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T-Shirt Prototype!

Posted by Bald Move (Creator)

Hey everybody!  We're coming up on the final stretch of our campaign, and it seems pretty certain we'll hit the $5000 goal, unlocking LIVE video streaming for ALL of our podcasts for season 4a!  If you tuned in Sunday, I hope you enjoyed our live coverage, because we decided to go ahead and unlock it a little early.  You know, like when your parents let you open up one present on Christmas Eve...

So that's cool, but we still have two great stretch goals left!  At $6000, we'll unlock the Survival Guides for each episode.  I did them for the first five episodes of season 2 before I ran out of time, but if we get to this level, I'm bringing them back!  Hell, I'll even go back and do one for this week!

Finally, if we can get to $7000, we turbo charge our skits goal by making them video skits.  Each skit we produce will have animatics similar to what we came up with on our Kickstarter video.  We're super excited  to bring this to you, but we need your help so we can devote the time each will take and still put food on our backs and clothes in our belly.

I know, the goals are ambitious.  We gotta do something to get all you people sitting on the fence to step up.  Good news!  Eric from Personal Arrogants has delivered another classic design that I think everyone is going to love, and remember!  This is a Kickstarter exlusive!  You'll never see this design anywhere, ever again, once the project closes.  Feast your eyes. Or should I say, Fiesta your ojos?

 I need to check my Spanish to make sure there isn't anything offensive, but this is what you're signing up for.  The final shirt may have slightly different phrasing, might be a different color, and will include a Bald Move logo with a special Kickstarter insignia.  Don't forget we WILL have ladies sizes, as well as sizes from S-XXXL available.  Again, you have roughly 48 hours to get one of these shirts, and to help us make more original content for your enjoyment.   Thanks to everyone who's already a backer, and we hope you're enjoying our expanded coverage of season 4a so far! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Josh Rickard on

      I laughed out loud at the design. That's quite an inside joke :)

    2. Nancy Cardona on

      Love the shirt. The prototype says Day of the Dead of the Walking. It should say Día de los Muertos *que* Caminan, Day of the Dead who/that walk.