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Northern Crown is a Pathfinder system setting of alternate history and fantasy, set in a magical version of seventeenth-century Earth.
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Note: This book combines the original edition books, Northern Crown Adventures and the Gazetteer into a single tome.

Imagine a world where the legends of North America come alive — a place of high adventure, magic, and monsters, where history and myth intertwine.

  • Brawl with Mike Fink or swing an axe with Paul Bunyan.
  • Brave the dangers of the polar sea in search of the legendary northwest passage.
  • Trudge through steaming swamps in pursuit of the fountain of youth.
  • Prowl the misty streets of Boston on the trail of hell-spawned fiends.
  • Take flight with a coven of witches upon a midnight ride.
  • Shiver at the call of the wendigo as you traverse a frozen wasteland.
  • Carry the banner of liberty into battle against the forces of tyranny. 

Northern Crown: New World Adventures is a campaign world set in North America’s legendary past; an age of frontier adventure, political intrigue, and supernatural horror. Inspired by history and infused with myth, it is a place where heroes fight for freedom, chart a vast wilderness, and battle unknown evils.

The possibilities for adventure in the New World Adventures setting are many. You might find yourself searching the wilderness for a lost Moundraiser city, or aiming a silver bullet at the heart of an elegant vampire beneath the Dueling Oak at Nouvelle Orleans. At risk could be something as personal as your own honor, or as epic as the birth of a new nation. Your character might be a hardy Coureur scout from the northern woods, a stylish rake from the court of Carolingia, a Witchling agent, or a Mohawk bard like Okwaho, whose words you just read. Your foes could be axe-wielding Vinlander raiders, the automaton soldiers of a deranged evil genius, or a lich who once ruled as sorcerer-king of a now-vanished native civilization. Along the way, you might find an ally in Jonny Appleseed or the prophet Tenskatawa. And you may just join them as a legend in your own right! To help in your quest, your may possess a psionic knack that lets you work wonders as a hex or a firebug, or even wield the dreaded evil eye. Perhaps you practice sorcery, daring to defy the edicts of church and state. Or you could be a witch, wrestling your arcane powers from a fiendish imp at the risk of losing your soul. A degree in natural philosophy can imbue you with the knowledge to construct anything from a flying machine to an earthquake generator, and let you use the power of science to produce impressive effects rivaling the spells of magic-users. But if all else fails, then you’d better also know how to fire a matchlock musket or hurl a tomahawk. It’s a dangerous world, after all.

The New World seethes with conflict, as the strifes and plagues of vying Uropan (yoo-ROPE-ahn) nations take root in fertile ground. Witches struggle against Puritan firebrands; royal agents play games of murder and deception for the glory of their monarch; and soldiers take to the field of battle where dragoons and musketeers clash amid the roar of cannon and shot. Patriots stake their lives to overthrow the old order and establish a new freedom, unfettered by the evils of slavery and persecution. Natural philosophers compete to create clever inventions that could shape the course of the future, while wizards and sorcerers seek to preserve the arcane arts of the past. And in the deep forests, druids create standing stones and earthen mounds to focus the healing power of the land, and gather animal allies to defy the encroachment of civilization.

Updated to the Pathfinder Game System.

A Note on the Cover

This is the old cover, and its just used as a place holder and for people to know what the setting is that you are backing. This is not exactly what the final cover will look like. A new cover with the existing art will be created.

What will the funds be used for?

These funds will go to paying those people that have worked so hard on this book, from those authors that spent time to determine if the book was Pathfinder compatible, to editing and proof-reading, to the masterful graphic artist that is responsible for layout.

What is in this book?

There is a lot of material in this book, a lot of it is game fluff, and there is almost an equal amount of system crunch as well. We can provide you with the table of contents from the upcoming book:

  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two: Cultures of Northern Crown
  • Chapter Three: The Uropans
  • Chapter Four: The First Ones
  • Chapter Five: Core Classes
  • Chapter Six: Prestige Classes
  • Chapter Seven: Skills, Feats, & Combat
  • Chapter Eight: Money & Equipment
  • Chapter Nine: Magic
  • Chapter Ten: Psionics
  • Chapter Eleven: Inventions
  • Chapter Twelve: Adventures
  • Chapter Thirteen: Environments
  • Chapter Fourteen: Nations
  • Chapter Fifteen: Gazetteer
  • Chapter Sixteen: Monsters
  • Chapter Seventeen: Treasure
  • Chapter Eighteen: Magic Items
  • Chapter Nineteen: Inventions
  • Chapter Twenty: Non-Player Characters
  • Appendix A: Bibliography
  • Appendix B: Open Game License

Stretch Goals

$2500 - The Caribe Sourcebook by Stephen J. Miller (Gaslight Victorian Fantasy) Find and explore The Caribe, a series of islands south of the Northern Crown. Full of monsters, voodon and other things that go bump in the night. All backers will receive a free PDF of this 48 page sourcebook, and those that wish it in print will get a code for having it printed and shipped at cost. -- $15 pledge or higher, Estimated Release Date: April 2016


Shipping is always the elephant in the room, and since we cannot control the rise in shipping costs we will instead offer you a different way to have your book shipped to you. You, the backer, will get to chose your own level of shipping. For a single pledge of $30 you will get a coupon code to purchase the book at cost from

Risks and challenges

Like other projects of this type, this project is not without risks. Delays can happen, as we are only human. We will keep in contact with you concerning potential delays and such. The biggest possible delay will come from any stretch goals that we may include. The risk of delay happens anytime you put control in the hands of another person, who has their own issues they must deal with as well.

Fortunately, much of the Northern Crown setting, race, class, and adventure design, development, work is already done; we worked hard in spring and summer. Right now, the majority of the book is in editing and some is ready to be laid out.

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