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Trapped! is an FPS that redefines claustrophobia and reinvents creepiness!!

Trapped! is an FPS that redefines claustrophobia and reinvents creepiness!! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 30, 2014.

Bad Touch Studios
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Bad Touch Studios

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About this project

Our Press Releases:

On Indiedb:

Back Story:

Follow along with Section 18 on the back story, as our writer slowly releases documents concerning the incident on Earth.

Demo Link: (browser-based just for demo)

Story line: 

Trapped! is about a guy named Alan Thorgon who lives in St. Louis, MO, who, while down on his luck looking for a job, having no money, and almost to the point of begging catches himself in a war zone. One morning after yet another failed interview an explosion occurs causing him to run for his life. While running he hears two then three more explosions. The U.S. has been attacked. Fleeing as fast as he could, he remembered about a new project that was about to leave Earth, a colony ship that was set for Alpha Centauri.

Just before the ship took off, he managed to pose as a local worker and push in the remaining crates. Instead of leaving, he stayed behind and hid within the cargo bay of the ship. Once the ship reached orbit and was about to jump to Hyperspace, one of the workers, a female, happened to hear a noise as he was moving around. She glanced and yelled “If there is anyone in here, I'm am going to go get the captain and locking the door behind me! You won't be able to get out!”

Alan, quickly found a access tube near by and hid just in time before the lady and the captain arrived. After searching, and not finding anyone, the captain yelled at the lady and left.

Alan managed to find some food crates to kept him alive and slept within the tubes during the duration.  Three months later they arrived in orbit around AC3, the third planet in a binary star system.When the ship descended to the surface, he was awoken by the sudden jolt of the ship landing. He quickly looked for a place to hide and managed to find a flashlight nearby him. Figuring he might need it later, he grabbed it and placed it in his pocket.

The cargo bay door began to open, he pushed further out of sight, and a  group of people came into the bay to began unloading the ship. As people were lining up, he jumped in line, once again posing as a worker. He grabbed a smaller box and walked behind everyone else. Then placing it on the ground when no one was looking, Alan took off towards the desert.

After spending three nights alone, with strange noises and cold temperatures, he found a strange alien sculpture. No other buildings in site. He stared at it, wondering what it was… suddenly the next thing he remembers is waking up in a small room. He has no idea where he is, the same strange noises he heard before he could hear again…now he must find his way out and battle his fears! Welcome to Trapped! 

How we are using the money, when successful:

  • Upgrade our software
  • Get the levels remodeled and optimized.
  • Get new models created and optimized.
  • Paying our musician and concept artist as well as our 3d artists.
  • Ensuring reward content is reached on time.
  • Shipping, Kickstarter & Amazon Fee's.
  • And any unforeseen charges as of now.

How we plan to pull it off:

Upon successful funding, we will have our 3d artists on the ball in remodeling the levels from scratch to ensure proper texturing and light-mapping.  While our 3d artists are at it, we will be upgrading software.  The upgrade shouldn't take but one week to complete while about 3 or 4 months to fully remodel the levels.

We will push to an even more strict schedule to ensure delivery is met.  However we will try to ship earlier than the estimated delivery time, but we set It that far for any obstacles or setbacks that could arise, while we hope these do not, we cannot promise anything for an early release.  So it is better to be safe and ensure delivery, on time!

A sneak peak at some screens and of the audio: 

A smaller cavern
A smaller cavern
Beginning Level Teaser
Beginning Level Teaser

Crystal Relics:

 Freighting Revelation:

 Strange Lifeforms:

 Stretch Goals:

$30,000:  (LOCKED) Hire a couple more programmers and 3d artists to balance our work load so we can progress to an earlier release date.

$45,000:  (LOCKED) Port to Android, iOS and Win 8 mobile's as well as Windows 8 App store.  This is for the license costs of the platforms.

$60,000:  (LOCKED) Add Virtual Reality(VR) control using the Oculus Rift.

Meet the team:

Shea (Maranux):  Programmer. He brings years of programming experience to the team. While dealing with school, he also keeps the game a priority and sticks to the plan.

Special thanks and in-loving memory:

I want to say thanks to my father for believing in myself, our team and believing we can get this far.  I know if he was still with us today, he would be proud of our progression thus far and wish us luck on this next step for a successful campaign here on Kickstarter.  Thank you dad for all your support, so this is for you!  -Tad

Risks and challenges

The challenge of completing our project is to make sure our environment is decent and the game itself is fun to play. Being a small indie team, we stride to do our best with what we have.

With the help and support of the community, we can provide even better cosmetics within the game with unique sound effects and music as well.

We have a strong team, a strong game plan - along side an awesome story line - and with years of personal and work place experience including concept art and programming, we feel we have what it takes to overcome whatever obstacles we may face.

We are striving to ensure that no set backs will occur after successful funding and that we can move swiftly to our release date.

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