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Super Russian Roulette is a new party game for the NES that pits you and up to two friends against a fully voiced trash-talking cowboy.
Super Russian Roulette is a new party game for the NES that pits you and up to two friends against a fully voiced trash-talking cowboy.
Super Russian Roulette is a new party game for the NES that pits you and up to two friends against a fully voiced trash-talking cowboy.
1,090 backers pledged $84,263 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Evan Boaz on

      Got our copy last week and it looked and sounded great. My brother and I had a blast playing it :)

      Thanks for the hard work, it really shows. Looking forward to your next project.

    2. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      I mean this in the most respectful way but I don't know what I could possibly do to prevent customs charges other than falsifying documents (which I will not do). It's not factored into my decisions because that money has nothing to do with the product.

    3. Paul Martin

      Yes , ouch, £25 customs charge - great game just now very expensive!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Darren Gunderson on

      Okay, thanks for update!

    5. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      I'm going to ask that if anyone has any concerns that you please message me directly, sometimes there is personal information involved in resolving these issues that it's also difficult to post responses on the comments page since it isn't threaded. Just shoot me a message and we'll sort everything out!

      Hey Mark! I sent you a message on how I ended up with the cost involved with international shipping but in short for those wondering here is part of the message:

      I'm really sorry to hear about the extra cost, I had no idea that you'd have to pay so much through customs (I declared the value at $55 so that's nearly 45%?). I'm admittedly new to this and wasn't planning on doing international at all but changed it due to popular demand (although I have friends who dig this stuff everywhere which is why I put the extra work into PAL!). The crowdfunding advice I was given was to do flat rate (32-35 depending) to make sure I don't have to spend my own personal money (the margin for each cart is *extremely* small - this is a passion project for sure), I don't know how I could have factored in customs cost but I'm open to ideas. Even when doing first class I'm paying for packing materials and insurance/delivery confirmation so there wasn't much I could do otherwise I'd be sending them at a loss. I hope that makes sense!

      Hey Darren - I sent out a specific update visible only to backers in that tier - check out the updates tab and it should be visible (I also verified that you were in that tier so you should definitely be able to see it).

      Thanks everyone!

    6. Missing avatar

      Darren Gunderson on

      Hey Andrew, I got my game today, however, I ordered the $250.00 package/pledge and it looks like I got the standard game with no extra's or numbered cartridge. Not sure if it was a mistake on your end or not, but I re-checked my pledge and it was for the, 'HELL BENT FOR LEATHER' edition.

    7. MarkD on

      Hi Andrew, I just got the package from the postal office but I had to pay an extra 23,60 euro (25 dollar) for customs and clearance. I've already paid 35 dollars for shipping (and this is already extreme in my opinion). With the extra 25 dollars for customs, I pay a grand total of 60 dollars for a game that costs 55 dollars by itself. Maybe I should not complain and just enjoy the game. But it's kind of a sad beginning for me.

      Do you have any stories of people who encounter the same thing? Did the shipping cost turn out lower after all? Maybe there's some kind of a solution to lower the price I invested in shipping/customs.

      Oh well, I think I need a beer, some beans and put my boots on the table. I'm in for a great ride!

    8. Matt Perry

      Got the game a few days ago! Packaging is incredible and I can't wait to play it. Just gotta pop in a new 72 pin in my NES and I'll get it going!

      Btw Andrew, what did you mean in your last update about the AVS being able to use Zappers on an HDTV? How does that work? I can't find any info on it.

    9. Bryan on

      Love the game. This really takes the NES to a whole new level with friends!

    10. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Thanks all for taking the time to write here, it has been an awesome experience to read these comments.

    11. Missing avatar

      dane rand on

      this game is too dope! you're the man Andrew! thanks for all your hard work.

    12. Oishii san on

      HA!!! NVM, I'm just dumb. ;)

    13. Oishii san on

      Did you not include the shootable stuff on screen in the final build or am I dumb and haven't noticed it yet? It's ok if I'm dumb.

    14. Missing avatar

      nicholos miller on

      Got the game in Monday and love It! It is just too bad I don't get to hear any music during actual gameplay, that would have been great! I have just been playing the soundtrack from a mp3 player and it is all good.

    15. Christopher Wheat on

      Got my copy and am greatly enjoying it. I can say it works on my Analogue Nt.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Murtha on

      Got the game today, and everything looks great, but unfortunately it doesn't work on my Retron5. I always knew that was a risk with clone hardware though. Does anyone know any relatively inexpensive alternatives that will run the game?

    17. Brian on

      Hey all... as far as I can tell, this does not work properly on a RetroN 3. If anybody gets this working as expected on unofficial hardware, I'd be curious, so please share if so.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Di Salvo on

      Game arrived safe and sound, have opened the shipping envelope and the box wrap but not the cart box yet. Will test it out (hopefully) this weekend on my NES and a third party clone (can't remember which one) but really want to arrange the first real game with some family, friends and alcohol. Have the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD on pre-order for some HD Cowboy Rob goodness!

    19. Michael Morris

      Got mine today looks fantastic I can't wait to play the production is incredible

    20. Missing avatar

      StarDust4Ever on

      Yes, I got it thank you. I never received the email and also checked my span folder. I'm going to have fun this weekend...;)

    21. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Hey Stardust!

      A tracking number was e-mailed to the address you have on file with Kickstarter, I just checked and it's out for delivery today! I DM'd you the number just in case.

      I'm so glad that everyone is excited to play (the first playthroughs have been AWESOME to watch) but I'm going to kindly ask that if you didn't receive your tracking number then to just hang tight for the moment. I'm receiving a lot of individual messages and I want to answer everyone but it takes a lot of effort and is slowing down the process. Everything in this project is handmade and shipping/quality checking and ~1,000 packages takes a deceptively long time. I'm running this operation out of my shop around the clock on vacation days and USPS can only deal with so many packages at a time.

      In short: no need to worry, you will all have the game *very* soon, if you're in a low tier then check your spam filters, and if you don't have a tracking number by 7/7 for whatever reason then please contact me directly so we can get everything sorted out!

      Thanks for your support! It has been overwhelmingly cool to see the game out in the wild :)

    22. Missing avatar

      StarDust4Ever on

      Still no tracking and I'm in the earlybird teir. Should I be worried?

    23. Tommy Droese on

      Oh wow, people are already selling their copy online for scalper prices, some things never change.

    24. Tommy Droese on

      Alright mail truck, you can come any time today, I'll be ready for it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Got mine last night! Works perfect. Having a 4th of July party on Saturday. Should have some interesting pics for you this weekend!

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Runk on

      Hey Andy. Received my game today. It's fantastic. The cart, the manual, the box all perfect. The game is great fun. Will definitely be taking it too my next gathering of my college buddies. Should be a lot of fun. I plan on posting pictures. Thanks for your hard work on this project. The game was well worth the wait.

    27. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Hey Tony, thank you for taking the time to write this. I'm exhausted, but all of the sleepless nights and hard work instantly felt worthwhile the first moment I heard about people enjoying the game.

      I appreciate your support, let me know how the poker night goes :)

    28. Tony D on

      Game delivered. The cart, box, manual, sleeve, and sticker are all perfect. Awesome music, sound effects, and really cool game play. Can't wait to bring it to my friends monthly poker game. It was so worth the wait. You can't beat a new zapper game from a team of passionate retro game lovers. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
      Thank you Andy and your Team for bring us all something special.

    29. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Thanks Dane! It means a lot.

      I'm so proud of how the game came out. It's thanks to your support and I can't wait for you to play!

    30. Missing avatar

      dane rand on

      oh no! sorry buddy. i just meant i thought id read they started shipping and no one had a review /comments yet. I'm sure folks have been hitting you up like crazy, i was just trying to get post flow. we're all excited thanks for your hard work, and i never doubted the arrivals for a second... besides I'm in the 'R's' .cheers and can't wait to share the fruits of your labor ALL UP IN DIS PIECE!

    31. Tommy Droese on

      Can't wait to get this game! Better get the nes off the shelf of my old video game consoles and get it all set up :D

    32. Gabriel on

      Yay final update! Yay shipping! The anticipation is absolutely killing me. Cannot wait to play with my famicom revolver zapper :)

    33. Keith Marston on

      Whoo hoo! So pumped to have this for our friday game nights :) Thanks Andy for all the effort - can't wait to stick my controller skin on and start playing.

    34. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Hey all!

      Update coming tomorrow - I can't wait to see you all playing your copy!

    35. Andrew Reitano Creator on


      The USPS truck is showing up on Monday to pick up 400 packages. I've explained several times that I can only work on weekends. I can't imagine why you'd think I wouldn't ship them otherwise since I've shown pictures of us packing. I'm grateful for the support, but I don't get what you're implying.


    36. Missing avatar

      dane rand on

      where's all the 'thanks for my copy' posts?...-he wondered quietly to himself-

    37. Kevin O'Neill on

      Just got my backer survey and have answered it! Looking forward to seeing your work, Andrew!

    38. Tommy Droese on

      Andrew: it's great to hear the game is almost ready to ship! It was a quick year for sure! Although I wish you could've made more frequent updates throughout this process, I'm glad this ended up with you not just running with our money. Can't wait to finally be able to play roulette with my friends without-y'know- their brains being shot out.

    39. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Hey all!

      I'm currently travelling and I wanted to grab some photos in the shop for the final update so it's just sitting as a draft until then.

      In short : the game will begin shipping on 6/1. The great news is that since all of the blank carts are already made they'll ship as fast as we can program / pack them. The extra work put into the batch programming system eliminates the major bottleneck since we can now program 7 (!) carts at once.

      I'm currently in Berlin testing the PAL version on an actual European CRT TV and I'm happy to say that the region switch is working *great*.

      I'll publish the final update with full details on 5/10, backer surveys will go out on the same day!

      Thanks! Can't wait :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Billie Beard on

      looking forward to playing the game. Do you have an ETA on shipping?

    41. tinomen

      Hows it going? Credits finished? Bugs squashed? Carts flashed?

    42. Tommy Droese on

      Only one thing in my mind rn: OMG. It's finally happening.

    43. Gabriel on

      Any eta on shipping? Very excited, eagerly awaiting your update :)

    44. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Hi all -

      Update coming soon, everything is going great!

    45. Tommy Droese on

      So, anyone getting the Nintendo Switch? Seems awesome. I'm getting it in like 7 hours for midnight release :)

    46. Tommy Droese on

      For those who missed the twitter update "Andy Reitano‏: @SpectorRaven All of the carts (1200+!) should be complete and tested by the end of February - at that point I'll be flashing and shipping!"

    47. Good Mikey on

      Hey Andrew, I'm super excited about the release. As someone who knows you and how crazy life get in general for you I need to say thank you. Over the years I have seen you pump out some of the most amazing projects and I feel it's an honor to be able to call you my friend.
      I have one small question. If I show off this amazing game on an lcd or oled screen will it work or is crt the best. You might have put this is some documentation but I'm a jerk and I'm asking you now. I want to show it off to my office during a weekly beer/whisky club we have and I would love to use our multi million dollar facility to add to the insanity.

    48. Andrew Reitano Creator on

      Hi all,

      Update coming tonight, stay tuned!

    49. Tommy Droese on

      Andrew Ames: It is clear that he's working hard to fully perfect this game. You should cut him some slack. I see this is you're first Kickstarter, but you just need to be trusting and patient. If you didn't trust him and his idea's, why would've you backed in the first place?

    50. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ames on

      Great. I'm totally down for building the best product possible but at this point I hope it truly is the final build. May I suggest for efficiency you ship in alphabetical order. I don't think my level of patience is conducive to Kickstarter. I hope you release a product that is worth the wait.

      Thank you,

      Andy Ames

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