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The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
354 backers pledged €11,620 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus (Creator)

€11,620. When we began planning to bring BARPIG to Kickstarter, we never thought we would end up with over 10k. We would be happy reaching our goal, ecstatic if we doubled that. This has just blown our minds!

Thank you all so so much for your support in this! BARPIG would have never gotten far without your help, feedback, and support. Because of you, not only are we going to make BARPIG a real thing, but it's going to have so many amazing extras, many of which are exclusive to you.

What's more, we now have the support and momentum we need to make our Expansion Pack. We've already been chatting with a few of you regarding this, and how best to involve the community. There are some great ideas like creating a sub-redit, doing live-streams of play test games, and loads of great Character name puns. It's going to be a lot of fun, and we can't wait to get you guys involved in this.

Phil and I celebrated our achievement during the Amsterdam Gay Pride this Saturday. We started the afternoon off with our Share for a Dare, and we'll have that video ready for you this week. Needless to say we had a great time shaking our money-makers with the fun crowds at Pride! Who won most of the dance offs? You'll have to watch later this week to find out.

Needless to say we've partied out this weekend. It's been a incredibly busy month of campaigning. We've promised ourselves August will be a month to rest up and recover. That doesn't mean nothing's happening, on the contrary we have a list of things that we now setting into motion. First and foremost, our production schedule with Trefl. They're finalizing the files with us at this very moment, so we should have the game production up and running very shortly. We're also going to submit the order for the custom dice with CHESSEX, and they expect 4 weeks to complete that. We're also going to submit our production request for the turn-keeper coins. 

Your Print'n'Play files are also on this week's To-Do list, and you can expect to receive a download link for that in the next few days as well. Once again the Print'n'Play will include the Spirit of the Vengeful Liver, as well as a few blank Character and Item cards for your own fun creations. Feel free to share you fun gameplay stories, photos, and videos with us on social media, you can always tag us @barpiggame. 

Also we've recently completed the Translation Cheat Sheet for German (available on the campaign page now), and French is penciled in for completion this week. Our website needs an update post campaign as well, and that's going to happen soon with all the appropriate updated links and details as we bring this project towards production and pre-orders.

We're going to continue using our current channels to keep everyone updated with the status of BARPIG, it seems the combination we have is working wonders. Here's our approach: 

  • Kickstarter Updates like this will continue to arrive, naturally at a slower rate of about 1-2 each month. We'll give you guys the complete wrap up of what's happened since the last update, and end with a status indication towards final dispatch and delivery of your games. 
  • Our Facebook Page is the central place to find all our latest updates and news. We'll be using this extensively as our point of communication. 
  • Twitter remains a great way for us to tap into and work with the indie gaming community, and we're still active there. We enjoy the great creativity we find there and share that with everyone, along with other gaming-related articles we run into. 
  • Instagram is a beautiful way to give you guys an insight into our process. Our current schedule remains at around 1 picture a week. 
  • Snapchat is a lot of fun for us! Our little Plush Pig is generating a real following, so add us and get to peak the behind-the-scenes moments the BARPIG sees!

We're going to hold off sending out the Backer Survey until we're closer to our dispatch date. This is so that we'll have everyone's latest address information as close to the day we send out your rewards.

So that's what you can look forward to in the weeks to come! Keep in touch with us, we love hearing from you guys, and as always...
Keep questing you very very find BARPIGs!

~Johno & Phil


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