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Help Team Bashurverse, creators of the popular Legend of Hobo series for Minecraft, get to Minecon and film a documentary about it.




WE MADE IT!  In only 6 days no less!  Check out the following image for information on our funding challenge!

If we meet our goal before October 1st we will be giving away a copy of the Meadow Map from Bashcraft Episode 1 to ALL of our backers (with appropriate texture pack)! - COMPLETED!

If we make $3,000 before October 1st we will also give away Hobo's House in the forest (with appropriate texture pack)! - COMPLETED!

Lastly if we make $3,500 before October 1st we will ALSO include the never-before-seen town of Brist! (with appropriate texture pack)! - COMPLETED!


"If each of our subscribers donated just $1, we'd have more than 10x the amount we need! If you enjoy our work, please support us in this historic endeavor!" - Bashur


"There has never been anything as freakin' cool as Legend of Hobo." - Abraham Lincoln

"I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur." - Some guy on the net

"What does this have to do with Homeland Security?" - Billy Fisher

What is Bashcraft?

Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo is a series about a humble young lad by the name of Hobo, who was chosen by the Creator himself to fullfill the greatest prophecy ever told. And it has nothing to do with Minecon.

Here is the first episode, recipient of the "Best Minecraft Video" award on the official Minecraft forums!

What is this Kickstarter for?

So why are they creating this kickstarter you may ask? Because "Legend of Hobo" owes its success to a wonderful game called Minecraft, and Minecon is the first ever convention for such a brilliant game. Minecon isn't just for the game either, it's much much more. There will be booths for other Indie-game developers, and we project this convention will become huge over the next few years.

This may come as a shocker, but unfortunately, Hobo isn't real. I know, I know, I just ruined your childhood dreams, but it had to be done. The creators of "Legend of Hobo" though, are totally real, and are also film directors/writers in real life. They also have a totally wicked Canon 7D HDSLR camera that shoots quality shots like this one in Chinatown See where we're going with this?

Minecon is a historic event, and Legend of Hobo has of this writing over 30,000 fans. Not everyone is going to be able to attend Minecon, so the creators of Legend of Hobo want to take their totally sweet 7D camera and their epic film techniques and film an in depth documentary about the first Minecraft convention.

This is for the people who couldn't make it, and for those who just want to re-live the epic. It will be as in depth as possible, and will be professionally done. Did I mention we'll be using a 7D camera? Yeah, I think I did.

What's the budget?

So what's with the cost? Let's break it down *record scratch*:

1: Travel - $900 for 3 plane tickets from New York to Las Vegas.

2: Lodging - $600 for 2 rooms at Mandalay Bay (special Minecon deal) for 3 nights.

3: Minecon Tickets - $420 for 3 tickets at $140 each (normal rate).

4: Merchandising - $580 for t-shirts, flyers, cards and other "Legend of Hobo" swag that we'll be giving away at Minecon!

As for other costs, we already own the 7D camera and we're not going to be asking you guys for food/drink/gambling/prostitution money, because that would just be greedy!

Total: $2500

Why should we donate?

So now you know why we need the money, and how crazy pricing is these days. But, we know you'll not let us down! So to show you how thankful we are that you're helping our broke butts out, we're going to give you all some sweet rewards!

Check this out, you get a wicked title on our forums to show that you're awesome, and you support the show and its creators. People will look on with awe and envy, we know we will (We don't get the title... *frown*). You'll also get a chance to get some exclusive stuff like Limited Edition DvD's, and Special Editions of the first season of Legend of Hobo.

Our permanent markers are ready to go to start giving you guys some sick autographed things that you can sell on e-bay later on for like billions of dollars. There's also a chance for a few of you to actually BE in the show!! HOLY CRAP!! Are you serious?! Why are we sooo crazy!? I DON'T KNOW!!!

And there's a crazy awesome opportunity for one person to hop on our dinosaurs* and ride with us to Minecon, IN PERSON! Be part of the documentary, live the dream! Stalk Notch until he signs our foreheads!

*Dinosaurs may or may not be imaginary.

Or, if any of you have a private helicopter and want to take us personally and let us sleep in their Las Vegas Mansion, that would be cool too. We know at least 30 of you have one or both. *stare*

Also, some will get a chance for these wicked awesome "LET THERE BE CREEPERS!" T-Shirts!!

What else can you tell us about Bashcraft?

Bashcraft is currently leading in a contest on the Official Minecraft Forum for BEST MINECRAFT video ever! Ever, look at that word. It's like, all of them, this whole time, forever. Until a better one comes out. Which will be another episode of ours.

We've only been at this for about 2 months, and we already have over 30,000 subscribers, and it's growing every day. This something big that you can be part of, get in early, and slap your sexy name on. You can brag to all your grandparents about how your name is in a Legend of Hobo episode, and they'll totally not understand anything you're saying, but will pinch your cheek in approval anyways.

I don't have any spare change, how else can I help?

Even if you can't help us get to Minecon, it would mean a lot to the team if you could just spread the word about our Kickstarter, especially if you know Bill Gates. We can even do a referral thing where you tell 5 of your friends, and at least one of them donates and tells us you sent him, we'll make sure you receive a reward as well!

Any links you can give us?

Link to our YouTube Channel:

Link to our Community Site:


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