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An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.
An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.
An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.
1,384 backers pledged $52,940 to help bring this project to life.

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Balrum has been Greenlit!


Thank you everyone for voting for us! Balrum has been Greenlit!

We are still working hard on the next beta version update. Again, thank you for helping us with your votes!

Have a great day folks!

Thank You!
Thank You!

Create a Magical Item Add-On


Hello there backers! 

Finally it's time to send out the “Create a Magical Item” emails. As you know we already sent out emails for the NPC/Monster design tier. The procedure is pretty much the same. We will send out the emails shortly.

We made sure that the engine will allow you to make your item's “on use” effect to be almost anything. (within reason of course)
We are excited about your item ideas! :)

There are a few of you who have not replied to our emails regarding Add-Ons. So please if you bought Add-Ons and have not yet replied to our emails, do reply soon.

We noticed that you might have special “Kickstarter” only email accounts so please check them because all of our messages are sent to the email addresses you use here on Kickstarter.

Right now we are trying to be Greenlit on Steam so if you are able please vote for us. Thank you for your votes so far! We are sitting in a really good place in the top 100.

Greenlight Page

As always. 
Have a great day.



Hello everyone! 

Our Steam Greenlight process has started! Let's hope for the best. :) You can check out our Greenlight page here:

Steam Greenlight Balrum

Our web page and youtube page has been updated.

Check out the new Teaser Video:

As always guys. Have a great day.

Possible Greenlight Soon

Hello there dear backers!

We would like to ask you all a favor.
We will start the Steam Greenlight process for Balrum tomorrow (fingers crossed). If you are able, please vote for us. As soon as our Greenlight page is up we will post another update here on Kickstarter.

The next beta version of the game is shaping up nicely. You will see a sneak peak of it in our Greenlight video.

The hardest part of Balrum's development was that we had to show you an incomplete game (beta). Thanks to your feedback and countless development iterations we finally can safely say that the game reached a new milestone and is near completion.

Thank you for everything guys! See you soon!


Backer Content


Hello there guys and girls!

This update is for those who are eligible (pledged enough and selected the proper pledge) for the following things:
-npc design
-monster design
-item design (create a magical item addon)

Sorry for the months of delay. We are finally at the stage where we can focus on backer content! Everyone has received the BETA of the game so now you have a feeling about the world of Balrum. This should help you in your designs.

If you already sent us your design simply ignore this and the emails/kickstarter messages which we will send soon!

(8 of you who are able to design an NPC have not replied to our emails) 
(3 of you who are able to design a Monster have not replied to our emails)
(a lot of you have not replied regarding your item designs)

For those of you who haven't replied we simply can't do anything. Please reply if you want to have your design in the game.

We will finalise the backer content design list this weekend!

Have a nice day! :)