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An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.
An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.
An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.
1,384 backers pledged $52,940 to help bring this project to life.

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Promising old-school RPG


Hi everyone!

The guys over at GrapeOcean Technologies started a kickstarter campaign a few days ago.
They think the backers of Balrum might be interested in their game and we agree.

Take a look at their project if you have the time:

Have a nice day!
Balcony Team

1.22 Another small update!


Hello there Dear Backers! We hope you are all well.

We are back with another small update. This update includes bug fixes for various systems and minor improvements to building. Also a handful of you suggested that when you enter combat with only “prey” type enemies the combat music should not start playing. This should make hunting deer a bit more enjoyable.

-There were times when some of the shield abilities miscalculated cooldowns.
-The Piercing Arrow ability disregarded it's cooldown.
-Sometimes when deleting furniture while on the floors tab the system would not give back materials.
-Fixed a crash while deleting decals from walls next to doors.
-If you were really fast with your clicking, sometimes you were able to get duplicated materials back while deleting certain furnitures.
-The animation and sound while placing down berry bushes have been adjusted.
-The smelter sometimes had a crafting material icon when you loaded a game with a character who has no smelting skill immediately after playing with a character who has smelting skill.

Thank you for your support everyone! Have a nice day!

Balcony Team

1.21 and Achievements!


Hello there Dear Backers!

Update 1.21 has been released bringing a decent amount of fixes and new features. 1.21 also introduces Steam Achievements.

Thank you for everyone who sent us bug reports and suggestions! Thankfully there were no major bugs reported in the last couple months but if you think you found a bug please contact us.

As you know save game compatibility is a very important element for us and we are glad to say that this patch (like every patch before) is compatible with old saves!

Just as a reminder you can find community made translations for the game here: Translations forum. (Please note that you need to put every translation mod inside its proper folder. Do not overwrite the “en” folder. Some mods use the “en” folder so you need to manually fix this!)

Some of the more noteworthy new features:
-Achievements! (There are a total of 42 achievements to acquire.)


-Added comparative tooltips for equipments.


-You are now able to delete custom made recipes.


-Grandmaster difficulty! We added an even more challenging difficulty mode to Balrum for those who seek an even greater challenge.


-By pressing Shift + F2 you can disable/enable the interface.


-Reworked a part of the GUI. (panel focus and responsiveness improvements)

Small additions:
-ALT + click now puts materials inside crafting tables intelligently.
-Autosaves won't happen when the player is below 10% health.
-Cheat death now gives back more health.
-Fields no longer get diseased if they are properly tended too.
-Enabled numpad walk commands.
-Tutorial popup when your pet dies or gets automatically dismissed.
-Reduce Gore option is available in the options panel.
-Game saves now show the chosen difficulty.

Issues fixed by this patch:
-Fixed a rare issue when some sound effects could stuck in a loop.
-Sometimes certain bosses did not use some of their abilities as frequently as intended.
-Damage absorbed text now shows the proper amount of absorbed damage.
-Deep wounds ability cooldown now properly activates.
-Mirrored monsters cannot cause a 0 damage critical bleed effect any more.
-Disabled green cursor (usable) indicator on some unusable objects.
-Fixed a graphical glitch when some late game NPCs did not render their staffs.
-Mannequins now properly render their inventory outside of the safe place.
-Fixed the ambient sounds of the island map.
-Fixed the ambient sounds of the desert maps.
-The GUI scale slider sometimes had problems setting the value.
-Various small visual map changes.
-Removing weapons while chopping down trees sometimes caused a visual glitch.
-Fixed a rare player and pet collision problem.
-Fixed a visual glitch in the last cutscene.
-Fixed a color issue with the repair panel's equipped items list.
-Fixed a rare issue with cleaning dust from ancient lore papers.
-Fixed a few typos.
-Fixed a number of other small things. (text/button positions adjusted..etc)

For translators:
-Tent tooltips are now editable via the after_release.xml.
-Nightfall level “1” (dialogs/en/gui/spells.xml)
-There are numerous new lines in the after_release.xml.
-Changes were made in the gui_texts.xml. (difficulty texts, level up text, tutorialpet)

Thank you all for your support and have a nice day!

Balcony Team



Hello there Dear Backers!

Balrum has been released on GOG!

The great folks over GOG are going to give us keys for all of our backers!
The keys will start showing up in your messages inbox around next week.

A huge thank you to the guys and girls over at GOG!

Have a great day everyone!

Balcony Team



Hello there dear Backers!

Version 1.12 is here. It fixes a few issues and adds a new config.xml switch for Linux users.

-The "crystal golem's cave" puzzle is now resettable with a switch near their cave.
-Linux users can now disable the forced window mode startup. Please see the config.xml (DisableFullscreenStartupOnLinux)

-On rare occasions the French translation mod was selected automatically by the engine but the text remained English.

Thank you for your support!

Balcony Team