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Bringing Terry Mancour's Spellmonger series to the Pathfinder RPG and the Fifth Edition of the Worlds most popular role playing game.
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Almost to goal!

Posted by Battlefield Press, Inc. (Creator)
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Ive been doing some number crunching. Something you would expect this close to the end of a Kickstarter, and here is what I discovered. 

Our numbers are really close, and we have six more days to go. Basically what we need is one of two things, or possibly a combination there of. 

1) We need 65 more backers, at an average of a $30 pledge, each, or

2) we need all 187 backers that are currently here to up their pledges by an average $10-$15 each. 

I am well aware of how tight finances can be, and I know that there are several of you that just cant afford any more. To those people, I understand and I am not asking you to give more than you can afford, but if you can, it would go a long way into helping get this thing over the top. 

If this thing doesnt fund, it doesnt get to be released, and thats not what any of us wants. If you can hijack other people into helping us fund, I would be all over that too. :D Personally, I am looking forward to having all this rich history at your fingertips, even if you are not a gamer, it makes for a good reference book. 

Im pretty sure that we dont want to have Terry selling nudes of himself on street corners, I imagine no one wants to see that :D 

Good night and remember we have an AMA tomorrow night, looking forward to the questions. There should be a link when you log into this KS page. If not, we will get it too you. 

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