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We are a band from Seattle. We've released one album, twice, so far. Now, it is time to release our second record.
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"Not Quite Yours" to be released 5/8/2012

Dear Fellow Kickstarter Backers and Friends,

We're pleased to announce that we will be releasing our new record "Not Quite Yours" on May 8th, 2012. This has been a long time in the making and we owe you the biggest of thanks. We will have lots more to share in the weeks leading up to our release, but we wanted to break the news to you first. 

Honestly, we cannot thank you enough for your continued patience, support, and encouragement as we work to finalize the remaining details. We have been amazed at what an undertaking it is to self-release this record!  But, because of your involvement, we've been able to stay the course and will continue to do so.

To all of our Kickstarter backers who are expecting packages in the mail -- we will be shipping everything out (both domestic & international) by the last week of April. We will send a final update once everything has gone out. From here, it should be anywhere from 2-8 days guaranteeing that you will receive the record before anyone else. We cannot wait to get this into your hands and have you help us with our next big step, sharing this with everyone. 

Finally there have been a few backers that have raised concern about their shipping address. If you have recently moved or are planning to be at a new location come the end of April (different from the one you originally submitted) please click on the link below and update your records with us. We promise not to share or disclose this info with anyone, this is simply for our shipping records so that we can get you the goods. ***Please note*** only submit your address if you're certain that you have moved or will be changing addresses in the next 4-6 weeks. Otherwise, we are up to date with our records and have everyone's address ready to go. 

Kickstarter Backer Updated Address Entry

Hurray for new music. It's about damn time. All our love, 


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"Not Quite Yours" is almost yours!


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Survey Confusion + important announcement re: contact info


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Surveys have now been sent...


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Acoustic EP Updated + progress report

Hello Everyone

Thank you all for hanging tight and waiting so patiently for an update + progress report from us. We've all been busy gearing up for the holidays and putting together all the finishing touches on this record. We're thrilled to be on the home stretch of wrapping things up and wanted to share some news with you:

*The record is almost done. We now have a final date set for mastering the record (it's been pushed back a few times on us) but we're glad to say that this has now been nailed down/set in stone/no possible way this is being rescheduled on us. Very exciting. 

*Based on your votes tallied for the exclusive acoustic EP, we picked the top three songs you wanted to hear....but decided to add an additional two songs. We just finished tracking all the songs in Seattle and should have some sneak-peaks to share with all of you come the new year. We had a lot of run revisiting these songs and trying to give each arrangement a new spin. In no particular order, the songs you chose are....

Falling Out of Trees / Lesser Things / The Takers / Its About Time / Come Back When You Can 

*We're still working on all the design and layout for the record. but what we have finished is looking really really cool. We teamed up again with our friend Jordan Butcher (he did the last layout for Absolutes and a ton of our merch) so be on the lookout for some updates from both him & us in the coming weeks. 

*We're still hunting for the right van, but once we have something you all will be the first to know. We'll have to get all of you to help us name it. 

*Finally, we'll be sending out the survey this weekend asking for all of your mailing addresses and shirt sizes. Be on the lookout for an email from Kickstarter/Us that will have directions on how to fill this out. 

Also, for those of you in the Chicago-area, we've teamed up with Seer Outfitters and a few other charities to sponsor a night of music happening at the Double Door. We'll be playing on Sun. 1/29 and would love to see you there. 

As always thanks for your continued support and interest in our music. We love you guys and cannot wait to get this music to you. 

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