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Super Russian Roulette is a new party game for the NES that pits you and up to two friends against a fully voiced trash-talking cowboy.
Super Russian Roulette is a new party game for the NES that pits you and up to two friends against a fully voiced trash-talking cowboy.
1,090 backers pledged $84,263 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Andrew Reitano (Creator)
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I really just want to say how grateful I am to everyone who backed the project, I'm still blown away by the support I've received from you all. I’m absolutely thrilled to think that as a kid, I never would have imagined that I’d have the opportunity to make a real Nintendo game that would end up in strangers’ homes.

With the amount of pledges I've received I'll be able to enlist help with production which will free up time to add additional content to the game! I've already started implementing new animations and gameplay mechanics and they're turning out great.

Don't worry about this maniac, we filled the bag with laundry.
Don't worry about this maniac, we filled the bag with laundry.


The project has hit the first stretch goal at $60,000! We're looking to you to create new fun taunts and nicknames for the game. We'll pick our favorites and your name will appear in the credits next to your creation - check out the details on the campaign page!


Christophe is finalizing the holster design for the HELL BENT FOR LEATHER tier - apart from the logo and some classic scrolling, the design includes a cylinder containing a single bullet, which will be marked with a serial number out of 100!

Prototype Holster (Projected Design) + Label Placeholder
Prototype Holster (Projected Design) + Label Placeholder


In case you missed it, I'll be making both an NTSC and PAL version of the game. The reward tiers will remain the same and you'll receive a backer survey to select which version you would like!


From designing to play testing to filming the commercial, the road here has been pretty fun, and now I'm excited to bring all of you along for the ride. There's a few months left of design and development left, and I'll be sharing images and information from the workshop with all the backers. Here's the first installment: some behind-the-scene photos of the incredible team involved with the Super Russian Roulette commercial.

 More exciting news to come!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Billy Barone on

      Great work, guys! Awesome concept and really looking forward to hosting some REALLY fun (nee: drunken?!), kick-a$$ SRR parties!!!! And if I may indulge in a few taunt suggestions here: "Pretty Pants", "Sloppy Draws", "Liver Lips", "Sugar Balls" OK; maybe not "Sugar Balls"...

    2. Chris Moore on

      I stumbled upon this and immediately pledged. Like many others, I have my NES still hooked up on my living room. There have been many nights where friends have begged me to turn it on and play some classics with them. I'm stoked to have not only a new game for the NES in basically two decades, but a party, drinking game that doesn't NEED a CRT. Keep pushing this! Let's see a mainstream revival of retro console content!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin LeBlanc on

      I said it before in a private message, I think, but how cool would it be if you redid the intro to Megadeth's "My Last Words", which is a song about Russian roulette for the game? I bet Dave Mustaine would be cool with it. Eh? Eh? Eh? (Seeing as it is probably a long shot, I'd like to say congratulations!)

    4. iNCEPTIONAL on

      It's deserved. You came up with a really cool idea.

    5. Roland Huddleston on

      I want to suggest "tick biter" as a taunt/nick-name. In fact, I 'm going to start using it right away in conversation to give it a head start into our collective vernacular.

    6. Missing avatar

      Army of Dorkness on

      Also want to throw in Saddle Rash as a taunt/nickname

    7. Missing avatar

      Army of Dorkness on

      Congrats! Just upped my pledge to the special edition!!