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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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pledged of 575 000 $pledged of 575 000 $ goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, August 16 2012 1:02 PM UTC +00:00

Final Update!

Posted by Red Fly Studio (Creator)


You see what we've raised, you see our goal, the math is easy - We've run aground with this first effort.
Didn't stop many of you from coming in over the last several weeks and offering your support, which encourages us greatly!
You'll notice we had very few updates. That's only because we had a good idea we were going to fall short of our goal weeks ago.
It was also weeks ago we began to plan for a relaunch, so be of good cheer!

I've mentioned throughout the comments section that we will not be giving up, nor throwing in the towel, nor hanging our heads in defeat. Quite the contrary.
We discovered very quickly in this Kickstarter Project that we'd fallen short with several of our objectives. In spite of the large amounts of research we did prior to launch, nothing teaches you faster than falling on your face ;)
My own career is built upon using the failures as learning experiences. Pick up the pieces, take what you've learned and apply it forward. Head up, eyes on the prize, passion and dedication.
That same sensibility is applied to everything we do at RAW and everything the boys at Red Fly Studio have done. It's the school of hard knocks if you will, and it's a school many of you are familiar with.

Like we've mentioned over and over, we're all in this one together - YOU are an integral part of the machine that powers the creativity of the works we'll produce, and its not just your hard-earned dollars that earn you a ticket to that club.
It's your feedback, your ideas, and your support in spreading the word virally. You are a major part of our creative FORCE.

This is an exciting time. A time in which we've all been given the power to make something succeed, to force a creative idea into being by the sheer will of our numbers.
We have an opportunity to break the shackles of an industry that is generally powered by the studio gods on high. It's becoming an outmoded, outdated model. We see it right in front of us, whether it's film, TV, comics, games, you name it.
Look at all the rehashed unoriginal garbage that is spewed out of the corporate machine! Take a safe idea with a built-in following, hire popular names and vacuous celebrity to be the face, then market it in a super-sexy, lowest common denominator package and the flock will come home. It works because we pay for it. They think we want it! The truth is that we're being offered no other real alternative - and yet we're starving for entertainment and experiences that will enrich us. We pay millions of dollars collectively, to see or play or experience something HOPING against hope that it won't let us down. We're even being 'conditioned' by this seemingly never-ending stream of soulless formulaic crud - We've begun to actually give it credibility. Why? Again, no real alternatives . . . But that is changing!

We're here on the cusp of a much-needed renaissance! Crowd-funding is a major catalyst for that change.
Crowd-funding says, "We don't need a major studio or mini-major to take a chance on anything! You hear a great idea somewhere and you think to yourself, I'd buy that if only someone would do it!
Friends and neighbors - That's where independent creators come in, and this is our specialty.

But enough of the soap box - We all know why we're here on Kickstarter helping to fund stuff we'd love to see so I'll get to the real point of this update -
We WILL be relaunching in the near future. It will take a bit of time to prepare and to internally fund certain elements integral to that relaunch.

1. First big thing will be the launch of a dedicated website where we'll be updating you all on the Bad Planet Video Game until we're ready for that relaunch!
When we do relaunch, the site will serve as support, and as home to the project moving forward. We're doing everything in our power to make that site a comprehensive tool complete with forums and other dynamite content.

2. When we relaunch we'll also be doing a complete make-over to our prizes! What we have in store is monumentally cool, and there will be more prize tiers as well, so that the supporter with a budget will get access to some really great and rare swag including autographed pics, original art from Bad Planet by James Daly and myself, signed books, signed soundtracks, limited edition signed goodies of all shapes and sizes. The new prize listing is going to be a Juggernaut of COOL!

3. Game demo! Red Fly is working hard behind the scenes to really SHOW you what we have in store for the next phase of our crowd-funding attack. Prepare to be bathed in awesome.

4. Encapsulated Bad Planet story trailer - On the RAW end of things, Tom and I will be working on this trailer that will shed more light on the story of Bad Planet. Not all of you are familiar with the world we've created and we want to share more of that story with you so folks have a better understanding of the universe we've built. It will help to see all of the gaming potential, and in this universe it can be limitless. Bad Planet is Sci-Fi, it's horror, it's adventure, and through our characters you'll also experience the heart, the nobility, the humanity that exists beneath the tapestry of a world ripped apart by global cataclysm in the form of Alien invasion.

5. Promotion - We announced the game project in the midst of insanity known as San Diego Comicon International. We thought that would be the perfect launching pad, yet didn't consider there would be thousands of other cool announcements pouring out of Comicon as well. It's a difficult objective to try and stand tall with our small IP next to Halflings, Dwarves, and a guy named Peter Jackson ;)
We did tons of press at Comicon but it was mostly swallowed whole by larger studio properties. Even our very own Punisher fan film, Dirty Laundry trumped the announcement of our VG.
This time around we won't have any of that stuff to compete against. We'll be going back to the media outlets with a comprehensive plan of attack, and with the added muscle of RON PERLMAN, who will lend his talent as the voice of our main character in the bargain.

Please stick with us as our journey continues!
We'll be sending out website information to all of our backers when we get the site up in the next 4-6 weeks.
From all of us at Raw, and Red Fly Studio, it would be our honor to have you stay with us on this grand adventure!

More soon!



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    1. Ryan Jarrell on

      Love the attitude, best of luck guys--and keep us posted.

    2. HanoverFiste on

      Very sad you did not make it. I was looking forward to this. I'm looking forward to this being successful in the near future.

    3. Nicholas Tovar on

      Good luck guys, see you again on Kickstarter soon :)

    4. Than Day on

      Ready for the reckoning! See y'all in 4-6 weeks.

    5. Paul Broadhurst on

      We'll still be here on relaunch. I think especially having more of the game to show off will help grow the support for the project exponentially. I still think it's going to happen at least and I've been told (by no one) that what I say goes.

    6. Dean on

      I for one will be waiting and watching for the relaunch!

    7. Tim Bradstreet on

      Thanks, everyone! We really do have something unique and absolutely awesome up our sleeves. We're going to make this happen and we'd love to see you all in on the the relaunch. It'll be worth it. If we all come back to support then we'll start that next funding run with bang, not a whimper! Soon as the site is up and ready you'll be hearing from us. Your support has been invaluable. Thanks again, Amigos!

    8. Benjamin Jackendoff on

      Kick ass, Tim! I know how hard it is to run a kickstarter campaign. Would love to see this happen!

    9. Ross Pawley on

      Also, make sure and get Ron to do some voiceover/narration for the trailer, people would *LOVE* that!

    10. Ross Pawley on

      Thanks Tim! I'll be happy to see the site and forums up. Also the game demo is a *great* idea and will really help people get interested. I am extremely pleased you guys aren't going to give up.

      I'll be waiting to put up my backing again.

    11. UFO Studios on

      This is a great concept. Reminds me so much of Heavy Metal type of comics and I'd love to be able to play in those worlds. I loved the gameplay video update. Tell us more about what you'll do and how you, the player, will evolve throughout the story. Or pass out a digital version of the comic free so we can experience the whole world and support you even more!

    12. Jacob Purnell on

      Fantastic! Your positive attitude is inspiring. I look forward to pledging again in the future. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Tuthill on

      Inspiring words, Tim. Thanks for the update. I love RAW, and I'll continue to support this project, however long it takes!

    14. Jose Luis Callejón on

      Good thinking and Good luck next time.

    15. Tim Heffley

      Good stuff, guys. Glad to hear you'll be back in action here soon!