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An alt-history Cold War-era spy adventure, told over 8 weeks online, by email, and through the post.
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It's here, it's here, the day is here!

Posted by Balance of Powers (Creator)

We are delighted to invite you to, where our Prologue is waiting for you even as we speak. Regular story updates will begin on Sunday and continue on Sundays thereafter. Subscribers will receive extra tidbits of story in their email from time to time. 

Next up: SAVE THE DATE. For those of you who will be attending the live online event, that date is AUGUST 25 at 7pm London time, 4pm Eastern time, and 1pm Pacific time. We'll be sending along details on how to participate before the event. Other Kickstarter rewards are coming, as well — we're aiming to have the newspaper in your hands by the end of the month, for example.   

There is one significant change to the plan we've made that we'd like to alert you to. We'd envisioned giving you a massive chunk of text once a week for eight weeks; we have decided that we'd prefer to give you smaller chunks of text once a week for four times as long — that's 32 weeks, for those of you who can't be bothered with the arithmetic. 

And finally — thank you, everyone, for your patience. You've waited nearly a year for Balance of Powers, and we've felt awful about the delay. The unsung story here has to do with a six-month battle with HSBC over simply opening a bank account, a sordid tale involving counter-terrorism laws and a very well-traveled sheaf of signature cards. Ugh. 

But enough about that — Balance of Powers is here, and we are very excited. We hope you're excited, too. ZOMG. It's real, it's real!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Wallington on

      How urgently are addresses required? I'm in the proecss of relocating from the UK to the US and will be moving before the end of the month...

    2. Balance of Powers Creator on

      You should have received a survey on Wednesday asking you to give us your current email and post address. Fill that in and we'll be in business!

    3. Daisy Swaffer on

      Can we update our addresses before you send anything out by post please? I moved a couple of times last year and I can't remember what address I was at when you asked for addresses!

    4. Balance of Powers Creator on

      Everyone with Cadet access and above already count as subscribers. No need to pony up more money!

    5. Tom Boon on

      Hurray! Never doubted you for a second. Two seconds, maybe.

      A question: the Balance of Powers site encourages people to subscribe for $17 for extra material from time to time. Do KickStarter backers count as already having subscribed (to season 1, at any rate), or would you need an additional $17 from us?