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Independent Jazz and Bluegrass banjoist Ryan Cavanaugh is looking to grow audiences in the US.

"After 5 years of touring Europe and Asia with saxophonist Bill Evans's band, I feel it is time to bring my interpretation of modern Jazz to US audiences. Since I am not signed to a record label, out of pocket promotion is becoming more and more difficult. From funds raised on I hope to publicize and impliment a promotional tour for my new project Ryan Cavanaugh & No Man's Land. Funds will also provide appropriate transportation as well as adequate lodging for my musicians.  With this tour, I hope to start building a US fan base for our unique brand of jazz." ~ Ryan Cavanaugh


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    $10 pledged will get you a signed copy of Ryan's latest release, "Ryan Cavanaugh & No Man's Land," featuring Bill Evans. $25 pledged will get you Ryan's latest release plus Ryan's 2005 Bluegrass release, "Songs For the New Frontier." $2000 pledged will get Ryan and his band to your neck of the woods for a private concert at your house!

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    Pledge will receive a signed copy of new release "Ryan Cavanaugh & No Man's Land."

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    Pledge will recieve new release plus Ryan's 2005 roots release "Songs for the New Frontier."

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    Pledge will receive a 1 hour online music lesson with Ryan.

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    Pledge will receive a solo house concert by Ryan.

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    Pledge will receive private concert from Ryan Cavanaugh and No Man's Land.

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