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The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
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Into the Final Stretch

Posted by Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus (Creator)


We have exciting news regarding the BARPIG Artbook! Many of you have been asking for previews of the artbook, as well as an idea of it’s content. Your wish, as always, is our command, and Frederick has given us a bunch of beautiful previews of the book's contents. So here's the low down on 'The Art of BARPIG';

The Art of BARPIG

It’ll include a part from us featuring the development story of BaRPG up until BARPIG, and track the artistic growth of the game as well as our briefs and story behind all the various characters and items, so you'll get a bit of the game's background as well the lore behind BARPIG. Frederick has included original sketches and footnotes all throughout tracking the artistic development.

For those interested, it's going to be hardcover book measuring 210mm by 148mm. We're really excited about this, it's going to look beautiful and is definitely a worthwhile extra for those of you who love the art as much as we do. The art book is available as one of the pledge options in our campaign. We’ve updated our campaign page to feature these new previews as well, and the full resolution previews can be viewed at the end of this update.

You keep Sharing, we keep Daring!

It's been a busy week for us. We've been on the road demonstrating BARPIG pretty much every day of the week, and have enjoyed the creativity we've seen in those games. This week also saw us publish our Share for a Dare video, and it’s been shared on our various Social Media channels as well as been uploaded to our campaign page. Feel free to pass it around to your friends, share the laughs that BARPIG brings!

As previously announced, our next Share for a Dare will happen on Saturday August 5th, during Amsterdam's Gay Pride celebration. As before if you want to join in or just watch, send us an e-mail ('ll be doing it before the canal parade arrives, so there'll be plenty of opportunities to dare us to race for a blessed object, charm random strangers, or perform a dance off to a Village People track. Keep casting your votes, as it stands it looks like we'll be doing a dance off, so if you want to see something else, vote now!

More Goodies to Come!

Talking about Stretch Goals, we're already only €300 away from our next one at €8,000 - The Expansion Pack! And we're super stoked about this one. We've got some great ideas and concepts lined up for extra characters, items, and even an extra mechanic to twist the game around even more. Above all we're really excited about the prospect of having you, our backers, be part of this process. We're thinking about things like giving your early access to new Characters and Items to play test and give us your feedback, as well as working together on any new ideas you might have. This is all still work in progress so expect definite details after our campaign finishes and we've got production underway for the first edition of BARPIG.

Beyond that, we have to say that BARPIG's progress has exceeded even our expectations, and we have you guys to thank so much for that! It means that future Stretch Goal ideas we had on the back burner are now being finalised with producers and manufacturers, and we'll be ready to release those details definitely in the coming days. At the moment we're looking at a Custom BARPIG Medal/Coin that fits in the pack and acts as a turn keeper. Another great souvenir to go with your custom dice. We're also looking at maybe giving all backers a special BARPIG tin container, so you can really show off your very own Kickstarter Edition of BARPIG in style!

We have more ideas beyond that, but as always know that the best place to find inspiration on what works well with BARPIG is you, those who love and support BARPIG. So we'd like to ask you to share your thoughts about what you would like to see as future possible Stretch Goals. We keep hearing a lot of people ask about our Plush Pigs we use in our demos and social media photos. Or would you prefer a play mat (we would look at making it compact enough to also fit inside BARPIG's flip-top box). Or temporary tattoo stickers; Whoever 'blacks out' in the game has to apply the tattoo and live with that 'shame' for, what is it, 3 days (if they shower daily ;-P ).

Let us know, we love hearing from you guys and really look forward to your thoughts on this one as well.

This final week sees us active again with more demos, possibly even in Middlesbrough (yup! Look out UK!). Don't forget to check out our Drinking Rules game Live Stream on Thursday (you can subscribe to the broadcast via this link as well).

It's been incredible, we're so proud, and so so grateful to you all! Thank you guys, keep sharing with / telling your friends about BARPIG, let's make this final week an amazing success!

Keep following us and checking us out for... 

Till then, Keep Questing You Fine BARPIGS 

~ Johno & Phil

As promised, here are the full resolution samples of the Artbook "The Art of BARPIG" by Frederick van de Bunt:









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