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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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Posted by Red Fly Studio (Creator)


Our First update is long overdue. We've been trying to line up an amazing amount of talent and information for this update - so thanks for your patience.

We have a great update for you as our Lead Designer Chris Frechette explains the game in detail,Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet work the Press at Comic Con, and master creature designer Carlos Huante DEMANDS to join our team!

Chris does a great job explaining the unique game play systems of Bad Planet in the updated video. CHECK IT OUT! 


Non-traditional combos

Attack animations will be based on what’s happening in combat at that moment.

  • Animations change based on which enemy you're fighting… Death Spider or Humanoid
  • Animations change based on which direction the next target is to the Convict
  • Animations change based on what the Convict’s current pose is… axe to his left side, high or low, etc.
  • Animations change based on whether Anan is riding on the Convict's shoulder or not.
  • Animations change based on if/how many Death Spiders are clinging the Convict.

Symbiotic Coop play

Not your typical Babysitting mission!

  • Anan is not just a sack of HP. If one spider gets to him it's over… but the events are scripted in a dramatic comic book fashion so it doesn’t feel like a penalty to the player.
  • When Anan is safely protected on the Convict's shoulders he is working to charge the Axe for an EMP blast… w/o Anan there is no blast.
  • Anan is small, but he is fast and will have to use his speed and intelligence to help the big guy out.
  • When things get tough, and the convict has Anan cradled on his shoulder, his combat animations change and the danger of clinging spiders has heavier consequences.

Gameplay switches between the Convict and Anan at scripted moments!

  • As the Convict, you protect Anan from the hordes of Death Spiders, find safe spots for him to hide, run when the time comes, and use your EMP blast if all else fails.
  • As Anan, you’ll have to run from spiders to find safety, use your computer and hack to open locked areas, find any way you can to help the Convict.

Grappling System

  • The Convict will be able to grapple attacking spiders… catching them in midair… stomping them under his feet.
  • The Death Spiders will be able to leap and grapple onto the Convict.
  • Unlike most games when an enemy clings and you have to frantically shake - the Convict being as tough as he is doesn’t have to worry about 1, or even 2 spiders clinging.
  • When 3 or 4 spiders grab on, things get more dire.
  • The Convict will be able to counter these spider mid leap.
  • The Convict will be able to rip spiders off of himself, then smash them or use them as a projectile.
  • When grappling larger enemies, the Convict will be able to rip off limbs and be able to use them as weapons or projectiles.
  • Using the EMP blast will kill all surrounding spiders, include those currently clinging to the Convict.


Tom and Tim have been all over the place talking about Bad Planet on Kickstarter! Here are some highlights from some popular outlets:

Tom and Tim on Machinima talking about Bad Planet on Kickstarter:

Big props and plug for RAW/Red Fly Bad Planet Kickstarter on this interview:

Here's Empire's coverage on the Bad Planet Kickstarter project:

A cool link to San Diego Comic Con Raw Announcements:

Carlos Huante!

We would like to announce that master sculptor/creature designer Carlos Huante will be helping bring the incredible creatures to life for Bad Planet! We are extremely excited about adding this amazing artist to the team!

“I am always looking for exciting projects that offer me opportunities to be creative and I love to design creatures and living things. So when Red Fly showed me the Kickstarter ad for Bad Planet. I replied in a simple e-mail. In the best, most positive, mystical way of a command, with space echoes I said "YOU WILL LET ME design this stuff for the game!”

- Carlos Huante

Carlos Huante BIO:

Since that time he has pursued his passion for the arts by creating some of the most innovative monsters and characters, for both film and animation, that the world has ever seen. MONSTRUO is a collection of Carlos' personal, original work. With more than 150 illustrations, it features a wonderful range of monster and character designs, from simple pencil sketches that magically capture the gesture of his subject, to full-color digital and traditional media paintings. Carlos began his career designing creatures for the Ghostbusters animated series, and is currently part of the creature development team at Lucas Digital, having designed monsters and creatures for Men in Black, Men in Black 2, Mighty Joe Young, Hellboy 1 & 2, Blade 3, Van Helsing, War of the Worlds, Spiderwick Chronicles, Prometheus, and a long list of other projects & movies. Commercial works, Fine-art works

Carlos’ work will be heavily featured on the Art of Bad Planet, plus we are going to offer a new prize featuring his work! Please check out these links to his work and instructional DVDs.

We know we are asking for a lot to fund Bad Planet. But we hope this new update will give people an idea of the unique game play Bad Planet will offer and the commitment we are making to bring in the best talent possible in order to make best game possible. The team is ready to take this game down and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this game to life!

Thank YOU and look for another update early next week!


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    1. Ross Pawley on

      I love the setting and the gameplay you guys have laid out. Really glad to be backing this, I love Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman too!

    2. Tim Bradstreet on

      Tune in tonight - 6:30/5:30C on XPlay - Thomas Jane in the studio talking about Bad Planet Video Game and more! Tune into G4!

    3. Tim Bradstreet on

      Thanks all. Please help spread the word ;) We do sincerely appreciate everyone's support!

    4. Smeggit on

      Wicked stuff, convinced me to increase my pledge :)

    5. Rosella Weigand on

      Thank you for the awesome update! I really enjoy watching the animation tests and finding out about how some of the game play will work. You've provided us with an even better understanding of your vision for bringing the world of Bad Planet into the video game realm.

      Carlos Huante is definitely a great add to your creative team. His talents suit the project well. I love how he's already passionate about it.

      I'm trying my best to spread the word about this Kickstarter campaign. Wishing RAW / Red Fly Studio the best of luck on getting this baby funded!