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The world’s first watch-size subwoofer for your body. Experience powerful bass – anywhere you go. For music, gaming and VR.
The watch-size subwoofer. Delivers bass directly to your body – for a powerful music experience that headphones alone cannot provide.
The watch-size subwoofer. Delivers bass directly to your body – for a powerful music experience that headphones alone cannot provide.
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    1. Lofelt Creator on

      Hey @Clifford, As nobody is monitoring this page any longer, it is best to reach out to our Support here: I have tried to find an email for you in your KS profile, but, I don't see one. Kind Regards, Melissa

    2. Missing avatar

      Clifford Dayton

      I was enjoying the effect of the Basslet but felt it was somewhat weak. I never had the chance to test a known good one to see if it was just me expectations. The Basslet never charged to green. It always stayed orange.

      A while ago it stopped charging. I was hoping you could give me options on getting it repaired or replaced.


    3. Lofelt Creator on

      Hi @Tim, One thing to try is shutting off the Basslet manually by pressing and holding both buttons until they're red. Once it's completely off, wait overnight and start it back up in the morning/next day and see if the same thing happens. If it does, let us know. It should not discharge that much that it requires a full charge. Thanks!

    4. Tim Rechenbach on

      A short question to other backers out there:

      My Basslet (not the sender) is loosing energy while laying around without using it since first day of use. (E.g. after one night laying around, the battery is empty)
      The sender keeps its battery...

      After charging it works well, but I always have to charge it directly before using it.
      I sent it to Lofelt ~ a year ago but they don’t found a malfunction.


    5. Missing avatar

      Clifford Dayton

      My arm unit has never gone green to a full charge. Now it working very weak and getting weaker. Anyway to replace it?

    6. Lofelt Creator on

      Hey Ryan

      I'm sorry to hear you've lost the sender unit! Please reach out to our support by filling out the contact form at, and they'll get back to you with the available options.

      Kind Regards

    7. Ryan Sun on

      Hi LofeIt,
      This is a sad day for me as I have lost my sender module during my day at the beach. Is there a way for me to get a just a replacement for the sender? Thanks.

    8. 李曜丞 on

      @Lofelt I received my Basslet. It works good. Thank you!!

    9. Reiner on

      Spot on my experience too.

    10. Lofelt Creator on

      Hi @Dielle, Our Support team will reach out to you for troubleshooting and next steps. Thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      Dielle on

      Brought the basslet to the beach today, think some sand got stuck in the sender where the connection points are. I think it's causing issues with the charging.

      Any ideas on how to fix it?

    12. 李曜丞 on

      @Lofelt I got the mail to check my information. Thank you for prompt action. Sorry that I might miss a lot of your mails before.

    13. Lofelt Creator on

      Hi 李曜丞, Thanks for reaching out, we will send you an email. It looks like we didn't receive your KS survey, which is unfortunately why it didn't ship. We'll get this sorted!

    14. 李曜丞 on

      @Lofelt Hi I just found that I did not get Basslet yet. Did I lose providing any information you need from me?

    15. djnforce9 on

      The Basslet is even better than I thought originally. I initially used it on my wrist and chest and it felt like a pleasant rumble to go with the music but nothing special. However, I then tried it on my head under the head-strap of my headphones and I noticed that it was like a third headphone for bass; I believe it is sending vibrations through my skull which my eardrums can detect. I then adjusted the intensity so that it blends into the music (too strong and it's very muddy; too weak and I can't notice it) and WOW, it greatly enhances the bass of anything you play including songs that would otherwise be tinny. I like using it on oldies as it brings the song to life like I've never heard before; also, chip tunes sound incredible as well.

      It would be awesome if this was built into a pair of headphones or even affixed to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

    16. Lofelt Creator on

      Hey Gary! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Basslet! The best option would be to discuss this problem with our technical support staff.
      You can reach them easily by filling out the contact form at . They answer all queries within 1-2 business days!

    17. Lofelt Creator on

      Hey Gary! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Basslet! The best option would be to discuss this problem with our technical support staff.
      You can reach them easily by filling out the contact form at . They answer all queries within 1-2 business days!

    18. Missing avatar

      Gary Zeng on

      @Lofelt, Any solution for the connection on the dongle? The music only can hear in one ear when using the basslet, Nothing wrong when I just using the earphone.Any idea about this issue? I am using Android Phone.

    19. Lofelt Creator on

      We're loving it, thanks, @Hans!
      @Lu Au, There is a 20% discount, we just emailed you about it!
      If any other backers are interested in ordering another Basslet, feel free to contact us or chat via the website :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Lu Au on

      Hello, I m a backer of basslet, just wanna know is there discount for my next purchase?

    21. Hans Meijer on

      The Basslet has just been unboxed at Unbox Therapy! About time :)…

    22. Lofelt Creator on

      Hi Dielle,
      Thanks for reaching out. We will send you an email via our alias.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dielle on

      I think the connection on the dongle is deteriorating? The music sometimes cuts out in one ear and this doesn't happen when I'm not using the basslet. @Lofelt, any advice?

    24. Lofelt Creator on

      Hi @Moshe!

      We've sent a message to your email inbox. Thank you!

    25. Moshe Levin

      PLEASE refer asap/URGENT TO My NOTICE on your PRIVATE [!!!]

      Moshe Levin

    26. Vinit Jain

      Using it from last 4 months and it's still an eye catcher. My listening to music � experience has changed her for the rest if my life. Thanks lofelt

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel on

      Anyone else notice that headphones with the built in mic do not work? It's like they didn't account for 3.5mm jacks that have the leads placed so they still end up in the right place even when there are 4 leads on the jack.

    28. Missing avatar

      Calvin Moras on

      So I didn't think it was gonna happen, but I just got my second (original) one about 2-3 weeks after my first. Glad to say I can enjoy some symmetry now.

    29. Missing avatar

      Douggernaut on

      Hi, my Basslet never arrived. It was marked as delivered, but wasn't in my mailbox, outside my door, or at my apartment office. Thanks, Doug.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Lim on


      My fist pair out of two, was delivered in Jan 2017. I was informed that the blunder of the non-delivery of my 2nd pair of Basslets, was already sent out weeks ago, but I still didn't received my 2nd pair.

      What happened?

    31. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I love this device so much.
      Now I release the straps and glue a clip into it so I can attach it on my shirt

    32. Jake Steele on

      I think they charge at the same time. I know currently my feedback about having two. If you leave the two senders daisy chained the second one will die quickly in battery while your not using it. I often find one sender is completely drained before the gym while the first ones fully charged still :) happens if I leave them overnight unused, the second one always drains

    33. Missing avatar

      Dhiraj Bhojwani on

      @Lofelt - I love the basslet but I have a couple suggestions:

      1) They should be sold in pairs as the bass feeling is limited to only one arm per device

      2) Both the receiver and sender should be able to be charged independently. I encounter a lot of difficulty getting the receiver to charge and its a bit annoying.

      Other than that, I'm extremely happy with my Basslet

    34. Lofelt Creator on

      @Andy Taylor - Thank you for the kind words, we're happy to assist.

      @Jake Steele - Our focus at the moment is making the Basslet available to as many of our fans around the world as possible. We're excited to find out what feedback people have now that it's available to a wider audience (and, we're always interested in what our KS community has to say, of course!). The feedback we're gathering now will be vital when it comes to building the next generation of products. So, thanks for your continued interest and feedback and for being a loyal fan of Lofelt and the Basslet. As always, the best place to stay informed is via our newsletter, so, make sure to stay subscribed.

    35. Jake Steele on

      So what's next for you guys? Version 2?

    36. Andy Taylor

      @Lofelt, a big thank you again for your quick turnaround in replacing the faulty basslet for a second time! Hoping it's third time lucky for me.
      Fantastic bit of kit and fantastic service. 5 stars!

    37. Lofelt Creator on

      Hi @Timothy, We will get you sorted, many apologies on the delay. Our Support Reps said they're in contact.

    38. Missing avatar

      Timothy Chie on

      Still havent received my basslet, can someone contact me please.

    39. Jake Steele on

      Forget I said anything, odd its working now all of a sudden. Been over a day and it fixed itself. I think running 2 daisy chained is causing some interference maybe.

    40. Jake Steele on

      @Charles, it not a big deal just takes about 30 seconds of playing with the alignment and it works :)

      One of my basslets stopped working, what do I do to trouble shoot it? Is there a guide anywhere? I turn it on the light stays white for a few seconds then disappears and it looks like normal but there is no haptic feedback. I turn the intensity up to max and still you can't feel anything while the other ones going like crazy.

      Is there a way to get into a debugger and see the error message thats going on?

    41. Charles Andreo Collaborator on

      Regarding your Basslet and Sender that don't connect well when charging, try this: snap the Sender and Basslet together, plug in the USB cable to the laptop. If the light goes red and then nothing happens, simply remove the USB plug from the computer and re-plug it.
      Let me know if that works for you.

    42. Jake Steele on

      Paul I have 2 and I found the second sender is easier to align then the first. I all but have given up trying to charge with the first sender as even when they directly align is goes red then no light and I can push them together still doesn't really charge. The second one works pretty quickly, just gotta monkey around with the alignment a bit and it stays charging without any extra effort. Maybe try some polish or cleaning the metal there before you attempt to put them together.

    43. Robert Courtemanche

      @Paul. Apologies if this is a "of course I know that" question but are you sure you aren't at times trying to connect them with one of the devices upside down, which make the magnet more "push" then "attract" ;)

      For those curious: Canadian owner here still happy with his basslet but nope, never received the original that was ordered. Some of you canucks are damn lucky

    44. Missing avatar

      Carl Terrey on

      @Paul, not had a problem with the charging as of yet, and I've had mine pre-Christmas. Mine just snaps together with no effort and charges.

    45. Paul Edmonds on

      Anyone else feel like the charging connection is a bit hit and miss? I totally love the device but both of the ones I got I have to coax into connecting.

    46. Jake Steele on

      @Elad, you should message them directly on kickstarter, I found they responded pretty quickly. It's my understanding that they should have all been shipped by now. I could be wrong though.

    47. Elad Reuven on

      Hey I Still Haven't Received my Item Yet?? Does anyone know who i can speak to? Please Help ? I Live In the USA in New York.

      Thank you

    48. Jake Steele on

      Just a question, when I wired my senders off of the speakers I got audio in the basslets, when I went subwoofer rca to stereo y then stereo y to headphone and a lfe crossover under 80hz and I don't feel anything in the basslets, my two subs work with the stereo y but their powered. Is that the difference? Is there a way to get that kind of configuration to work? I like to use the crossover instead of wiring it to the speakers and putting them to large.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jason J on

      @Carl Yeah I would say that you just haven't had it high enough to experience that issue. Per their website:

      Audio Clipping
      The sender LED flashes red while music is playing. The music volume is too high and the Basslet will automatically decrease its intensity.

      This typically happens to me listening at normal volume levels, but it also has a few dependent factors such a listening to Spotify on a computer with the program at max volume but the computer volume at half, which provides a lot of bass, versus listening with Spotify at half and computer volume higher, which results in a lot less bass.

    50. Missing avatar

      Carl Terrey on

      @elle, contact Lofelt through their website, they will help you there.

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