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Taking home-brewed beers to the next level — making Banging Gavel Brews a craft brewery for the Local Chicago Craft Beer Enthusiast.
74 backers pledged $30,205 to help bring this project to life.

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Shirt Sizes

Posted by Banging Gavel Brews (Creator)

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GUILTY AS CHARGED! We Admit it — We did it...

Posted by Banging Gavel Brews (Creator)

Our Lawyer is Fired!

No really though, we are so fired up, and excited to include you in this journey from the start. Thank you all so much for the support and belief in us. June 2014 was such a crazy month, and there's no slowing down now. We have a few meetings coming up so we will keep you up-to-date on what comes of them. Keep your eye out for "You've Been Served" E-Newsletters coming from

We couldn't ask for better advocates for our beer. Cheers! ... ¡Salud! ... Slàinte ... Prost to our 74 backers. We will be contacting you about collecting your mailing address and other necessary info we may need from you.

3 hours left to pledge

Posted by Banging Gavel Brews (Creator)

We are at $23,280 with 3 hours to go!  If you know of anyone who was thinking of contributing, let them know it's ending soon! This is the only chance to get:

  • The guilty pint glasses and/or t-shirts, 
  • Be part of the class action, 
  • Get a VIP invite to our dinner,
  • Get to brew for a day with us and so much more!

You can also increase your pledge if you decide you want the opportunity to get more swag!

Thanks again,

Beckie and the BGB team

We're so close!

Posted by Banging Gavel Brews (Creator)
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Just hit $22,250! Thanks to all of you for the support – keep spreading the word.

It's getting down to the last 24 hours! The campaign ends at Midnight CST 6-23-14! And it only goes through if we reach $30,000. So we could really use your help reaching out to everyone you know.

We are so fired up!

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Class Action Mosaic Inspiration

Posted by Banging Gavel Brews (Creator)

If 200 of our followers backed us with $100 for the Class Action Mosaic, that would bring our total to $33,000 (3K over to guarantee that we have success!) Help us get there. If we go over $30,000, we will add another special reward for every donor of $100 or more. Thank you for the support!

*Rewards only provided if we hit our $30,000 goal.

Example: NASA Creates a Global Selfie Mosic. *Source: