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Take one part Mega Man X and one part roguelike goodness. Add multiplayer. Stir generously.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Philippe Cadieux on

      Even if you had to change the title, I believe it's ok if the expression "Echoes of Eridu" make it to somewhere ingame. : )

    2. curtiscdragon on

      Cool im stoaked 20XX I think that is the same year Mega Man X started with Zero! Im sold. Bring on the Beta ! ( silly question: Pc is the same as steam right? I doint own a steam but I do have a pc will i be able to play this ????????) (

    3. Bobby Garza on

      Nice! I'm really pumped for this! The new title makes me think of Stinkoman 20X6 from Homestar Runner.

    4. Subbelowzero on

      Oh boy I can't wait! The new name is awesome, has a great, short ring to it wich I think is even better than Echoes, I've been looking forward to beta since I first backed.

      Can't wait to finally play Echoes... I mean 20XX!