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$60.00 pledged of $18,888 goal
By Bradley L. Bartz
$60.00 pledged of $18,888 goal

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    1. Bradley L. Bartz Creator on December 28

      Thank you Michael

      You can see my draft board game at

      I do note your comment about the California Public Utilities Commission. I am only there on behalf of clients and because the superior court has no say.

      Take a look at the game board. I will find a place to upload the image of the board here also.

      The cards for the CPUC version did help me in solar advocacy efforts. But they are too niche. Argument cards for national issues and yes, even Steve Bannon, make the game a challenge for the liberal that has to support a right position and vis versa.

      You are so right that backers should get the game. Duh to me! I look at fixing that too.

      You can see a few of my half-baked ventures with my books at is another one in my series of ventures. I think being an entrepreneur is an asset.

      The Last Free American game is debating to win with card games to mix play. You win by other players being in Jail and you round the game board one time.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      Bradley Bartz

      The board name is played based on topics.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael R. on December 28

      I'm just...very, very confused. By a lot of things. Here are a few that really stand out to me:

      1) What is this game? What does the board look like? What do the pieces look like? What do the cards do? How do you play the game? What other, more established games would you compare this to? How do you win the game? Without giving the backers any of this information, why do you expect them to buy into this project? Especially when there are hundreds of other game projects on Kickstarter that are more defined and transparent. Think of it this way: if I tell you I will sell you a car, and the only information I give you is that it is a "great" car, but don't tell you the make, model, mileage, or condition of the car, would you seriously break out your checkbook?

      2) Why can't I actually get the game on Kickstarter? As far as I can see, I can pledge $50 to get a hat, or $1,000 to get my name on a card somewhere. But where's the game? If you take a look around other board game projects on Kickstarter, you'll notice a lot of differences between projects, but the one common thread is that you ACTUALLY GET THE GAME when all is said and done.

      3) Why is the fact that you're a "serial entrepreneur" a selling point here? Wouldn't it be more reassuring to backers if you started one venture that was actually successful? If your last big venture was starting a half-baked energy company and pouring all your resources into taking on the California Public Utilities Commission, that doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

      4) But for real, what even is this game? The campaign image is confusing and difficult to read, but it looks like the game is about Attorneys General? And Steve Bannon? And various fields of law? And evolution?