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You and your friends compete to run the best item shop in town, selling items to heroes who save the day and can't ask for refunds.
You and your friends compete to run the best item shop in town, selling items to heroes who save the day and can't ask for refunds.
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Hero Preview, featuring Guest Art by Yuko Ota! And also birds???


Hey guys! My goodness 72 hours and we just hit 10k! Okay so I know we said we'd talk about the Item Shop Boards today, but we've got a special treat for you guys and I just couldn't wait to share it! So Let's dive right into our topic of the day: Multiclass Heroes. 

So the rugged gentleman with the hunting hawk is the RANGER. He's got some solid strength and defense and his unique ability Trophy Hunter allows him to gain additional gold whenever he wounds a monster, which is rather nice for whatever shop he happens to visit next! But most exciting is that he has TWO Class Icons. The character counts as both a Fighter AND a Rogue, meaning that he is capable of equipping items from either class! This allows a shopkeeper greater flexibility as this customer is interested in a broader array of equipment! 

With a few very notable exceptions most of the heroes in the core box have 1 or 2 Classes. 

Now, I know what you're thinking... Two classes are cool, but what would a hero with THREE classes look like? Well, step right up and meet... 

Illustration by Yuko Ota
Illustration by Yuko Ota

The DRUID! This hero is only available in the Chaotic Goods expansion pack with special guest art by the unstoppable Yuko Ota! The Druid (along with their trusty woodpecker companion) is one of the most flexible heroes in the entire game, capable of using Mage, Rogue, and Cleric equipment with ease. While their base stats seem low, their Wild Shape ability grants them unparalleled flexibility during an Adventure. 

While the art for the base game is done by Victoria Ying, the Chaotic Goods pack will feature a variety of amazing artists from all across the internet! 

If you want to see more of Yuko's work, (and you definitely do.) you can check out her Tumblr. Not only that, but now is an awesome time to get into her newest comic BARBAROUS read it now at!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Amanda Greenhart on March 31

      I'm so excited for this game! I love the art!!

    2. Lukas Fauset on March 31

      Whoa! I'm digging the art on both of these quite a bit.

    3. Missing avatar

      on March 31

      The art for this game is so charming, and the design is both classy and somewhat cute. I'm loving what you guys have here.

      I might bump up a tier for the chaotic goods pack if it's got a variety of unique art. Definitely tickling my fancy.