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Light the road just like a car. When the driver doesn't know you're "just" a bicycle, they have to give you a lot more room.
Light the road better than a car. When the driver doesn't know you're "just" a bicycle, they have to give you a lot more room.
Light the road better than a car. When the driver doesn't know you're "just" a bicycle, they have to give you a lot more room.
249 backers pledged $32,475 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Dan Adkins about 3 hours ago

      To anyone waiting on a light, it's not coming. But Barry promises to you give a "credit" -- not a light or a refund -- on his new light which he claims will be ready in July. (Barry slaps a confidentially notice on his emails, but I don't think asking for an update binds me to such an agreement nor does his notice give him the right to renege on his original agreement: money for a light, or a refund)

      Hello Dan,
      The Oculus v1 had an unacceptable high percentage of lights suffering reliability problems stemming from unauthorized design and component changes done by the maker of the main circuit board. That led me to discontinue v1 production and make key upgrades.

      I'm currently testing the improvements, and in July will introduce Oculus V2.
      Oculus V2 features a redesigned circuit and waterproof coated board that contains a million cycle sealed body switch, and runs cooler with lower power draw. I expect less than 1% switch and circuit failures from this new board. Also a bright white reflector that reflects whiter, 10% better and more evenly; even greater shock and vibration resistance without damage or losing battery contact; charging hole plug on strong rubber dongle; water tight lip on top of the battery cover that keeps sealed even when a user leaves the cover partially open; one each high power 26650 and light weight 18650 battery; higher Intrusion Protection level against water and dust, and another one or two improvements.
      When that's ready to go, I will offer a credit for the amount paid to the Kickstarter project toward the Oculus v2.
      The offer won't please everyone. It is the best way to deal with the situation and I hope it will be agreeable to you.



      Also, Barry claims to have sold 40 lights at the last year's Maker Faire. Why didn't he ship me one? […]

      "My bike expo and maker faire deals sell well in person at ~$160-ish. For instance I sold 40 lights at Maker Faire last year in two days, at $155 each."

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      Dan Adkins about 17 hours ago


      On November 18, 2012, I pledged $159 to your Barry Beams Kickstarter campaign. In exchange for my pledge, I was promised the following reward:

      One Barry Beams bicycle and tactical beam, hand assembled personally by me, plus battery and charger, plus a spare battery, from the first batch of parts I receive, and a huge thank you for your support. Let's you give more support than just the standard pledge amount. You also will get your light sooner.
      Only ships to: United States
      Estimated delivery: Dec 2012

      Three and a half years later, I have yet to receive that light.

      According to the Kickstarter Terms of Service in effect at the time of my pledge,

      "Project Creators agree to make a good faith attempt to fulfill each reward by its Estimated Delivery Date,"


      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."


      I have been extremely patient, but enough is enough. Please refund my money.

      If you do not agree to the demands of this letter, I will take action against you in small claims court.


      [I will post this letter publicly as well as send you a copy via certified mail.]

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Adkins 4 days ago

      I never received mine. I pledged back in November 2012, expected delivery in December 2012 or shortly thereafter.

      Does anyone have any idea how many have been actually shipped to backers?

    4. Isaac on April 24

      Hi Barry, I'm still waiting for my light to be shipped. I have no moved to the US and would like to change the address it should be shipped to. Also I can meet you PERSONALLY to make this happen. Please let me know how it goes as soon as possible? Thanks.

    5. Mark Tuttle on April 4

      What's Barry's email? I want him to ship my light.

    6. Richard Chepeus on March 18

      Have any backers received their light since that reported by David in January? Or received any status news from Barry? I was a very early backer (#38) but have yet to receive my light or hear ant indication when it might be shipped.

    7. skim on March 4

      @David, how is the light?

    8. Missing avatar

      David Hawley on January 7

      Amazingly, a package showed up on my door step last week - the long forgotten light. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it looks pretty bright for a compact package.

    9. Missing avatar

      Frank Tsai on December 20

      I have a light from September. But that's a refurbished one, Barry promised to exchange when he have new batch of lights. But that haven't happen yet. If you sent him email with your backer info every week or every other week, he might replay.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jon Bode on November 20, 2015

      Anybody heard from Barry lately? Anybody gotten a light since the last one Jester reported getting one six months ago?

    11. Missing avatar

      David Hawley on October 21, 2015

      I'm also waiting. I ordered a light and 2 batteries ...

    12. Missing avatar

      David Lau on October 15, 2015

      Are the lights still being shipped? I only looked back at the comments today and based on the Creator's comment on May 23, I should have received this by now? I confirm that I still have not received the light that I pledged for.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Lau on October 15, 2015

      Are these still being shipped? I only looked back at the comments today and based on the Creator's comment on May 23, I should have received this by now? I confirm that I still have not received the light that I pledged for.

    14. Missing avatar

      Costikyan Jarvis on September 14, 2015


      I am having trouble with my light. Can it be repaired?

    15. Missing avatar

      John Rhodes on June 24, 2015

      Hi Barry. I know you don't give individual shipping dates, but is there any chance that you could give some general guidance to your patient backers; like "I've shipped 149 lights, I have 100 more to go and I'm doing 10 per day". Any info that would help sustain us would be much appreciated! Regards, John Rhodes

    16. Creator Barry Beams on May 22, 2015

      Its not possible to answer individual requests for shipping estimates.
      The common answer to all inquiries is, I'm making and shipping lights steadily.
      From Jester and Steve's comments, it seems like using USPS flat rate overcomes international shipping concerns to the UK and Europe.

      I'm happy to see all the positive comments about the light.

      My work days are commonly 12+ hours, 6-7 days a week. This is common for successful startup launchers. Time management is essential. I rarely get out on a bike ride for fun anymore.

      I thank those of you that understand. For those who are more anxious, I hope you will get a big smile when your light arrives, and at that time accept my "thank you for your patience".

    17. Creator Barry Beams on May 22, 2015

      Thermal note:
      Light is designed to let you be stopped at a traffic light while at brightest setting, without thermal dimming happening.
      I designed the heatsink so that at the light's highest setting, if you move at at least at least 6mph/ 10kph, the airflow keeps the light cooled so that thermal dimming will not occur.
      Specifically, the light's hottest external point will stay less than legal US temperature for hot coffee when on the highest setting, for minimum six minutes when standing still at 21C, 72F, ambient temperature. Typically 7 or 8 minutes. Then a thermal dimmer reduces brightness to setting 3. When internal temperature drops 5 degrees Celsius, light can be brought back up to full brightness.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jester on May 22, 2015

      I received my light in the UK yesterday. I'm very impressed with it and the brightness, even if it does get really hot on its brightest settings!
      I had to chase up Barry for shipping updates but overall I'm pleased, even if it did take 2.5 years to finally arrive!

    19. steve goddyn on May 19, 2015

      Just got my light in the mail from you!

      Verry happy to get it! Thanks for sending it to me via USPS, no import fees!

      Will be taking it for a ride later tonight, can't wait to see it. Just based on how much light it projected in my house during the day, I'm anxiously waiting for night ;)

    20. Robert Segal on May 15, 2015

      Got my light. It's blinding bright.
      Nice work Barry!

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben Moravitz on May 12, 2015

      Just got my two lights in mail! Thank you Barry!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jerry Taylor on May 10, 2015

      Where is my reward?

    23. Adam Mellor on May 9, 2015

      Still have not received my reward of : One Barry Beams bicycle and tactical beam, battery and charger, plus two spare batteries, and a huge thank you for your support. Let's you give more support than just the standard pledge amount.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ben Moravitz on May 9, 2015

      Hi Barry. Do you have any update on my order status. We preordered two lights. Thank you. Ben, Charlie & Sally

    25. Missing avatar

      john shields on April 27, 2015

      Where is my refund Barry?

    26. Missing avatar

      Fjelddahl on April 19, 2015

      Please crank the 1% to 2%. I want a refund too.

    27. Steve Hunter on April 10, 2015

      Happy to post the several messages I sent (without reply!) over the last few years to the public forum, as it's not like I'm chasing you every month. Seriously Barry, you should be ashamed of yourself. And as for me being the "1%" .. I believe it's more likely that you're treating 99% of us with the undeserved contempt I've observed numerous times. I've seen some shocking projects fail (ie Radiate) but never a project owner who's so been so arrogant, self-important and downright rude. And by the way - the word "refund" isn't defamation - it's a reasonable request and was given to you as an option since you're losing money on each light you fulfil (so you say). Suggest you look up "defamation" on the web before you try to use it to attack a backer next time.

    28. Creator Barry Beams on April 10, 2015

      Mr. Hunter omits that he has sent numerous prior messages. To provide great service and support to the 99 percent, sometimes its necessary to omit the 1% who do not accept what you tell them no matter how many times you answer the same questions.
      Consequently as a sole operator, I prioritize to serve my supporters as best as I can as a whole, while recognizing that those who become overly burdensome will need to be left behind. I know that 99% of you appreciate that.

    29. Steve Hunter on April 10, 2015

      Well, I'll leave it to both the "pro-Barry" and "con-Barry" camps to consider his response to my email:
      Hi Barry, following up from my post in the kickstarted comments - any update on this? Also, if you'd prefer to give a refund instead of fulfilling the order, happy with that too.
      Thanks, Steve

      As you know, I am making best efforts and am delivering is a prudent order. Kickstarter makes it clear that they are not a store, and you backed a project, not placed an order. I consider you public posting stating the word refund to be defamation, insinuating that I am defrauding you. Accounting, tax, and legal details leave me needing to fulfill the money despite a net loss on each Kickstarter light I send out.
      Your Kickstarter defamation got you put to the bottom of the shipping list.
      No answer I give people like you is ever good enough, you only want me to ship to you right away so I ignore individual requests because there isn't enough time to answer everyone and their more time wasting followups when they don't like the honest answer I gave first time.
      If you post anything publicly defaming again then you are cancelled.
      Now wait your turn like everyone else, while I spend my time in more productive ways.
      I will not correspond with you again except to accept your apology for harassing me when I've made it quite clear in the past that I do not answer individual requests for shipping dates. Nor will I answer you again.

      Barry, my request was reasonable and well within the guidelines provided by Kickstarter. It is also reasonable to expect a refund if you are not able to complete your project and your commitments to your backers - and note that this is also called out specifically as an obligation on you by Kickstarter when you create a project. I was simply given you the option to consider and would have been fine either way.

      Your response here is rude, unprofessional, discourteous and quite simply completely ridiculous and over the top.

      For your information, I'll be posting both my initial email and your reply publicly in the forum as well as forwarding to Kickstarter and you will obviously be keeping my $179 without providing anything in return, which is fine.

    30. Steve Hunter on April 9, 2015

      Barry, I've sent a few enquiries about shipping over the last six weeks to the howmaywehelpyou address with no reply. Can you please advise when my light will ship, or offer a refund if you'd prefer not to fulfil my order. Thanks, Steve

    31. Missing avatar

      Ben Moravitz on April 8, 2015

      I am still waiting for my lights also

    32. Creator Barry Beams on April 4, 2015

      All inquiries must be sent to

    33. Missing avatar

      WSung on April 4, 2015

      So what is the progress on getting the remaining backers the light? Far as I can tell only a few people have received it, but that is just the people willing to post up comments.

    34. Creator Barry Beams on April 2, 2015

      After reading Mr. Hazelwood's comment, I thought that he can't be taken seriously. After seeing that he posted it on April 1, April Fool's Day, I know that my assessment is correct.
      I feel a brief statement about his accusation is appropriate to my backers.
      A month ago I told him I needed to replace the main board.

      Based on his troubleshooting checklist and public statements, and reinforced by the picture he posted showing a green charging status light while the light was on but not plugged into a charger,
      The cause of his light's loss of ability to charge the battery, is installing the battery backwards, and then trying to charge the light, and trying to use the light with the charger plugged in.

      I also gave him responses to that he is seeing battery voltages and charging voltages that are too low or too high. Yet he continued to use the same battery, and tried to charge and use that battery in his light after being advised that the charging chip was bad.

      He bought and continues to use an underpowered charger that is not fully charging the battery, and may not be charging it at all, from a fully drained state.

      He has failed to follow the service and repair instructions to obtain a no-fault repair or replacement.

      Customer error is not a defect in materials or workmanship. Regardless, in almost all cases, and at my expense, I have been performing goodwill repairs at reduced or no cost, and expressed an added expression of my regret for the light not being fully satisfactory by giving an extra battery at no additional charge.

      Mr Hazelwood has not returned his light as I instructed, and continues to use what is now a weakened battery, that gets weaker with each incomplete charge and complete draining that he gives it. He continues to use a substandard charger that outputs less than half my specified charging current, and very likely is not capable of charging the battery fully.

      I sent him a detailed private reply to his message.

      Based on my three decades of performing customer technical support in the computer industry, I view his claims as a disgruntled customer who wants me to jump him ahead of other backers and customers who call and write for support, damaged his product through possible careless misuse, then willfully failed to follow customer support instruction given him, and now wants a free replacement anyway.

      To remove doubt, I will repair his light the same as I treat everyone else, giving him my best workmanship as I put into all my lights, if he returns it and pays the $95 no-fault repair or replacement fee.

      I will correspond with him privately if he chooses to do so, however I will continue to act on customer service inquiries in the order I receive them.

      Confidentiality notice and warning:
      "This communication is company private and confidential, intended for the private use of recipient only.  Permission for redistribution or public disclosure of it's contents is expressly denied.  Violation of this shall result in cancellation of recipient's order without refund."

    35. Missing avatar

      John H on April 1, 2015


      After about two months of light usage and abysmal technical support, I’ve come to the conclusion that your light is an epic fail and you don’t care about your customers at all. Sure, you can blame the customer, me, and indicate I didn’t know how to operate a bicycle light (sure it’s possible though not feasible), but at the end of the day each time I use your light it is super nice and bright and I absolutely love it….for the ten minutes it works before flashing the red light of death. I had one ask, please resolve my battery longevity issues, but coming on two months I believe you might have diagnosed the issue but haven’t offered to resolve. I couldn’t possibly advocate your light to others, as having what I assume is hopefully a one off problem light is understandable, but your complete lack of customer support, your attacking responses, and my favorite line from your most recent email: “I've now responded to all inquiries ahead of your's and can take a few minutes to answer a customer who is not listening to what I say.” Which is rudely saying, you Mr. Customer mean absolutely nothing to me and while I’ll gladly take your money I will not stand behind my work.

      I’m very lucky I have a NiteRider light that I use as backup, which can be charged and last weeks without use and remain charged (unlike your light which must be constantly plugged in or it will go dead quite quickly), and that it lasts for hours of use without a single problem. I do hope you step up and back up your warranty and that you improve your communications with your customers, but hey it’s your business and I’m sure you’re doing what you can to proudly stamp your name on your light.

    36. Creator Barry Beams on March 18, 2015

      @Josh, I'm pleased that you love the light. Please contact me directly with any comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

    37. Josh Friedrichs on March 18, 2015

      got mine and everything works great, THANK YOU

    38. Creator Barry Beams on March 14, 2015

      Thx rkt88edmo.

      For the DIY kits, I should have sent this out sooner.
      please note that DIY assembly instructions are published at:…#

      There is no reflective insert now, instead the heatsink has a reflective coating that tests better in a spectrometer, aligns the beam better than the separate reflector, and eliminates the step of needing to install and align the reflector.

      Any with a kit, please call me ASAP with an questions, or suggestions to improve the assembly, parts, or instructions.

      Happy soldering,

    39. Missing avatar

      rkt88edmo on March 14, 2015

      I haven't read through the comments below yet since late last year as I'd rather just give the creators some space and not waste any of my own energy over miscommunication and online angst, bu anyways, as an update for other backers - I received my "put it together yourself" light yesterday in the mail. I had no idea it was on it's way, so that was a bit of a nice surprise.

      I've looked through all the parts and everything seems to be present and accounted for. I won't have time to assemble it for another two weeks or so, so no other reviews and comments until that time.

    40. Missing avatar

      john shields on March 13, 2015

      Barry's rant of March 2 below is consistent with a continuing lack of proper manners.

      Any critique is immediately dismissed, unprofessionally, as if a personal attack.

      Let's accept this project for what it is - a failure.

      The lights seemingly don't work well.

      I'm still awaiting mine but, oh yeah, Barry said I don't get one because I was critical of the long delays.

      So, it seems, one can't critique the light which has been received by some, without a rant.

      This is hardly polite Barry.

      But, consistent with your past.

    41. Missing avatar

      John H on March 10, 2015

      First of all I’d like to start my civil reply with, I am a big fan of your light and desperately want to get it working properly. And, yes I’m a big fan and very optimistic even after this mornings ride where I had used an external charger the night before, the battery showed 4.6v and 40 minutes into my morning commute (in pitch black) the light died. I really do like the light. I haven't once attacked or insulted you (that would be you).

      So let’s go back a month ago when I emailed your HowMayWeHelp email address (April 10). On April 13th I posted to the group to see if anyone had seen a similar problem as mine, plus some other questions. You responded, not to my email but to the comment section of KickStarter and asked me to run the troubleshooting sheet. You emailed me back asking about the sticker being applied, which I responded to the same day letting you know the sticker had been applied so that couldn’t have been the source of the problem. I provided updates on the 19th and 26th with some more info in an effort to help troubleshoot and didn’t hear back from you. I posted in the comment section which spurred you to start the troubleshooting over again, you never responded to my initial email thread which provided more information. That was a time period going from the 16-28 (almost 2 weeks later, not 2 days).

      As for the rant about no sleep, cheap hotels, etc. that’s called starting a business. I don’t need a friend and didn’t request you answer my email early in the morning, I just want a functional light. I’d be happy if I didn’t have to email you at all. I, along with 248 backers got excited about your light concept and believed in you enough to give you our money to help you achieve your dream of building a great bicycling light. I, and the other backers, didn’t give you money to hire lawyers, file patents, and start a company, that was your idea…and yes starting a business is HARD.

      You sound pretty confident I put the battery in backwards and fried the charging chip. While that could have happened, as the only guide that came with the light is the quick start guide which contains nothing about battery orientation, I assure you I didn’t put it in backwards. Also, the battery fully charges to 4.6v by either plugging in the charger to the light, or using an external charger. On a side note: The battery that left my blind this morning shows it’s still mostly charged when charging via external charger.

      I have never expected “priority” response, and have been extremely patient (issue reported a month ago and still not close to being resolved). I really just want the light to work properly.

      As for the warranty, it’s totally your call. You can choose to disregard the Warranty Contract you created. I can tell you I wouldn’t pay another $95 to be back in the same spot. As for the “you’re on your own” I’ve felt that way for a month now, that’s not new. Remember you created a light in a marketplace of many many other lights. I need a light to allow me the flexibility to ride early mornings and nights (I don’t really care what brand of light). I backed you because I liked the idea of a bright light and someone building something they were passionate about.

      Now for my last piece of feedback. Hire a Marketing person! You started a project on Kickstarter, that’s a start but technology doesn’t often sell itself. You had a very excited early adopter audience who could be your advocate, tell others about their great experience with the light, be your marketing vehicle in a very tight niche group (cycling). I ride with the same people you ride with. I’d highly suggest you stop being so combative and abrasive and work on rebuilding your image with this group, assuming you want your product to be successful without laying out a ton of marketing cash. I really want to be an advocate.

      Feel free to contact me via email (I emailed you yesterday and included my phone number).

      Mr. Hazelwood

    42. Creator Barry Beams on March 3, 2015

      Due to these unwarranted sideways insults and attacks, any further negativity lobbed at me here will be filed in /dev/nul, and not replied to.

      All inquiries must be sent to, or call me at (323) 487-2002.

      I didn't go DARK. I WORK on everything there is to work for, answer inquiries pretty much in order received, and have more work to pick and choose from than there is time in a day, even sometimes without sleep. Sometimes I may take part of a weekend day to actually not be making lights or working on the computer. I haven't even had a fun recreational bike ride since New Year's. Last week I took a few days to drive to the Strategies in Light/ The LED Show trade shows in Las Vegas. No gambling or entertainment, low budget hotel room, work all night in between the show days prepping for the companies and meetings I have the next day. I even still made time very late at night to write to you (from my private address that you should have seen to reply to privately) and try to work your problem while I was away. A few days lag, not a week, is perfectly damn fast to reply to someone who is playing dumb after putting the battery in backwards and tried turn the light on or charge it despite instructions and labels and stickers and instruction cards, and I stay polite and professional about it, but then do I still bend over backwards if I get attacked again?

      Seriously, why do I have no problems with lights that I seal or hardwire the batteries into? Before the stickers and labels and firmware updates and instruction cards, a few boards did go bad or pop charging chips if people put batteries in backwards.
      I replaced those customers' lights or main boards, no questions asked.

      Yes, my design can be improved to be more resilient against reverse current. But at this point, it already needs two errors combined, a reversed battery plus, either triple clicking the switch or plugging in the charger, to risk harming the charging chip. Not to overlook the 1/2 watt diode inline with the charging jack that needs to fry itself with the charging jack connected before even a backwards battery will pop the charging chip.

      Mr Hazelwood, now I'll get to you in order like I get to everyone else. No more undeserved niceness or increased priority. From you troubleshooting sheet, you put the battery in backwards and tried to charge your light.
      Some other people have done that too, but they kept their professionalism and manners about it and dealt with me privately, and receive discounted or free repair or replacement depending on how or what failed. I show appreciation for my supporters like few businesses of any size are willing to incur the cost of.
      However this last dig of your's lost you any customer goodwill repair I might have considered for you.
      Now, like any other paying customer, you can pay the $95 no fault repair or replacement charge by check or money order in the box, shipped in a standard flat rate USPS Priority Mail large envelope.
      Write privately to arrange.
      If you don't like it, then buy an external charger meeting the requirements listed in the battery charging documentation, such as
      and you are on your own.
      Confidentiality notice and warning:
      "This communication is company private and confidential, intended for the private use of recipient only.  Permission for redistribution or public disclosure of it's contents is expressly denied.  Violation of this shall result in cancellation of recipient's order without refund."

    43. Missing avatar

      John H on February 28, 2015

      Uh..I did. We emailed about it and then you went dark for a week?

    44. Creator Barry Beams on February 28, 2015

      As previously stated, follow this troubleshooting procedure:

      first, before making any inquiry regarding possible defects or performance issues.
      Thank you,

      Confidentiality notice and warning:
      "This communication is company private and confidential, intended for the private use of recipient only.  Permission for redistribution or public disclosure of it's contents is expressly denied.  Violation of this shall result in cancellation of recipient's order without refund."

    45. Missing avatar

      John H on February 28, 2015

      Barry, I'm not sure if it's just my light, or a problem with all lights, but I can't get the light to work for longer than a few minutes at level 3 and level 4 and 5 just don't work (immediately goes red and does the death flash thing). I've tried both batteries and same results, so doesn't appear to be the battery.

      I'll likely use my Niterider light until resolved, as I'm constantly afraid your light is going to completely die on me each time I go out. I love the light when it works.

    46. Missing avatar

      John Rhodes on February 26, 2015

      Have there been any updates as to when we original backers might expect to receive their lights? I can't get any responses to queries sent to HowMayWeHelpYou, so I thought I'd check here.

    47. Missing avatar

      James Tom on February 25, 2015

      Sorry, John, I thought you work for Barry. Did you get your?

    48. Missing avatar

      John H on February 25, 2015

      @James - I can't tell you, I'm a backer like you are.

    49. Missing avatar

      James Tom on February 25, 2015

      Hello! Barry or John, call you tell me when my light will e ship?

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