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Cover up that camera. Respect people's privacy. Give GlassKap to others and encourage eye-catching fun with Google Glass accessories.
Cover up that camera. Respect people's privacy. Give GlassKap to others and encourage eye-catching fun with Google Glass accessories.
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New Reward tiers, more thanks, and some clarifications

Posted by Todd Blatt (Creator)

It's so cool to see my first campaign almost funded!  We're at over 90% and still have 17 more days to go.  I've had a few requests to break apart the reward tiers and offer items individually, so I've decided to do that.  The new reward tiers GlassKap Pick-One and Pick-Two are now available.  As you might expect, you can select any one or two items.  I'll send out a survey once the campaign ends to have you choose the one you'd like.  I've also added two new rewards to the mix and the GlassKap MacroLens. the GlassKap Crosshairs,

GlassKap MacroLens

The GlassKap MacroLens is quite cool. Here's a normal photo taken without the GlassKap MacroLens.  Notice how the background is all crisp, and the ring is blurry. 

With the GlassKap Macro Lens, it swaps; blurry space blaster in the background, but super clear up close shots. Check the detail on the ring... and my dirty fingernails:

GlassKap Crosshairs

The GlassKap Crosshairs, not to be confused with the original GlassKap Targeting Scope, actually overlays a set of crosshairs over every photograph taken.  

The Crosshairs and MacroLens are both available through the Pick-One or Pick-Two reward tier options.  Since I started work on these two later in the campaign, and the Macro Lens is a more complicated piece, I'm setting the expected delivery date for the Pick-one and Pick-two for October, just to be safe.  I think I can get it to you in September but I would rather under-promise than under-deliver.

I also wanted to clarify something.  After speaking with other members of the Glass Explorers program on forums and on Google+ I realized that I did not explain my intention clearly.  The point of the GlassPack was not for people to just randomly always give them out to Glass wearers with no reason. GlassKap is good in certain situations, like an intimate conversation or a specific place where people wouldn't want photos taken of them. Not all the time.

Finally I wanted to take the time out to specifically thank Geoff Shively of 23 ideas.  At Noisebridge, and a few other sessions we talked over a few ideas for this project like the pencil holder, on air sign, lenses, and the not ok glass t-shirt. Thanks again for helping in the idea stages of the project and I value your input.

Thanks to all of you who have already supported this project, and please share if you are unable to support it yourself.  As a little freebie for reading this update, here's a link to the files for 3d printing your own space blaster from the crosshairs pictures above.  

Thanks again, 

Todd Blatt


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