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The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
The unholy result of a one night stand between card-based role-playing games and a mostly ridiculous party
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    1. Oliver on

      Thanks :D much appreciated

    2. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Oliver, we're going to let a couple of cats... Or perhaps better said Pig's out of the bag tomorrow at the UK Games Expo. And, we hear that we need to give Facebook more love, so I think that'll be the place to reveal things!

    3. Oliver on

      I have a question: was there any interesting news about the expansion lately?

      I don't have insta or snapchat so I'm stuck writhe what ist posted on Facebook. Which is mostly events (not that I don't enjoy the funny pictures or knowing that the project has kind of a run)

      I'm not trying to rush. By all means take all the time needed. I'm just very curious in what direction its going to go...

    4. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Digisloth, so glad your replacement arrived in good order. We're happy to oblige, and thank you guys for supporting us with this! It's warming to read your message, thank you for that. Have a blast playing BARPIG, and let us know how your games with friends go!

    5. digisloth on

      Received my new copy yesterday and it arrived unscathed, you guys are amazing! You went above and beyond and I truly did not expect a whole new copy because my box was banged up....excellent backer support! If you do another Kickstarter I’ll definitely be there. You guys rock!

    6. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Oliver, happy to oblige our fans! That's good news on the postage security situation in Germany, thanks for the update

    7. Oliver on

      @Johno & Phil
      you are really amazing for going so far and answering every komment :D

      Update on the package-bombing in germany:
      So far the bombers have failed misserably. With several sorted out before reaching destination and the rest either not opend or failed to explode. Until they have just increased the security at the postservices. It's like watching a Supervillain namend "Supervillain" trying to be evil, but accidently doing good...

    8. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @jeremy, let us know how the cards faired, and send us pictures by email please,

    9. Missing avatar


      Received the game pack in Singapore, but sadly upon opening saw a few defects on the card box, yet to open to check if the cards are intact.

    10. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Joseph, try - if still not, send us an email:

    11. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lindlau

      The link to purchase more copies seems to be broken.

    12. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Duarte great to hear!! What did the other people in the bar think? ;-)

    13. Duarte Peralta on

      Received last Friday, played last Saturday. What a BLAST! We actually played it in a bar, and it made the challenges that much more "challenging" :D

    14. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Joshua can't wait!!! @Hamilton great to hear it's arrived! How bad is the damage? Could you email us a picture please?

    15. Hamilton Phillip on

      Arrived Malaysia with joy. Terima kasih. Sadly the only issue i have is the corner box was damaged but the cards are intake.

    16. Joshua Burall on

      Oh I will. You'll see my gameplay video also, once I have it posted to my YouTube channel. :)

    17. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Joshua, great to hear! Share pics of the mayhem with us, can't wait to see how much fun you guys have!

    18. Joshua Burall on

      California here. Game arrived yesterday. Corners barely banged up, but other than that it's perfect. Can't wait to introduce it to my friends this weekend!

    19. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @digisloth thanks for the email. Bummer that your package went through that much! @Kaliis also shame the package didn't arrive great - I'm going to PM you to ask more about the packaging btw.
      @Everyone, we think what went wrong here was when we packed the games into the plastic sleeves, some of the games had the custom dice and coin placed near the lid, where there's a lot of 'crumple' space should the package take a serious beating. We tested this packaging before and didn't find any issues, yet that was without the custom coin and dice. That's where we think this might be going wrong every now and then. Padded mailers was an option, but then the increased box size would incur higher shipping charges and costs. We've got it figured out for replacement shipments now - live and learn right?

    20. Kaliis Smith

      Yeah, USA=Massachusetts. These weren't packed so well, but the game is intact, so that's cool. I *also* have pictures of the box damage.

      Things that have space in their boxes really need to go in padded mailers. They may still get dinged up, but it's less likely...

    21. digisloth on

      USA- Florida here! Game arrived today and aside from the box being banged up and the lid being separated, all cards were fine! I have emailed a picture of the box damage. Can’t wait to play this weekend.

    22. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Dino, great tip! Thanks for that! Planning to play soon?

    23. Dino Buffetta Jr.

      USA - New Jersey here. Everything was fine.

      The stickers unfolded in a hour under two big books. Hope that helps

    24. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Everyone RE Stickers - they were folded around the pack when packaging. It might look bad but the sticker film will work fine on any surface once you peel the backing off (that will carry the fold).
      @Dawn & @Katherine thanks for your emails. @Dawn we can't wait to hear how that gaming night goes! Give us all the deets and take plenty of pictures!

    25. Dawn McKenna

      Thanks for the fast reply on the damaged box. Sending email with pictures. Woot! Furthest West! Hoping to play this weekend but for sure on the 15th. I host a community game night and a friend in the area also got a copy so we might have 2 games going.

    26. Katherine Crispin

      USA - Pennsylvania here. Box corner damaged but cards inside are ok. More problems with what was outside the box. Stickers were folded in half and the loose cards were damaged. I'll send pics.

    27. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Dawn, thanks for the update! How bad was the crushing? Could you send us photos please via email, - we think we've figured out where things are going wrong, as it's only a handful of backers (about 2%). You are the first to report receipt from the US, and I dare say the furthest West BARPIG has gone! Plans to play this weekend?

    28. Dawn McKenna

      Game arrived today. Box was crushed but the cards made it ok!

    29. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Shane, thanks and noted! We're learning a lot and already have improvements for dispatch when we work on the expansion. Check your inbox for our PM btw.

      @Oliver, whoa! That's not great! I'm glad they didn't identify BARPIG as explosives... and I'm not going to make a pun based something as serious as that. Thanks for the heads up. I'm sure our packs will arrive at their destinations all the same.

    30. Oliver on

      Fun Fact: The guy at the post-office said the package looks dangerous because of its shape...

      Not-so-Fun Fact: That's not even far off because some dudes have been trying to blackmail DHL with them shipping bombs to random places here in Germany...

    31. Shane

      Ya no problem, can do. Anything traveling that far needs some wrap gents:)

      Sadly not this weekend, hopefully one night during the week though!!

    32. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Shane, that's a bummer, please email us pictures of the damage to It seems to be a one-off thing with our shipments, majority are arriving in good condition. It is something we're taking with us when we do the expansion pack for sure! You gonna be playing this weekend?

    33. Shane

      Arrived in Canada, a pretty bashed up box, cards are fine. Maybe next time, use some bubble wrap, but thank you all the same. Looks great, cant wait to play!

    34. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      Brilliant Ugo, thanks! We're getting word from Canada that's it's arriving there too. Expect US this weekend/next week

    35. Missing avatar

      ugo greevy

      arrived in Dublin, Ireland today

    36. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Andrew, you can expect your reward to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks on average. Let us know if you haven't received your reward by Christmas, we'll see what we can do. Delivery times are very much reliant on international postal services, and experience tells us it should take about 2-3 weeks usually.
      @Anthony, brilliant thanks for the heads up!! =) Gonna play this weekend?

    37. Anthony Wilson

      Game received glasgow - UK

    38. Andrew Tayloe on

      When should the USA backers expect to receive their copy?

    39. Gerard van den Akker

      Picked my game up this afternoon: it was really a lot of fun to meet you and play! Thanks!

    40. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Oliver, you're welcome! Share pics on our facebook page when you get a chance ( - You gave us the idea first tho ;-P

    41. Oliver on

      Ok, ok hooold up! Guys! I made a special request regarding the drawing on my "spirit of the [failful] liver" card. AND I just got a letter holding the card with the requested drawing!!! I never ever EVER expected to have this favour come true :'D. Thank you @Johno & @Phil that's so awesome!

    42. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @everyone, remember the place for our most recent news before it reaches our updates remains our Facebook page:

    43. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @M.Boyd, we've just finished shipping to our Dutch customers as that used the national postal system here. Our international orders are ready to go, pending a few last address confirmations we will receive this weekend. Monday our contact from Acendia Post will come round to pick up those deliveries, and they'll be on their way to you!
      Once we have everything on it's way, we'll send an update to all backers letting everyone know that the packages are on their way.

    44. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @John, glad to hear! Bummer that the box got a bit bumped up, we'll let PostNL know about this.

    45. M.Boyd on

      Where has shipping begun?
      I see a few have received but haven't seen a shipping update yet...

    46. John van Krieken on

      Got it yesterday and (as @Rik) the boxes got bumped a bit, nothing to serious.

    47. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Rik, fantastic, can't wait to hear about your fun game adventures, sorry to hear that the box was a little damaged but glad you love the cards!

    48. Rik on

      Got the game! The box got a little damaged in the mail (edges got bumped) but the cards look and feel great! I really like the coin as well. Definitely adds to the whole.

    49. Johno & Phil - BaRPiG Gurus 2-time creator on

      @Khajiin, thank you so much for the kind words! And it was great meeting you, we had a pretty epic game!

    50. Chrispy on

      I picked up my game yesterday at Spiel in Essen.
      I initially backed it only because of the art and humour but after playing one round with the creators the game won a place in my heart.
      With the right people (and drinks) it can be incredible fun.

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