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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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pledged of $575,000pledged of $575,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, August 16 2012 1:02 PM UTC +00:00

Bad Planet Update #2

Posted by Red Fly Studio (Creator)


- Guest update by Tim Bradstreet of Raw Studios -

It's been a tough go so far and there's no getting around that. It's been a lot of learning along the way. No matter how hard you work or how completely you think have something covered there's always going to be something you missed or could have done better. We're realistic about that. Bad Planet is not Batman, nor is it The Avengers, and we're not Marvel or DC with decades of fan support holding us up by the boot-straps. We're an independent boutique publisher with a great IP partnered with an extremely talented group of independent game designers. 


We may not have the clout of the "big two", but what we do have is a great idea in Bad Planet and a dynamic world with virtually limitless gameplay opportunity.


Bad Planet is SCI-FI, it's ADVENTURE, it's HORROR . . . And we want you in the middle of this immersive environment, taking the reigns of our cast of characters. You'll fight, you'll sneak, you'll plot, you'll plan, you'll THINK. In the thick of epic horde battles playing our main protagonist, The Convict, you'll be swinging a giant power axe, smiting left and right, up and down, tearing through endless gobs of twelve-legged Alien Deathspiders that want to EAT you with one or all of their 4 gaping maws full of razor-sharp teeth - You have to protect a small defenseless boy named Anan. When fighting won't answer then you switch over to control Anan, who holds the intellectual keys to the objective, and he'll have to use his wits, his stealth, and his homemade wind-up computer to unlock the mysteries that brute force alone cannot overcome.


That's really just scratching the surface. We have much more planned. Bad Planet first and foremost will be STORY DRIVEN. It's streamlined game mechanics and dynamic gameplay with a purpose.


WE hope you continue to support and to spread the word. We need your help. We're all in this together so please sing from the rooftops, share our Facebook posts with your friends, Tweet, and ask your pals to reTweet. All we have is grassroots marketing to assist our funding. To achieve a viral assault we need everyone to pitch in and tell folks about the Sci-Fi gaming adventure know as BAD PLANET.


SO, with that out of the way we can unveil our big surprise for this update . . . . Drumroll . . . . . .  

We are overjoyed to announce that RAW compatriot extraordinaire, and fan-favorite actor, the great and powerful Mr. RON PERLMAN will be joining our team to voice THE CONVICT!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past two decades you're aware of Ron's vast list of credits including Hellboy, badass Clay Morrow on Sons of AnarchyThe City Of Lost ChildrenBlade II (which I was fortunate to work on), The Name Of The RoseQuest For Fire, and our own Dark Country (to name only a few of our favorites). Ron and Tom have even worked together previously on the same video game project, lending their voice talents to GUN (2005). Did I let the cat out of the bag? Yes, our own Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Stander, *61, Hung) will also be doing voice-work on BAD PLANET!

So that's the update this time around. I can't tell you how ecstatic we are to have the extraordinary talent of Ron Perlman joining the fray. With him anchoring this video game as the voice of our main character we know we have the absolute best man for the job. Adding Ron to a team already bursting with talent is really stacking the deck in our favor. We got the guns but we need the numbers. Now it's up to you!

BIG thanks for all the support so far, but folks, we need you now more than ever. Please help us spread the word.

Stick with us, it only gets better.


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    1. Alex Neilson

      Well, I'd love to see this game go ahead - please make sure you let everyone who backed this first KS know when you start another!

    2. Grimm_Ninja on

      whoa this is f#%king awesome, Ron Perlman. that's fantastic, you guys should try sending some attention grabbing emails to kotaku IGN and stuff see if you can get a news feed article or something, you guys need all the attention you can get, I wanna see this bad boy funded, put the highest figure into backing this than anything else thus far, It's epic

    3. Tim Bradstreet on

      Welcome aboard new backers! Glad you are with us on this journey!

    4. Missing avatar

      Arnez Quintero on

      Cannot wait to see the end result !!!! Im really pumped to see this happen :-)

    5. Steve Lipinski on

      I think we all are aren't alone!

    6. Tim Bradstreet on

      Yeah, that's a great idea. The Perl is a true gent too, and very cool to the fans. Would be a great prize.
      Naturally I've known about the Perlman involvement for a few months but I gotta tell ya, now that I see it in writing here on this update I am truly tickled! If you'd have asked us, is there were anyone in the world you could have voice The Convict, who would it be. We'd have said Ron Perlman. And Hellboy (while being AWESOME) has nothing really to do with that for us. Ron has been in our subconscious since the days of Quest for Fire and The Name Of The Rose (Salvatore!), decades ago. His work with director's Jean Jaques-Annaud, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, not to mention our pal Guillermo del Toro, are among the most awesome performances in genre filmmaking! OK, it's actually just me. I've been a fan for a loooong time. Even a Beauty and the Beast fanatic. Not that the rest of our crew aren't giant fans of Ron. For me, the love-affair began in the stone age ;)

      Anyway, yeah, I'm excited ;)

    7. Red Fly Studio Creator on

      Seumas - THAT is a great idea! We will see if we can make that happen. We're going to add onto the current list of prizes so getting that setup would be quite cool.

    8. Rosella Weigand on

      Whoa, baby! When you said BIG announcement, you really meant HUGE! ;) It’s insanely awesome that Ron Perlman is going to voice The Convict! He’s the perfect choice. As I read through the BAD PLANET series, I would often times hear Perlman’s booming voice. It’s so exciting that he wants to be a part of this process with you guys.

      Thomas Jane voicing a character -- Beyond amazing!

      You just added a whole new batch of passion to livening up my pursuit of getting the word about this video game spread throughout the world.

      You have my endless support on this journey. Best of luck! :-)

    9. Seumas Froemke on

      A lot of the kickstarter projects I've supported deserve great funding and don't get it, because what is and isn't covered seems to be very fickle. Yet, all day every day, it's "kickstarter, kickstarter, kickstarter" on Reddit, Slashdot, Kotaku, etc. The huge names behind known franchises obviously see the attention, but also a lot of obscure weird things (Castle Story, which I'd never even heard of, was funded in four hours after a mention on reddit. Same with Moon Intern). I think things could change once some of the video game oriented kickstarters start coming through, but at the moment, it's just hundreds of unproven projects.

      Anyway, you should offer a level for a backer to pledge and come watch in-studio on the day Ron Perlman records. They don't come much more bad ass than that. Except, maybe, Henry Rollins (which would be amazing if you could score that, too!).

    10. Red Fly Studio Creator on

      Kevin - we have had a hard time getting gaming sites to carry it. They are "tired" of Kickstarter projects - so we've been told.

    11. Kevin King on

      Why am I not seeing any of this on gaming blogs?

    12. Frederic Doss on

      Keep plowing forward brotha.

    13. Avarchillion on

      ron perlman? the hellboy is on your side? man..... 8-0
      thats just incredible!
      This project must be funded.

    14. Tim Bradstreet on

      Keep pledging even if we won't hit the ask. When you pledge you are showing us your support. If you like what you see even more than when you first pledged then 'up' your pledge like Matt did (Thanks Matt!!!). That lets us know you want to see this game come hell or high water. You could easily skip the pledge . . . seeing how far we have to go and the time we have left - Yes - Virtually impossible. Some would ask themselves - "why should I pledge, it'll never get funded even if I chip in my $15.00. What's the point?"

      Hey, it's your hard-earned dough. The point is we are not giving up on crowd-funding. We jumped out of the gates throwing caution to the wind, made a big announcement at Comicon, did a ton of press. We did a lot of researching prior to launching . . . But what we didn't think about is that there are 1000 other huge announcements coming out of Comicon, and The Hobbit kinda trumps us ;) We bit off more than we could chew in spite of all the hard work we did. We've learned aTON. We are already meticulously planning our relaunch, and we're doing it with all eyes forward. THIS has been a great learning experience for us and you've all been a big part of that. We take all of your comments seriously and to heart.

      More to the point, the simple truth is that if you've backed us and we don't fund the game in 14 days it won't cost you a dime. But backing us shows us that you are willing to take this journey with us! Every one of you who pledged your support will be kept up to date with our plans. If we don't win-out this time then NOTHING is over. We're committed. We'll be launching a dedicated website to keep you all informed. We'll be updating it regularly with lots of bells and whistles. We're currently working on a trailer that will encapsulate the story of Bad Planet for those of you not familiar with the comic. Expecting potential backers to jump on board without knowing a little something about the source material is likely expecting too much. That's one of the things we've learned ;)

      We're gearing up for the next round but that does not mean we've given up on this current campaign. We're just being realistic! We need each and every one of you and we need you now ;) RON PERLMAN has joined us! How big is that? Anyone think we're not serious? ;) And if you caught XPlay tonight then you also know my partner in crime, Thomas Jane will also be lending his voice to the project - and that certainly isn't the end. We have lots more in store. So please back us. Support passion, support the independent spirit, and support the freaking awesome game experience we have in store for you all.
      Immense thanks to all of you for taking the journey with us.

    15. Matt Combes on

      Ron Perlman?!?! Holy crap on a crap cracker, that's awesome! I just upped my pledge! Ugh, it drives me nuts that this project's not getting more attention! I don't want to be a doomsayer, but can you share your plans should this Kickstarter not end up successful?