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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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Red Fly StudioBy Red Fly Studio
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pledged of $575,000pledged of $575,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, August 16 2012 1:02 PM UTC +00:00

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Final Update!

Posted by Red Fly Studio (Creator)


You see what we've raised, you see our goal, the math is easy - We've run aground with this first effort.
Didn't stop many of you from coming in over the last several weeks and offering your support, which encourages us greatly!
You'll notice we had very few updates. That's only because we had a good idea we were going to fall short of our goal weeks ago.
It was also weeks ago we began to plan for a relaunch, so be of good cheer!

I've mentioned throughout the comments section that we will not be giving up, nor throwing in the towel, nor hanging our heads in defeat. Quite the contrary.
We discovered very quickly in this Kickstarter Project that we'd fallen short with several of our objectives. In spite of the large amounts of research we did prior to launch, nothing teaches you faster than falling on your face ;)
My own career is built upon using the failures as learning experiences. Pick up the pieces, take what you've learned and apply it forward. Head up, eyes on the prize, passion and dedication.
That same sensibility is applied to everything we do at RAW and everything the boys at Red Fly Studio have done. It's the school of hard knocks if you will, and it's a school many of you are familiar with.

Like we've mentioned over and over, we're all in this one together - YOU are an integral part of the machine that powers the creativity of the works we'll produce, and its not just your hard-earned dollars that earn you a ticket to that club.
It's your feedback, your ideas, and your support in spreading the word virally. You are a major part of our creative FORCE.

This is an exciting time. A time in which we've all been given the power to make something succeed, to force a creative idea into being by the sheer will of our numbers.
We have an opportunity to break the shackles of an industry that is generally powered by the studio gods on high. It's becoming an outmoded, outdated model. We see it right in front of us, whether it's film, TV, comics, games, you name it.
Look at all the rehashed unoriginal garbage that is spewed out of the corporate machine! Take a safe idea with a built-in following, hire popular names and vacuous celebrity to be the face, then market it in a super-sexy, lowest common denominator package and the flock will come home. It works because we pay for it. They think we want it! The truth is that we're being offered no other real alternative - and yet we're starving for entertainment and experiences that will enrich us. We pay millions of dollars collectively, to see or play or experience something HOPING against hope that it won't let us down. We're even being 'conditioned' by this seemingly never-ending stream of soulless formulaic crud - We've begun to actually give it credibility. Why? Again, no real alternatives . . . But that is changing!

We're here on the cusp of a much-needed renaissance! Crowd-funding is a major catalyst for that change.
Crowd-funding says, "We don't need a major studio or mini-major to take a chance on anything! You hear a great idea somewhere and you think to yourself, I'd buy that if only someone would do it!
Friends and neighbors - That's where independent creators come in, and this is our specialty.

But enough of the soap box - We all know why we're here on Kickstarter helping to fund stuff we'd love to see so I'll get to the real point of this update -
We WILL be relaunching in the near future. It will take a bit of time to prepare and to internally fund certain elements integral to that relaunch.

1. First big thing will be the launch of a dedicated website where we'll be updating you all on the Bad Planet Video Game until we're ready for that relaunch!
When we do relaunch, the site will serve as support, and as home to the project moving forward. We're doing everything in our power to make that site a comprehensive tool complete with forums and other dynamite content.

2. When we relaunch we'll also be doing a complete make-over to our prizes! What we have in store is monumentally cool, and there will be more prize tiers as well, so that the supporter with a budget will get access to some really great and rare swag including autographed pics, original art from Bad Planet by James Daly and myself, signed books, signed soundtracks, limited edition signed goodies of all shapes and sizes. The new prize listing is going to be a Juggernaut of COOL!

3. Game demo! Red Fly is working hard behind the scenes to really SHOW you what we have in store for the next phase of our crowd-funding attack. Prepare to be bathed in awesome.

4. Encapsulated Bad Planet story trailer - On the RAW end of things, Tom and I will be working on this trailer that will shed more light on the story of Bad Planet. Not all of you are familiar with the world we've created and we want to share more of that story with you so folks have a better understanding of the universe we've built. It will help to see all of the gaming potential, and in this universe it can be limitless. Bad Planet is Sci-Fi, it's horror, it's adventure, and through our characters you'll also experience the heart, the nobility, the humanity that exists beneath the tapestry of a world ripped apart by global cataclysm in the form of Alien invasion.

5. Promotion - We announced the game project in the midst of insanity known as San Diego Comicon International. We thought that would be the perfect launching pad, yet didn't consider there would be thousands of other cool announcements pouring out of Comicon as well. It's a difficult objective to try and stand tall with our small IP next to Halflings, Dwarves, and a guy named Peter Jackson ;)
We did tons of press at Comicon but it was mostly swallowed whole by larger studio properties. Even our very own Punisher fan film, Dirty Laundry trumped the announcement of our VG.
This time around we won't have any of that stuff to compete against. We'll be going back to the media outlets with a comprehensive plan of attack, and with the added muscle of RON PERLMAN, who will lend his talent as the voice of our main character in the bargain.

Please stick with us as our journey continues!
We'll be sending out website information to all of our backers when we get the site up in the next 4-6 weeks.
From all of us at Raw, and Red Fly Studio, it would be our honor to have you stay with us on this grand adventure!

More soon!


Bad Planet Update #2

Posted by Red Fly Studio (Creator)


- Guest update by Tim Bradstreet of Raw Studios -

It's been a tough go so far and there's no getting around that. It's been a lot of learning along the way. No matter how hard you work or how completely you think have something covered there's always going to be something you missed or could have done better. We're realistic about that. Bad Planet is not Batman, nor is it The Avengers, and we're not Marvel or DC with decades of fan support holding us up by the boot-straps. We're an independent boutique publisher with a great IP partnered with an extremely talented group of independent game designers. 


We may not have the clout of the "big two", but what we do have is a great idea in Bad Planet and a dynamic world with virtually limitless gameplay opportunity.


Bad Planet is SCI-FI, it's ADVENTURE, it's HORROR . . . And we want you in the middle of this immersive environment, taking the reigns of our cast of characters. You'll fight, you'll sneak, you'll plot, you'll plan, you'll THINK. In the thick of epic horde battles playing our main protagonist, The Convict, you'll be swinging a giant power axe, smiting left and right, up and down, tearing through endless gobs of twelve-legged Alien Deathspiders that want to EAT you with one or all of their 4 gaping maws full of razor-sharp teeth - You have to protect a small defenseless boy named Anan. When fighting won't answer then you switch over to control Anan, who holds the intellectual keys to the objective, and he'll have to use his wits, his stealth, and his homemade wind-up computer to unlock the mysteries that brute force alone cannot overcome.


That's really just scratching the surface. We have much more planned. Bad Planet first and foremost will be STORY DRIVEN. It's streamlined game mechanics and dynamic gameplay with a purpose.


WE hope you continue to support and to spread the word. We need your help. We're all in this together so please sing from the rooftops, share our Facebook posts with your friends, Tweet, and ask your pals to reTweet. All we have is grassroots marketing to assist our funding. To achieve a viral assault we need everyone to pitch in and tell folks about the Sci-Fi gaming adventure know as BAD PLANET.


SO, with that out of the way we can unveil our big surprise for this update . . . . Drumroll . . . . . .  

We are overjoyed to announce that RAW compatriot extraordinaire, and fan-favorite actor, the great and powerful Mr. RON PERLMAN will be joining our team to voice THE CONVICT!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past two decades you're aware of Ron's vast list of credits including Hellboy, badass Clay Morrow on Sons of AnarchyThe City Of Lost ChildrenBlade II (which I was fortunate to work on), The Name Of The RoseQuest For Fire, and our own Dark Country (to name only a few of our favorites). Ron and Tom have even worked together previously on the same video game project, lending their voice talents to GUN (2005). Did I let the cat out of the bag? Yes, our own Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Stander, *61, Hung) will also be doing voice-work on BAD PLANET!

So that's the update this time around. I can't tell you how ecstatic we are to have the extraordinary talent of Ron Perlman joining the fray. With him anchoring this video game as the voice of our main character we know we have the absolute best man for the job. Adding Ron to a team already bursting with talent is really stacking the deck in our favor. We got the guns but we need the numbers. Now it's up to you!

BIG thanks for all the support so far, but folks, we need you now more than ever. Please help us spread the word.

Stick with us, it only gets better.


Posted by Red Fly Studio (Creator)


Our First update is long overdue. We've been trying to line up an amazing amount of talent and information for this update - so thanks for your patience.

We have a great update for you as our Lead Designer Chris Frechette explains the game in detail,Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet work the Press at Comic Con, and master creature designer Carlos Huante DEMANDS to join our team!

Chris does a great job explaining the unique game play systems of Bad Planet in the updated video. CHECK IT OUT! 


Non-traditional combos

Attack animations will be based on what’s happening in combat at that moment.

  • Animations change based on which enemy you're fighting… Death Spider or Humanoid
  • Animations change based on which direction the next target is to the Convict
  • Animations change based on what the Convict’s current pose is… axe to his left side, high or low, etc.
  • Animations change based on whether Anan is riding on the Convict's shoulder or not.
  • Animations change based on if/how many Death Spiders are clinging the Convict.

Symbiotic Coop play

Not your typical Babysitting mission!

  • Anan is not just a sack of HP. If one spider gets to him it's over… but the events are scripted in a dramatic comic book fashion so it doesn’t feel like a penalty to the player.
  • When Anan is safely protected on the Convict's shoulders he is working to charge the Axe for an EMP blast… w/o Anan there is no blast.
  • Anan is small, but he is fast and will have to use his speed and intelligence to help the big guy out.
  • When things get tough, and the convict has Anan cradled on his shoulder, his combat animations change and the danger of clinging spiders has heavier consequences.

Gameplay switches between the Convict and Anan at scripted moments!

  • As the Convict, you protect Anan from the hordes of Death Spiders, find safe spots for him to hide, run when the time comes, and use your EMP blast if all else fails.
  • As Anan, you’ll have to run from spiders to find safety, use your computer and hack to open locked areas, find any way you can to help the Convict.

Grappling System

  • The Convict will be able to grapple attacking spiders… catching them in midair… stomping them under his feet.
  • The Death Spiders will be able to leap and grapple onto the Convict.
  • Unlike most games when an enemy clings and you have to frantically shake - the Convict being as tough as he is doesn’t have to worry about 1, or even 2 spiders clinging.
  • When 3 or 4 spiders grab on, things get more dire.
  • The Convict will be able to counter these spider mid leap.
  • The Convict will be able to rip spiders off of himself, then smash them or use them as a projectile.
  • When grappling larger enemies, the Convict will be able to rip off limbs and be able to use them as weapons or projectiles.
  • Using the EMP blast will kill all surrounding spiders, include those currently clinging to the Convict.


Tom and Tim have been all over the place talking about Bad Planet on Kickstarter! Here are some highlights from some popular outlets:

Tom and Tim on Machinima talking about Bad Planet on Kickstarter:

Big props and plug for RAW/Red Fly Bad Planet Kickstarter on this interview:

Here's Empire's coverage on the Bad Planet Kickstarter project:

A cool link to San Diego Comic Con Raw Announcements:

Carlos Huante!

We would like to announce that master sculptor/creature designer Carlos Huante will be helping bring the incredible creatures to life for Bad Planet! We are extremely excited about adding this amazing artist to the team!

“I am always looking for exciting projects that offer me opportunities to be creative and I love to design creatures and living things. So when Red Fly showed me the Kickstarter ad for Bad Planet. I replied in a simple e-mail. In the best, most positive, mystical way of a command, with space echoes I said "YOU WILL LET ME design this stuff for the game!”

- Carlos Huante

Carlos Huante BIO:

Since that time he has pursued his passion for the arts by creating some of the most innovative monsters and characters, for both film and animation, that the world has ever seen. MONSTRUO is a collection of Carlos' personal, original work. With more than 150 illustrations, it features a wonderful range of monster and character designs, from simple pencil sketches that magically capture the gesture of his subject, to full-color digital and traditional media paintings. Carlos began his career designing creatures for the Ghostbusters animated series, and is currently part of the creature development team at Lucas Digital, having designed monsters and creatures for Men in Black, Men in Black 2, Mighty Joe Young, Hellboy 1 & 2, Blade 3, Van Helsing, War of the Worlds, Spiderwick Chronicles, Prometheus, and a long list of other projects & movies. Commercial works, Fine-art works

Carlos’ work will be heavily featured on the Art of Bad Planet, plus we are going to offer a new prize featuring his work! Please check out these links to his work and instructional DVDs.

We know we are asking for a lot to fund Bad Planet. But we hope this new update will give people an idea of the unique game play Bad Planet will offer and the commitment we are making to bring in the best talent possible in order to make best game possible. The team is ready to take this game down and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this game to life!

Thank YOU and look for another update early next week!