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The Future of Bike Lighting, by Barry Beams's video poster

Light the road just like a car. When the driver doesn't know you're "just" a bicycle, they have to give you a lot more room. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 19, 2012.

Light the road just like a car. When the driver doesn't know you're "just" a bicycle, they have to give you a lot more room.

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    1. Creator Barry Beams 3 days ago

      Due to these unwarranted sideways insults and attacks, any further negativity lobbed at me here will be filed in /dev/nul, and not replied to.

      All inquiries must be sent to, or call me at (323) 487-2002.

      I didn't go DARK. I WORK on everything there is to work for, answer inquiries pretty much in order received, and have more work to pick and choose from than there is time in a day, even sometimes without sleep. Sometimes I may take part of a weekend day to actually not be making lights or working on the computer. I haven't even had a fun recreational bike ride since New Year's. Last week I took a few days to drive to the Strategies in Light/ The LED Show trade shows in Las Vegas. No gambling or entertainment, low budget hotel room, work all night in between the show days prepping for the companies and meetings I have the next day. I even still made time very late at night to write to you (from my private address that you should have seen to reply to privately) and try to work your problem while I was away. A few days lag, not a week, is perfectly damn fast to reply to someone who is playing dumb after putting the battery in backwards and tried turn the light on or charge it despite instructions and labels and stickers and instruction cards, and I stay polite and professional about it, but then do I still bend over backwards if I get attacked again?

      Seriously, why do I have no problems with lights that I seal or hardwire the batteries into? Before the stickers and labels and firmware updates and instruction cards, a few boards did go bad or pop charging chips if people put batteries in backwards.
      I replaced those customers' lights or main boards, no questions asked.

      Yes, my design can be improved to be more resilient against reverse current. But at this point, it already needs two errors combined, a reversed battery plus, either triple clicking the switch or plugging in the charger, to risk harming the charging chip. Not to overlook the 1/2 watt diode inline with the charging jack that needs to fry itself with the charging jack connected before even a backwards battery will pop the charging chip.

      Mr Hazelwood, now I'll get to you in order like I get to everyone else. No more undeserved niceness or increased priority. From you troubleshooting sheet, you put the battery in backwards and tried to charge your light.
      Some other people have done that too, but they kept their professionalism and manners about it and dealt with me privately, and receive discounted or free repair or replacement depending on how or what failed. I show appreciation for my supporters like few businesses of any size are willing to incur the cost of.
      However this last dig of your's lost you any customer goodwill repair I might have considered for you.
      Now, like any other paying customer, you can pay the $95 no fault repair or replacement charge by check or money order in the box, shipped in a standard flat rate USPS Priority Mail large envelope.
      Write privately to arrange.
      If you don't like it, then buy an external charger meeting the requirements listed in the battery charging documentation, such as
      and you are on your own.
      Confidentiality notice and warning:
      "This communication is company private and confidential, intended for the private use of recipient only.  Permission for redistribution or public disclosure of it's contents is expressly denied.  Violation of this shall result in cancellation of recipient's order without refund."

    2. Creator John Hazelwood 5 days ago

      Uh..I did. We emailed about it and then you went dark for a week?

    3. Creator Barry Beams 5 days ago

      As previously stated, follow this troubleshooting procedure:

      first, before making any inquiry regarding possible defects or performance issues.
      Thank you,

      Confidentiality notice and warning:
      "This communication is company private and confidential, intended for the private use of recipient only.  Permission for redistribution or public disclosure of it's contents is expressly denied.  Violation of this shall result in cancellation of recipient's order without refund."

    4. Creator John Hazelwood 6 days ago

      Barry, I'm not sure if it's just my light, or a problem with all lights, but I can't get the light to work for longer than a few minutes at level 3 and level 4 and 5 just don't work (immediately goes red and does the death flash thing). I've tried both batteries and same results, so doesn't appear to be the battery.

      I'll likely use my Niterider light until resolved, as I'm constantly afraid your light is going to completely die on me each time I go out. I love the light when it works.

    5. Creator John Rhodes 7 days ago

      Have there been any updates as to when we original backers might expect to receive their lights? I can't get any responses to queries sent to HowMayWeHelpYou, so I thought I'd check here.

    6. Creator James Tom on February 25

      Sorry, John, I thought you work for Barry. Did you get your?

    7. Creator John Hazelwood on February 25

      @James - I can't tell you, I'm a backer like you are.

    8. Creator James Tom on February 25

      Hello! Barry or John, call you tell me when my light will e ship?

    9. Creator Jim Andrews on February 24

      John, would it be possible to get an update as to when additional shipment will be forthcoming? Thank you.

    10. Creator Isaac on February 18

      John can you please please get back to em about my light please. I have heard no news and am still waiting for my order?

    11. Creator Bheleu on February 18

      Also got a 2001 Honda Insight recently. When weather warms up, might ride my bike into work again but until then loving the 50+mpg vehicle.

    12. Creator Bheleu on February 18

      Jam, you will want it on top of your bars for the proper light spread. If memory serves it has a D shape rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise (still not had time to mount mine, I use it every chance I get as a flashlight).

    13. Creator Jam on February 17

      Sounds positive. Hopefully i'll get my light soon as well. Until then does anyone have a photo of their handlebars with the light attached to get a sense of size perspective. Also whether they mounted it on top or upside down.

    14. Creator Barry Beams on February 13

      @John, Please run this troubleshooting sheet and email the results to me directly.

      A new Version 2 battery cover will be ready in ~6 weeks, that will have a soft rubber in-molded front lip to form a water-tight seal. The shrink rate of the plastic after it is taken out of the mold on version 1 was more than calculated, leading to that slight gap that some of you have encountered.

      The Velcro does release quickly. I won't warranty the light if some other mount is used.

      Sometimes its not obvious, so I suggest that you turn the light sideways on the mount, for quicker access to the velcro slot in the front end of the mount.

      A note about my response times:

      Some days I don't get to look at email til after midnight, and cluster up customer service messages in multiple hour binges to get to answer everyone. Still, and I apologize, that sometimes I don't get to everyone.
      I think that giving my customers a 2-3 day turnaround time from a basically one person operation is doing really well. I can't wait for when the sales increase sufficiently that I can have an assistant take care of basic business operations so that I have the time to consistently answer the HowMayWeHelpYou inquiries within the same day.

      Confidentiality notice and warning:
      "This communication is company private and confidential, intended for the private use of recipient only.  Permission for redistribution or public disclosure of it's contents is expressly denied.  Violation of this shall result in cancellation of recipient's order without refund."

    15. Creator John Hazelwood on February 13

      If anyone has a good solution for a quick release mount, I'd love to hear it. Also, as mentioned by Roger (Thank you so much for sharing!) their is a gap that could let water in if you don't seal it. I'm glad I knew that before I took it out in the rain, and have currently used electrical tape to temporarily solve (again if anyone has a non hack way of fixing I'll take it). Lastly I noticed I charged my battery throughout a day (light was green when unplugged), didn't use for a week and then on my next morning ride the light was dead already. Thankfully my Nightrider light held a charge after being unused since I got the new light (2-3 weeks). I know just leave the light plugged in permanently until next use. Anyone else seeing non-use battery drain?

      I emailed howcanwehelp a few days ago and no response, so throwing out to the community.

    16. Creator Mark on January 31

      Light arrived yesterday. Construction seems solid. Weighs less as a package than an older light that pushed 900 lumen that was 100 grams more weight. Light pattern is interesting, and compared to a focused pattern from the current one think I will like Barry's far better.
      Will direct a question to Barry's help link after I tried it out and am unsure how to fully operate.

    17. Creator Isaac on January 27

      Hi, may I know when I'll get my light please? I'man original backer from over 2 years ago.I thought lights were being shipped out as of December?


    18. Creator John Hazelwood on January 24

      Thanks Barry. I wasn't calling the larger unit a bad thing, just saying it was bigger than many of the other units (likely brighter too). I did use one rubber strip, but next time I'll tighten the bejebers out of the Velcro. Unfortunately I had to adjust the light no fewer than 50 times in the hour I needed it, and was grateful when 7 hit and I didn't need it to see (just be seen). I have no doubt it's brighter than all other lights out with a much better spread.

      I'm also worried about the durability of the Velcro as I remove the light often to charge or when not needed.

    19. Creator Scott Napier on January 24

      As Barry said, you need the rubber strip. Even better is something like this:…

      It's what I've used on number of lights to prevent them slipping. I just cut a strip of it the width of the mount. It also eliminates the 'buzz' from the light on the handlebar on rough roads better.

    20. Creator Barry Beams on January 24

      The size and weight is small compared to the size of anything with similar power, which also would need separate batteries and cables. Its larger than single LED pothole spotter types.
      That's to be expected because those have much smaller batteries and no optics.
      Other 3+ high powered LED lights are at least as large and heavier.
      To mount, the buckle should be to the rear, velcro closes in front of the bars.
      Use the rubber strips for better grip between the mount and handlebar. That's the same as any other light.
      You can pull the Velcro as tight as you're able. It has a 500 pound tensile strength, making it virtually unbreakable in human hands.

    21. Creator John Hazelwood on January 23

      I received my light yesterday. First observation, it seems big but not a big deal. I charged it last night and mounted it this morning to use on my 2 hour commute into work. I couldn't get it to stay level, even after really tightening the velcro. I found the light pointing at my front tire rather than the road ahead. I'm assuming others have solved this....How? I can't comment on the light brightness much yet, as I couldn't keep it pointed ahead of me.

    22. Creator HM on January 23

      I just got my light today as well. Haven't gone on a ride with them yet but the beam pattern and brightness looks really good while testing indoors.

    23. Creator Roger Guerrero on January 22

      Well, after much consternation I now have my light. I actually met Barry at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, since I'm out here on business. The design was really quite impressive, and while I haven't had a chance to put the light on my bike, the number of light patterns gives you lots of lighting options.

      I have to admit I had some serious misconceptions about Barry, due to his utter lack of communication with us. However, in person he's not a bad guy. I just wish that, during the project, his real personality would have come out. And, had there been more timely updates, all of the ill will directed toward him would have been reduced. After supporting over 40 projects, the lesson I've learned is that, as long as the project creators keep milestones transparent (even if technology needs to stay hidden for obvious reasons), things could have gone better.

      One product point which Barry pointed out needs to be addressed. He showed me a very small gap between the polycarbonate battery cover and the main chassis. He said if you take the light out into the rain, make sure you cover the gap (less than 1mm) with tape. An o-ring type gasket would fix that nicely. I know you're working on one, but you might want to make that available to the backers at some point.

      I'm glad I met Barry. I'm not real happy that it took over 2 years, but he really did make a fine product. The proof will be in the performance over time, but so far I'm satisfied with what he generated.

    24. Creator Scott Napier on January 14

      I've managed a couple of rides now with my new Barry Beams light, here are my thoughts:

      The overall construction seems solid. I don't doubt that unless hits the road hard, it should last a long time. The mount is well thought out and even over rough roads seems to hold it position (I've had issues with this with other lights). I may have to engineer a set up to get it on and off the bike with a quick release of some sort as this takes time every day. My bike does not live near an outlet so I have to remove it to charge it.

      The flash settings and various levels of steady light obviously have been thoroughly test and are exemplary. The steady flash setting means you never lose light completely and on a my first test ride - with the light set up too high - had drivers slowing in the opposite direction. I won't be missed in low light riding with the steady/flash on.

      The steps between the solid light are staggered logically and I had enough light for my needs. Cruising up a well lit street at night, middle setting; dropping down the next hill at 40 mph, second highest setting; pitch black MUT in the fog, highest setting. I found the tactile button on the back makes it easy to change the levels as needed. The only awkward part is to go from low light flash, to no light solid, but I'm not sure there would be a logical way around this and its something that my other lights have had issues with.

      Tonight I ran the light, after its third charge, on the middle solid setting for about 20 minutes, the second highest setting for an hour and the highest setting for 20 minutes. I got a solid red light (1/3 charge left) for the last five of that.

      The beam is, well amazing. I'm still not used to it coming from my standard round light set up, there is a lot of ambient light. It's not bad, just takes getting used to. The beam pattern is wide and allows for a lot of confidence when I make lateral movements around holes and everything else. The top of the beam lights stuff up very well at a distance. I don't feel like I'm riding in a tunnel. I don't think the ambient light is going to waste, it seems to be a by product of the well focused beams put to good use.

      The light color is just about perfect as well. Not so cool that it creates a lot of false shadows, but not so warm that debris disappears; I've had both and they are equally frustrating.

      I like that the battery is replaceable and plan on picking up a spare plus charger soon as I have some 24 hour rides planned. Two batteries on open roads (not my urban commute) will probably be plenty to get me through the night.

      The only other part of the light that is not my favorite is the grommet that holds the cover on. The design seems solid, but trying to fumble with that with tired hands in the dark may prove to be a challenge. However I think that is an extreme and probably not typical of the average user.

      I was not thrilled with the additional time everything took, but in the end the light seems to be very well planned and engineered and something I would go through again to get this quality of product. Already in two commute rides I have had several comments about the light from strangers about how effective the light is. I may have to learn to ride faster to avoid getting bogged down in conversation and make it home in time. :)

    25. Creator john shields on January 8

      Barry - it is now well into January, 2015 - well more than 2 years since I sent you my money. No light. No refund. I ask again that you refund my money.

    26. Creator Bheleu on December 26

      Made an unboxing video, will upload it to YouTube once I make it home tonight (made on iMovie with my iPad Retina mini).

    27. Creator Bheleu on December 26

      3 presses turn the light on to light level 2.
      1 press brightens it one level to light level 3.
      1 press brightens it one level to light level 4.
      1 press brightens it one level (maximum brightness) to light level 5.
      Pressing it again will cause the light to blink because it is at maximum brightness, light level 5.

      At maximum, holding it down will slowly decrease the brightness.4 times the 5th decrease shuts it off).

      If you press it again 3 times to turn it back on it comes up at light level 2. Holding the button down decreases it to light level 1, then release.

      At light level 1 if you hold it down briefly it will flash (signifying it is at the lowest level possible).
      If you continue to hold it down it will shut the light off.

      That's all the instruction you really need on the light. Oh and the big fat contact is the negative end of the battery and it is what goes against the sticker side (as there is no real clear instruction posted on battery orientation). You have to have it in the correct orientation or it will not power up.

    28. Creator Bheleu on December 26

      Never done a YouTube review before, will try to get something this weekend up.
      Just finished charging the first set of batteries and wanted to test the blinking mode again and finally figured it out.
      *IMPORTANT NOTE*: To get it into the blink mode, start with it OFF.
      Press the button two times and on the third time HOLD it down - turns the light on in the flasher mode - I think this is what Barry intended in his instructions, but it was not clear.
      Any combination of holding the button when the light is already on will eventually shut the light off (as it progressively gets dimmer) and pressing it increments its brightness levels.
      To turn it on in the steady light mode, you just press it three times when in the off position and release.

      6 Blinking Modes (manual does not say how many there are, just says you change them with the press of a button, here they are in order):
      (Medium 2 flash with steady low beam, 1 long continuous low beam, repeat)
      (Bright 2 flash with steady low beam, 1 long continuous low beam, repeat)
      (Medium 3 flash with steady low beam, 1 long continuous low beam, repeat)
      (Bright 3 flashes with steady low beam, 1 long continuous low beam, repeat)
      (Medium On, Entire Light Off, repeat)
      (High On, Entire Light Off, repeat)

    29. Creator Scott Napier on December 26

      Thanks for the update Bheleu. Great timing, at least for me, as a crash took out my current light. Post a link to your YouTube review once it's available.
      Thank you Barry for working through the holidays to get these out. Much appreciated!

    30. Creator Bheleu on December 26

      Huge thanks Barry, I got my two lights in today along with the accessories minus the two extra mounts I had originally requested, but happy to report no need for the extra mounts.

      Everyone that has multiple bikes in their garage, Barry's design allows for quick removal and assembly of the light to the handlebars. The light velcros onto the frame along with a rubber inner tube to hold it securely into place. Easy removal and a bag for the light lets you remove it from your bars to secure and charge in your own area or swap from your road bike to your mountain bike and vice versa with no additional tools required. The mount is screwed into the light with a rubber gasket between the mount and the light to act as a shock absorber.

      Will try to post a YouTube review if Barry does not mind later on and give a few anxious people an idea of what to expect when they get their Oculus in hand. I find it easy to increase and decrease brightness levels. Getting the light into the flash mode is difficult for me though. Charging my first set of batteries, then going to charge the second set.

      Also for those of you who want to carry an extra battery with you on long road trips, the battery perfectly fits into the Walgreens Wal-born (their brand of Airborne) containers. Recommend stocking up on some for the winter weather and save your containers for your spare battery if you got them.

      Thanks again, Larry Thomas aka Bheleu.

      P.S. To ease anyone's mind on the no reward level upon whether your light is in the que, I was one of the early backers on the "no rewards" level as I had a special set of extra lights batteries, chargers, etc. in my early request. Barry is assembling these himself, so it is likely going to take him a while. I recommended a newer soldering iron to him that I think could speed the process along. Merry Christmas and Helmet side up!

    31. Creator Lloyd Cha on December 23

      I picked up my light from Barry at the SF BIke Expo, and I'm one of the people who encountered the battery drain problem which prompted the service announcement Barry posted in update #25. Fortunately, the fix of adding something to insulate the negative terminal from the heatsink was easy to apply and works well. While it's been a long wait, I'm happy to report that the light works as advertised. It's very bright, has an nice wide beam pattern, and is solidly made.

      I believe Barry is starting to ship lights, but it looks like there is still a lot of hand assembly work that limits his throughput.

    32. Creator Sam Mantha on December 17

      No light received here. Also, probably not good to send out an update saying that people should stick a piece of paper between the battery contacts to avoid battery drain: if there is a defect, send out a replacement (yet, haven't seen any comments from anyone who had received a light).

    33. Creator Barry Beams on December 13

      Send all requests to

      I may be mistaken, however I'm fairly certain I have posted this before.

    34. Creator Fjelddahl on December 13

      Barry, when a backer is leaving a comment, he is supposed to be "Respectful and Considerate".
      And you, could you be respectful and considerate to us and announce a realistic delivery date?
      Thank you very much

    35. Creator Bheleu on December 12

      Thought I would check in and see if any backers had showed up at the expo and had picked up their lights? Also curious if the next expo comes along if anyone would be willing to pickup the lights of a few other backers and ship them out to us?

    36. Creator john shields on December 10

      A week ago Barry, I left you a simple challenge - man up and provide a full update, with either a delivery date or refund of our money. A week later, still no word from Barry. What are you hiding Barry? Two years after taking all the money, where is the future of bike lighting?

      You had all kinds of nice words and promises two years ago on this Kickstarter page.

      Two years later, are you not capable of typing out a full update?

      It might take you five minutes.

    37. Creator Mark on December 8

      Has no one yet received a light. I am contacting Kickstarter asking for a refund and recommend anyone else who believes they have not been made whole by the agreement Barry extended do the same. I am also trying to locate a contact for the State Of California Inspector General's office to find out how to lodge a complaint with them. Anyone made any inroads on this front? Seems to me the more people who lodge a legitimate legal complaint there may start some action. I am at the point I don't care if I ever see a light. Screw me, screw you.

    38. Creator john shields on December 3

      Barry, time to shine (or not). More than two years ago you took some $ 32K from 249 backers for the "future of bike lighting". That future was obviously as dim as your lights for they haven't been delivered. You have never refunded my money either. So, you took the money and didn't deliver lights. Does that sound right? In the meantime, the silence has been deafening. Months go by without any proper update. Playing ostrich doesn't assist. Here's today's challenge - man up - provide a full update today with an undertaking to either deliver the lights by the end of this year or refund the money. Time to shine Barry. The spotlight - not your light obviously - is on you.

    39. Creator Mark on November 28

      Doesn't seem reasonable. Will drop some off to anyone who shows up to the expo? So there are "some" lights to deliver, but we don't know how many. Why can't they just be sent? Are there really lights to deliver? Is this one more statement to make people think there is movement when nothing is shared here on KS? Even more incredible, Barry is overhelmed by direct messages to him which he has asked for, instead of taking a few moments to let us all know the status? We aren't asking for the crowned jewels here level of information.

      Who has even received a response from Barry via his "" email address?

    40. Creator Teri Carilli on November 24

      Did anyone go to the SF Bike Expo this weekend? See any evidence of the lights?

    41. Creator Mark on November 22

      Anyone receive a light yet?

    42. Creator Scott Napier on November 19

      Happy 2nd Anni!! Lights to be had soon.

    43. Creator Jam on October 13

      Barry, I know you're going to say send any questions to your email cause you're not really one for transparency, but i'll give this a shot anyway.

      I'm just checking over your USPO patent which is 8,662,697…

      I figure it's yours cause the authors are:
      Burr; Barry J & Burr; Miriam S of 114 Granada Avenue Mountain View CA 94043.

      Now anyway.. the question i've got is it still appears that the patent is owned by yourself and not Barry Beams, LLC. Is this just a oversight?

    44. Creator john shields on October 7

      Wow, Barry has finally surfaced with, really, a non-update. No apologies. No real promises. Perhaps in months. No need to wait for the postman.

      Meanwhile, over at Indigo - - the Australians have more backers, a much brighter light, and deliveries promised this year.

      Barry, who has for two years left us in the dark, has been passed by changes to technology, and a more advanced product.

      Lupine has just brought out a brand new red rear light that brightens when a rider stops -…. That product is shipping.

      As opposed to Barry's promises - Barry Beams also makes the first and only practical speed sensitive bicycle brakelight switching circuit and mechanism that's also more visible, brighter, and can sell for the same or less than conventional blinking bicycle taillights.

      Barry's rear light is, well, not shipping.

      Just like his front light.

      $ 32K disappeared in 2012.

      Barry, where is my money? I've asked for a refund many times. What did you spend it on?

    45. Creator West Kurihara on September 29

      Barry, having not heard a word for some time, I was giving up hope but your latest message is quite encouraging. I have not sent many previous messages to you because I realize how much energy and time it takes to respond and that is time away from achieving your goal getting these lights produced. Now onto my question, does your shipping process include sending an email to the recipient so that we know it will be arriving? My concern is that the delivery services just leave packages at the front door and unless we are expecting items, we may not check for it. Thanks.

    46. Creator Steve Hunter on September 27

      Seriously? "Please send inquiries to" ... okay, I'll do just that (again). When do we get our lights or our refunds?

    47. Creator Rob Trenchard on September 26

      Any update on expected shipping dates? My rides home are getting dark again.
      Thank you

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