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Basil Twist's abstract journey of images from ancient and modern Japan, a part of the 100th National Cherry Blossom Festival, 2012.
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Basil Twist

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One Third of the Way There!!!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed and shared about this project with your circle (especially my amazing Mom!)..We have reached one third of our goal this weekend which is great!!!!

I am busy packing to leave tomorrow morning with my team of puppeteers and  several trucks full of  sets and puppets to invade Washington DC... Twist Festival begins NOW with Petrushka at Shakespeare theater this week...Dogugaeshi  goes up in April so there is still time (the entire festival schedule is at

Even though we've got a month til Dogugaeshi opens, this Kickstarter campaign only has 18 days left to raise more than 20, 000 dollars... and Im gonna get really really busy with this festival!  Stay with me! Wiith Kickstarter if we dont reach our goal the money is returned. So time is of the essence and EVERY gift counts.

Please help me out my continuing to share the link to my project page        ..its making a huge difference the sharing and posting.  Its actually really palpable to see how  the internet spreads this good news and it turns into real and immeadiate support. Lots of gifts have come in from people i know and many from folks Ive never heard of. I am so grateful to all of you!

I will continue to keep you posted as Twist Festival DC unfolds! Hitting the road at noon. Wish us luck...DC here we come!



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