      @Timothy Davis: I am sure I dont know what you are talking about. :D

    39. Timothy Davis on March 13

      Cadillac and dinosaurs, Heck yeah!!

    40. Battlefield Press, Inc. 25-time creator on March 13

      @Mike: There is an option that includes it now. And if you want physical copies of the other books, we can arrange that as well.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mike Strefford on March 13

      First comment :) and more seriously, does the all in include the hardcover? If not could you create an all-in that included a physical copy.