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The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
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Your Wish is Our Command

Posted by Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus (Creator)

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about our future stretch goals. So at this point the message seems clear, doesn’t it? It’s about time that we release some of the next goals we have in store: 

€6000 - Full Resolution Double-Sided Print'n'Play & a Tips, Tricks, and Drinking Rules Card

You've already seen this one, and we feel it's fitting for this milestone. All backers who have pledged to receive a pack of BARPIG will receive: 

  • A Tips, Tricks, and Special Drinking Rules card. This extra exclusive card for our backers that will offer game play alternatives and tips, as well as our drinking rules variation (mirroring BARPIGs predecessor, BaRPG). Please ‘Pig’ responsibly... 
  • Full Resolution Print'n'Play, including a blank Character and Item Card for your custom creations. All backers who have pledged to receive a pack will receive this when our campaign has concluded, perfect for those of you who feel eager to already play BARPIG with your friends whilst the hardcopy is shipping to you. 

€7000 - Exclusive custom dice for our Backers only

Another exclusive item for our backers: A custom made marbled green and gold BARPIG Dice! Rare and just for you, rolling that winning 6 will never be more stylish! 

€8000 – You guys really love BARPIG! Time to start developing the Expansion Pack! Backers receive Exclusive Access

This is something we've been thinking about for a while. With the extra funds provided by this stretch goal, as well as the community BARPIG will have, we can comfortably start developing our Expansion Pack - BARPIG Game Changers. Featuring new characters, items, and more. Also, we will be inviting you, our loyal backers, to become part of the creative process. Your ideas and feedback will be an integral part of the new expansion`s development, and we will reward you guys in a special way, such as first hand access to the printed finished product when it comes out! 

Some of you have even been sending us your ideas, which we are honored to receive. Giving you these Stretch goals is our way of saying thanks and it’s exciting to hear your input. Though we have plans for our further stretch goals already, we have been looking into some of your suggestions. Naturally anything we do has to be economically viable but we appreciate the sharing all the same. So keep it up! 

Furthermore, we've noticed how much you guys love the Whisking character card and the Spirit of the Vengeful Liver item card, and so for you, here are the cards in higher resolution. Your wish, our command... 

We're buckling down now to prepare for the next round of events coming up, including our Share for a Dare! Polls are still open so click here and keep those votes coming in on which dare you would like to see Johno and Phil perform. And we're also only 3 Boardgame Geek Fans or 16 Facebook Shares away from our next set of Dares! Keep on sharing!

And as always, we can be followed for: 

Until then, Keep questing you fine BARPIGs! 

 ~Johno & Phil

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    1. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Bastiaan thank you! We're very chuffed, and could not have gotten here without everyone's amazing support! We're eternally grateful

    2. Bastiaan Nox

      It's great to see how succesful you're relaunch is. Enjoy!